Airbnb Coffee Station In 2023: Top Picks For Beans And Coffee Makers

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If you are looking to set up an Airbnb coffee station, then you have come to the right place. Competition for guests and getting five-star ratings is getting harder each year. There are more and more Airbnbs to rent, and the expectation of amenities from coffee lovers keeps rising.

I have made this list of Airbnb coffee station ideas for Airbnb hosts that includes all the essentials, no matter your coffee station budget.

Airbnb Coffee Station In 2023: Top Picks For Coffee And Coffee Makers

Here are my top picks for an Airbnb coffee station bar for every budget:

How I Choose The Top Picks For An Airbnb Coffee Station

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  • Usefulness: Since I have been a coffee fanatic for twenty years and a regular Airbnb guest and enjoyer since 2013, I know what is essential for an Airbnb coffee station.
  • Price: While I recommend coffee station ideas for different budgets, I choose based on the best value for money, whether it’s a great-tasting coffee or a reliable coffee maker.
  • Feedback: I choose coffees and gear that I have tested, and that received primarily positive feedback from our team.
  • Ethical Standards: I don’t recommend products that don’t align with our ethical standards.

Airbnb Coffee Station Ideas (Best Picks For Every Budget!)

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1. Budget Airbnb Coffee Station (under $100)

2. Mid-Range Airbnb Coffee Station (under $200)

3. Airbnb Coffee Station for Gourmets

How To Create An Airbnb Coffee Station

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  1. Designate an area of your kitchen as a coffee bar station.
  2. Assess your budget and decide on the coffee gear you will be getting.
  3. Shop and equip your Airbnb coffee bar. Don’t forget milk or cream and sugar.
  4. Decorate or design to fit your Airbnb style.
  5. Create photos, write a short description, and add it to your listing.
  6. Add “coffee maker” under the “kitchen and dining” amenities.
  7. Ask your coffee-lover guests for Feedback about their Airbnb coffee experience.

There is currently no “coffee” filter on Airbnb.Com, but guests will be able to see coffee maker, etc., in the list of amenities, and you can also highlight this in both the listing summary and description.

Bottom Line

Coffee is an essential daily routine for many Airbnb travelers, no matter where they come from. So, your Airbnb might be better received by coffee (and tea lovers) if you have an Airbnb coffee bar station with coffee, cups, and a coffee maker available for your guests.

If you offer your visitors a better Airbnb coffee experience than your competitors, that could make a difference, which will also be reflected in reviews and star ratings.