15 Best McCafé Memes That Will Make You Laugh

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McCafé has become a go-to spot for a quick caffeine fix and a tasty snack. The name McCafé is a combination of McDonald’s and café, highlighting its focus on coffee and café-style offerings. But what’s a good cup of Joe without a side of laughter?

We’ve rounded up 15 of the best McCafé memes with some of the funniest things about McCafé. So grab your favorite McCafé coffee drink, sit back, and get ready to laugh!

The Best McCafé Memes for 2023

1. Scary Is

McCafé might be the only place where you can grab a Frappé alongside a Big Mac, making for some interesting meal combinations.

scary is scary does

2. McCafé Meme: Ice Ice Baby

We all love a good iced coffee, but sometimes it’s more ice than coffee. One day you realize your McCafé Iced Coffee is over 90% ice and a tiny amount of actual coffee.

pie chart about content of mcdonalds iced coffee

3. McCafé Seasons Greetings

McCafé was first launched in Melbourne, Australia, in 1993, making it 30 years old as of 2023. And they still give customers the warmest greetings to this day! McCafé’s seasonal offerings sometimes feel like a game of “Coffee Roulette,” with some hits and misses”.

warmest greetings mccafe seasonal cup

4. Hot McDonald’s Cup

“I’ll be back” at McDonald’s for another hot coffee because “I am lovin it”.

schwarzenegger mcdonalds meme

5. McCafé’s Barista Promise

“Make It Right or Make It Twice”.We all appreciate McCafé’s Barista Promise, but this meme takes it to a whole new level. It shows a customer who gets equal when he asks for sugar.

they give me equal meme

6. McSpoon, Anyone?

If you’ve ever wondered what a McSpoon would taste like with a shot of espresso, this meme is for you. It shows an adventurous customer trying out the ultimate McCafé concoction. Spoiler alert: Don’t try this!

mcspoon meme

7. McDonald’s Drive Through

The Drive Tru is a blessing and a curse for coffee enthusiasts. This meme shows a coffee lover torn between the joys of collecting coffee and the dread of putting sugar and creamer and expanding her waistline.

mcdonalds drive through

8. McDonald’s over Starbucks

McDonald’s coffee vs Starbucks. Which one do you prefer?

mcdonalds coffee vs starbucks

9. You Can Have It All

mccafe cup and mcdonalds meal

When you can’t decide between food and coffee, why not have both? At McCafé, you can truly have it all.

10. Marrying McCafé

Picture this: a romantic date night at McCafé, complete with candles and a Mcdonald’s caramel iced coffee. This meme captures the versatility of McCafé, proving that love can bloom anywhere really.

marrying a mcdonalds caramel iced coffee

11. Marrying: Part 2

Stand, do you promise to give Linda the free coffees for the rest of your life?

mccafe loyalty cards

12. Chill Out

In case you didn’t know: McCafé coffee can be very hot, so watch out!

burned lips from mcdonalds coffee meme

13. McCafé Advertisment

It’s no secret that we love McCafé’s! They serve great coffee, food, and you can never get bored with such advertisements.

come inside mccafe

14. Black Coffee

Let’s stop by McDonalds and get some coffee. I think I will just have a McDonald’s Frappe!

the Rock meme

15. Healthy Choices at McCafé

The McCafé Iced Coffee comes in a clear cup, making it easy to see how much ice you’re getting with your drink. Sometimes a little too much.

iced coffee at mcdonalds


We hope these 15 hilarious McCafé memes brought a smile to your face and maybe even inspired you to try out some of their unique offerings.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just stopping by for a quick caffeine fix, it’s clear that McCafé and McDonald’s has something for everyone – and plenty of laughs to go around. Cheers to more coffee, more fun, and more McCafé memes! Happy McCaffeinating!

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