Onyx Coffee Review 2023: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

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Our Final Verdict:

We give Onyx Coffee a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

  • Bean Selection and Quality: 5
  • Freshness: 5
  • Sustainability: 5
  • Ease of Ordering: 4.8
  • Price: 4

Welcome to my Onyx Coffee review. Are you in perpetual pursuit of that perfect cup of joe? Feeling a bit tired of your usual coffee brands and curious about exploring the vast landscape of specialty coffee? Well, you’re not alone. I, too, have felt that kind of dissatisfaction, that yearning for something more exhilarating, more satisfying. It’s a problem most coffee lovers share.

But what if I told you there’s a solution to this problem? A coffee that stands above the rest in flavor, quality, transparency, and sustainability. A coffee brand that has been consistently acclaimed as one of the best roasters in the country. Enter Onyx Coffee Lab, the answer to your caffeinated cravings.

Stay with me as I share my honest Onyx Coffee review. From the initial intrigue to the captivating first sip and the ensuing sensory delight. I’ll delve into the pros and cons of this celebrated brand, review the best Onyx Coffees, and share my unbiased verdict on whether Onyx Coffee truly lives up to its hype about the theonyxdifference. Let’s embark on this caffeine-fueled journey together, and who knows, you might discover your new favorite Onyx flavor.

What Is Onyx Coffee Lab?

Situated in Rogers, Arkansas, Onyx Coffee Lab is a beacon in the world of specialty coffee, illuminating the path for coffee connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. Jon and Andrea Allen, the visionary founders of Onyx, started their journey in 2012 with a single, humble café.

Fast forward to today, and they’re steering an acclaimed brand with a global e-commerce reach, making waves with their meticulously crafted blends and unwavering commitment to quality.

But Is Onyx Coffee Good?

The main reason why Onyx Coffee is so good is because Onyx is not just a coffee brand. Onyx is a philosophy, an ethos that runs deeper than the rich, aromatic brews they produce.

“Never Settle for Good Enough” – this mantra is the lifeblood of Onyx Coffee Lab, permeating every aspect of their operations, from sustainable sourcing and production to leadership development, design, and service.

But don’t let the word ‘Lab’ in their name intimidate you. Yes, there is a scientific precision to their craft and to the Onyx flavor profiles, but it’s equally an art form, a dance of flavors, and a celebration of the coffee bean’s multifaceted nature.

It’s not just about roasting coffee; it’s about understanding the bean’s story, the land it comes from, the people who nurtured it, and the intricate journey from seed to cup.

Onyx has established itself as a leader in the industry, bagging numerous awards and accolades for its exceptional brews and barista prowess. Moreover, they’ve done so without compromising their dedication to transparency, sustainability, and ethical sourcing – a testament to their genuine love for coffee and the surrounding community.

But what does this all mean for you, the coffee drinker? Simply put, when you opt for Onyx, you choose an elevated coffee experience that goes beyond the confines of your cup and engages you in a broader narrative of quality, sustainability, and the sheer joy of exceptional coffee.

A Quick Look at Onyx Coffee Lab: theonyxdifference

onyx coffee testing


  • Top-tier Onyx coffee beans
  • Great variety
  • Sustainable sourcing and production practices
  • All of their coffees are roasted to order
  • Extensive training and education beyond industry standards
  • Their co-founder is the 2020 US barista champion
  • Multiple award-winning brand and products
  • Transparency about pricing and trade data
  • Theonyxdifference


  • Somewhat pricey (but you get what you pay for)
  • Some customers may find their light to medium roasted coffees to be too fruity or not traditional enough in taste.
  • Limited results if you are searching for an Onyx Coffee near me. While Onyx does have a significant online presence, its physical cafe locations are limited to four shops in Arkansas. (As of 2023)

Onyx Coffee Review: The Company

If coffee were a symphony, Onyx Coffee Lab would be the virtuoso conductor, orchestrating an exquisite harmony of Onyx flavors and aromas that dance in the mug and resonate in the soul.

I remember the first time I stepped into one of their cafes in Bentonville – it felt like walking into a coffee lover’s nirvana. The air was fragrant with the intoxicating aroma of fresh-roasted Onyx coffee beans, an olfactory sonnet that seemed to draw me in, whispering promises of a coffee experience unlike any other.

Onyx’s story began in 2012 in Rogers, Arkansas, a testament to the vision of Jon and Andrea Allen. Like a pair of master alchemists, they embarked on a mission to transform simple coffee beans into golden elixirs of delight.

The homegrown brand that started from a single café has now grown into a renowned leader in specialty coffee with global reach. The couple’s passion and dedication are palpable.

onyx never settle t-shirt

Their slogan, “Never Settle for Good Enough,” is a testament to their relentless pursuit of perfection in coffee.

One of the things that has always impressed me about Onyx is its commitment to transparency and sustainability. They’ve raised the bar, providing detailed information about their sourcing, pricing, and trade data. This level of transparency is rare in the coffee industry, and it’s something I deeply respect.

It’s not just about enjoying a delicious cup of coffee; it’s about understanding the coffee’s journey to reach that cup. This ethos resonates with my beliefs about conscious consumerism, making every sip of their coffee that much more satisfying.

But what truly sets Onyx apart is their unwavering dedication to quality. Their beans are roasted to order, ensuring the coffee’s freshness and peak flavor.

I’ve had the pleasure of tasting several of their blends, each one a revelation, a testament to their expertise in bringing out the best in every bean.

Whether it was the Southern Weather, the Geometry, or the Monarch blend, each cup was an adventure, a sensory journey that left me eager for the next.

The Onyx team’s expertise is not limited to roasting beans. They are also champions in brewing and barista skills, with top-five placements in the US Barista Championship each of the past seven years and top-five in the US Brewers Cup Championship five of the past six years.

It’s this combination of expert roasting and brewing that makes each cup of Onyx coffee a symphony of flavors, a testament to their skill and passion.

The more I explored the world of Onyx, the more I appreciated their dedication to education. Their commitment extends beyond their cafes, offering in-depth classes and training for high-end cafes and home users alike.

As someone who enjoys brewing coffee at home, I found their resources invaluable. Their guides and tips helped me to get the best out of their beans, transforming my morning coffee routine into a ritual of enjoyment and discovery.

In a world filled with generic, mass-produced coffee, Onyx Coffee Lab stands as a beacon of quality, sustainability, and transparency. They’ve transformed the simple act of drinking coffee into a sensory journey, a narrative that begins with sustainable sourcing and ends with an unparalleled taste experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned coffee connoisseur or a casual coffee drinker, Onyx offers an opportunity to elevate your coffee experience, to step beyond the ordinary and discover the extraordinary. For me, it’s been a journey of discovery, a voyage into the rich, complex world of coffee that has left me eager for more.

The Selection

From the highlands of Ethiopia to the lush landscapes of Colombia, Onyx Coffee Lab’s selection is as diverse as it is exceptional. The company’s offerings encompass an extensive range of single-origin coffee beans and meticulously crafted blends.

Their coffees are sourced from the finest growing regions worldwide, each selected with an uncompromising commitment to quality and sustainability. Ethiopia? Check. El Salvador? Check. Colombia? Also, check.

But it’s not just the variety that impresses; it’s the sheer quality of the selection. Each offering in their range is roasted to order, ensuring peak Onyx flavor and freshness. It’s like having a world-class barista hand-roasting Onyx coffee beans just for you, a personal touch that elevates the coffee experience to another level.

Best Onyx Coffee

1. Onyx Southern Weather

onyx southern weather

Tasting notes: Milk Chocolate, Walnuts, Plum, Citrus

Roast level: Medium- Light

Southern Weather was the first blend I tried from Onyx, and it was an instant revelation. The blend boasts a wonderful balance between modern citric acidity and full-bodied chocolates, a harmony that felt both sophisticated and deeply comforting.

Its versatility was also impressive, as it shone whether it was served black, with dairy, or with plant-based beverages. Brewing a cup of Southern Weather became a morning ritual, a moment of pure indulgence that set the tone for the rest of the day.

2. Onyx Geometry

onyx geometry

Tasting notes: chocolate, blueberry, maple

Roast level: Medium- Light

Next up was the Onyx Geometry. Onyx describes it as a blend that lies beyond the normal range of human experience, and I couldn’t agree more. Composed of a washed processed Ethiopian & Colombian coffee, this blend was like a symphony of flavors that completely redefined my relationship with coffee.

The rich, layered flavors were complex yet perfectly balanced, creating a coffee that was as thought-provoking as it was delicious. Whether brewed as a filter coffee or pulled as an espresso, Geometry never failed to delight and surprise me.

3. Onyx Monarch (Best Onyx Coffee For Espresso)

onyx monarch

Tasting notes: rich chocolate, caramel, mulled wine

Roast level: Medium

Finally, there was the Monarch blend, the best Onyx Coffee for espresso. As Onyx’s most developed roast, Monarch was designed to shine with milk, and it certainly lived up to that promise. The blend had a decadent, rich flavor that paired beautifully with both dairy and plant-based beverages.

In my Onyx Monarch review, the dark chocolate notes were perfectly complemented by undertones of thick, winey berries. I enjoyed a coffee that was as indulgent as it was irresistible. My favorite brewing method was as a drip or an espresso, Monarch was my go-to coffee treat that made every coffee break feel like a special occasion.

Each of these blends from Onyx offered a unique experience, a journey into the diverse world of coffee flavors. They served me as a reminder of the richness and complexity that coffee can offer, a testament to Onyx’s skill and passion for their craft.

As a coffee lover, it was a delight to explore these flavors, and I can’t wait to see what other treasures Onyx has to offer. They even have premium green teas and gourmet terroir chocolates on their website.

Gift Options

onyx coffee lab gift box

Onyx also offers a variety of gift options, perfect for the coffee lover in your life. You can choose from their selection of curated coffee gift boxes, each containing a thoughtful assortment of their finest coffees. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a seasoned coffee aficionado or a beginner looking to explore the world of specialty coffee, there’s a gift box that’s sure to please.

For a truly personalized gift, you can also create your own gift box, hand-picking a selection of coffees and accessories that cater to your recipient’s tastes. And if you’re not sure what to choose, Onyx also offers gift cards that allow your loved ones to pick their favorites.

Onyx’s gift options reflect their commitment to quality and passion for coffee. They’re not just a gift but an invitation to explore the rich and diverse world of coffee, a journey that’s sure to delight any coffee lover.

Extras and Services

One of the impressive things about Onyx is its commitment to transparency and education. Each of their coffees comes with a comprehensive product page that provides not only tasting notes and brewing recommendations but also details about its origin, the farmers who grew it, and the price Onyx paid for it.

This degree of openness is exceptional in the coffee industry and is a testament to Onyx’s commitment to ethical sourcing and fair trade.

In addition to producing top-tier coffee, Onyx offers a range of services designed to support the coffee community at large. These include:

  • Wholesale: Onyx provides wholesale options for businesses looking to offer high-quality coffee to their customers. This includes coffee shops, restaurants, offices, and more. With Onyx as your partner, you can ensure your customers get the best cup of coffee every time.
  • Consulting: As leaders in the coffee industry, the Onyx team is equipped to provide consulting services to those looking to start their own coffee-related ventures. Their expert advice can help steer you towards success in your coffee journey.
  • Espresso Repair: Recognizing that an espresso machine is a significant investment, Onyx offers repair services to ensure your machine is always in top working condition. This helps you continue delivering excellent espresso to your customers or for your personal enjoyment.
  • Private Events and Catering: Onyx’s team can bring their coffee expertise directly to you. They offer catering for private events, providing your guests with an unforgettable coffee experience.

Moreover, Onyx is dedicated to sustainability. Onyx roasts its coffee beans using solar energy and is committed to minimizing its environmental footprint. They’re a company that cares not just about the quality of their coffee but also about their impact on the world.

Their website is a treasure trove of information for coffee enthusiasts. No matter your level of experience with coffee, you’ll find valuable content on everything from brewing methods to the science behind coffee.

It’s clear that Onyx doesn’t just want to sell you coffee; they want to help you fall in love with it.

Final Verdict: Onyx Coffee Lab Review

You’ve read my Onyx coffee review this far, tasted the flavors of Southern Weather, Geometry, and Monarch through my words, and learned about the heart, soul, and passion behind every Onyx Coffee Lab bean. And yet, you’re still here, teetering on the edge of a decision.

So, let me ask you this: do you want to settle for the mediocre? Are you content with the average, with coffee that’s just ‘good enough’? Or do you crave that exciting burst of flavor, the magic of ethically sourced beans, the story behind each cup, and the satisfaction of supporting a company that is truly making a difference?

When you choose Onyx Coffee Lab, you’re not just buying a bag of coffee. You’re buying an experience, a journey that takes you from the coffee farms of Ethiopia and Colombia to your kitchen. You’re supporting a company that values quality, transparency, sustainability, and a commitment to never settling for ‘good enough.’

This isn’t just about coffee; it’s about a community, a commitment, and a cause. It’s about understanding the effort that goes into producing each bag of Onyx coffee, appreciating the value of ethical sourcing, and recognizing the importance of sustainability.

But let’s not forget the most important part: the coffee is incredible. It’s been the secret behind my perfect mornings, the centerpiece of my get-togethers and the hero of my late-night work sessions. It’s been a companion and a comfort, transforming my understanding of what coffee can be.

If you’re serious about coffee, value quality, and are ready for a coffee experience that’s unlike any other, then it’s time to make a decision. Are you ready to join the Onyx Coffee Lab journey?

Don’t wait. Don’t settle for less. Take the plunge and discover what it truly means to enjoy coffee. Your taste buds will thank you, your mornings will be transformed, and you’ll be part of a coffee community that values quality, transparency, and never settling for ‘good enough.’

Don’t miss out. This is more than just a cup of coffee; it’s a lifestyle choice to demand more from your coffee. Join the Onyx Coffee Lab community today and experience the difference for yourself. There’s a cup of Onyx Coffee waiting for you, and trust me, it’s one decision you won’t regret. Get the Onyx experience now!

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