Coffee Gift Basket Ideas: What To Put In a Coffee Gift Basket?

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If you think that it can be rather difficult finding the right gift for someone, then you have come to the right place. According to the National Coffee Association, 7 in 10 Americans drink coffee every day, and coffee consumption has soared to a two-decade high in the US.

So gifting coffee to family, friends, or colleagues, whether for a birthday, anniversary, or the holiday season, is both clever and personable. But there are many great beans, gear, and accessories on the market, and it can be hard to find the best products for any given price point.

We have gathered the top 12 DIY coffee gift basket ideas to save you some time researching. And if you are looking for an even easier way, we got the best coffee basket ideas in this article. So let’s get started!

3 Easy Coffee Gift Box Ideas (To Save You Time!)

Are you looking to save time with your gift shopping? You can’t go wrong with any of these stylish coffee gift boxes, no matter your budget:

What To Put In a Coffee Gift Basket?

Here are the top 12 things to put in a coffee gift basket:

1. Coffee

peet's coffee major dickason's blend

Coffee is the first thing you need to add to a coffee gift basket. The coffee lovers in your life will surely love Peet’s coffee. Peet’s offers terrific value for money and a great variety, from simple but delicious blends to limited edition single-origin reserve coffees and everything a coffee enthusiast could wish for.

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For even more coffee beans, check out our guide on the best coffee bean gifts.

2. Mugs

yeti tumbler

Yeti tumblers are one of the top coffee basket ideas. These iconic tumblers are the perfect gift for people who are always on the go. An additional bonus is the Yeti is excellent, not just for coffee lovers, as it will keep any drink hot or cold as long as the double-wall vacuum insulation allows.

Another insulated mug we recommend is the Hydro Flask Mug, made with pro-grade stainless steel and a convenient closable press-in lid.

3. Grinder

A baratza virtuoso plus coffee grinder, two books and a coffee mug on a table

A Baratza Virtuoso+ conical burr coffee grinder helps create a great quality coffee for the home barista in your life.

It has 40 grind settings to suit any brewing method, a digital display, and stylish looks, and it creates a perfectly consistent grind that you can never get from a stainless steel blade grinder.

4. Biscotti

Semifreddi's almond biscotti

Hands up, who does not like Italian Biscotti, especially Semmifreddie’s almond biscotti? They are a bit harder on the teeth, but the seasoned Biscotti pros recommend soaking them in coffee (or tea) to make them softer.

Biscotti is one of the many treasures of Italy, is perfectly enjoyable on its own, or it can accompany any coffee drink.

5. Chocolate

espresso roast chocolate beans

You might be wondering why so many coffee lovers crave chocolate. The short answer is caffeine. A bar of dark chocolate can have the same amount of caffeine as a single espresso.

Most medium and dark roast coffees, think espresso-based drinks, mochas, and cold brews, pair well with chocolate. This brings us to the real treat: espresso roast coffee beans coated in decadent dark chocolate.

6. Electric Pour-Over Kettle

Fellow skag ekg electric kettle

Here’s a gorgeous coffee basket idea that everyone wants to keep on their kitchen counter even when not using it.

The Fellow Stagg EKG Pro is simply the best electric kettle. It has modern aesthetics with a simple push-button dial for operation. Additional features include a timer for boiling water, altitude adjustment to prevent spillage, and a “pre-boil” function to sterilize the water before it reaches the necessary temperature.

Perfect for pour-over lovers, tea lovers, and people who appreciate a sleekly designed everyday kitchen product that does the job incredibly well.

7. Drip Coffee Maker

Kalita wave pour over dripper

You can’t go wrong with a decent pour-over if your coffee connoisseur prefers nuanced flavors and harmony in their brew. The single-cup Kalita Wave 185, with its uniform water drainage and user-friendly design, produced tasty, well-balanced cups every time.

The Chemex is the most renowned model of pour-over coffee maker available today. Our tasters were impressed by the rich, flavorful coffee brewed in a carafe. In addition, Chemex can produce six individual servings of coffee.

8. French Press

bodum chamboard french press

Bodum Chambord French Press coffee maker is a classic and stylish brewer made of stainless steel and heat-resistant glass construction. It’s an ideal gift for coffee lovers and can be used to make coffee, cold foam, and frothed milk.

9. Coffee Accessories

funny coffee t-shirt in black
  • Bad day? Coffee.
  • Good. Day? Coffee.
  • Stressed? Coffee.
  • Happy? Coffee.
  • Friday? Coffee.

Get this woman’s or men’s funny t-shirt for the coffee person who likes to have a good laugh with a cup of coffee. Feel free to invite them to check out our hilarious coffee puns for even more coffee fun!

10. Mug Warmer

bestinnkits coffee warmer

This compact mug warmer is perfect for coffee lovers who like to sip throughout the day without worrying about their drink becoming cold.

The Bestinnkits Smart Coffee Warmer is our top pick because it can be used with any cup and maintains a steady temperature of about 135 degrees Fahrenheit for hours.

11. Coffee On The Go

aeropress go

Who said brewing coffee has to be complicated? Simply add ground beans and hot water, and you have one of the finest portable coffee-making systems with an Aeropress.

The compact AeroPress Go Portable Travel Coffee Press makes it easy to bring everything you need to make a delicious cup of coffee, whether at home, in the office, or outdoors.

12. Coffee Scrub

frank body original coffee scrub

Coffee has many benefits: from being an energizer to connecting people, to exfoliating your skin, and so much more!

The Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub is cruelty-free, paraben-free, and effective against acne, scars, cellulite, and stretch marks since it is made from coffee beans. This coffee scrub can promote collagen production and make skin appear fresh and supple thanks to the combination of coffee, cold-pressed sweet almond oil, and vitamin E.

Bottom Line: What To Put in a Coffee Basket

Still, wondering what to put in a coffee gift basket? Creating your own coffee gift basket and surprising the coffee lover in your life doesn’t have to be complicated. With our easy coffee gift basket ideas and tips, you can quickly choose the most suitable items to put in a coffee gift basket.

The most thoughtful and appreciated coffee basket ideas and presents are the ones that suit coffee lovers’ tastes and interests. It’s always nice to get a present, but when that present has been thoughtfully personalized to the recipient’s interests and habits, it’s much more meaningful.


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