21 Coffee Addict Memes: Not Just for Coffee Lovers

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Do you live, laugh & love caffeine? Well, you’re not alone. According to the National Coffee Data Trends 2022 report, more Americans drink coffee than any other beverage, including tap water.

Americans drink a whopping 517 million cups of coffee per day! So if you are a true coffee-lover you will need some serious coffee addict memes and coffee puns to go with your cup of java.

We have collected the most hilarious Monday memes for you to enjoy, in the company of a large cup of Joe!

The 21 Funniest Coffee Addict Memes

1. Coffee Machine

The coffee machine is broken and we run out of caffeine. What to do?

Coffee machine is broken

2. Coffee Addiction Meme

Coffee addiction is when you spend an unhealthy amount of time and money at a coffee shop. If you are a regular at the world’s largest coffee house chain, then you don’t want to miss these Starbucks addict memes.

Coffeeholic Meme

3. Challenge Accepted

This cat is up for the challenge. How about you? And are you ready for the top 10 TikTok Starbucks Drinks?

4. True Coffee Addict

Nothing can stop a coffee fanatic, not even a snowstorm.

5. Simple Really

There are three ways to my heart: buy me a cortado, make me a cortado, or be a cortado coffee!

6. Soup of the Day

Your favorite starter on the menu.

7. Only French Press

Yes, it counts as working out too. There is no need to bench press if you can French press or use a Moka pot.

8. Blood Type

My addiction is coffee and my blood type is gran lungo. Who would have thought?

9. Every Day

Every day & every morning is National Coffee Day!

10. What Do You Mean?

That is clearly not what we wanted to hear on a Thursday morning.

11. Strong Black Coffee

Be strong, black, and bold like a Coffee Day Meme!

12. Decaf Coffee Meme

Decaf coffee vs regular coffee. At the end of the day, we are all coffee lovers!

13. Drinking Game

A classic coffee addict meme. Please don’t try this at work.

14. Checklist

One checklist a day keeps the coffee going. Macchiato or cortado keep on checking things off from the list.

15. Day Without

We haven’t tried this yet. But we tried the TikTok Starbucks Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam and it is sweet and awesome!

16. First Coffee

Priorities, it’s always about priorities.

17. Squid Games

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Squid game meme

18. When Someone Says

Like is that even possible?

Coffee addict meme surprised face of a man

19. Sign of a Coffee Addict

A caffeine addict who knows!

20. Fast & Furious

When you have no time to wait for the morning coffee to kick in.

21. Coffee All Day

We love piecharts and coffee. Finally, we all know what is the meaning of a true coffee addict.


There you have it, coffee lovers: our collection of the 21 coffee addict memes from all around the internet.

Anytime you are viewing these much-needed coffee memes, we hope you have a good laugh with your cup of Java.

Ready for even more coffee laughter?