10 Great Coffee Songs: The Definitive Playlists for Coffee Lovers

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Do you enjoy music and a good cup of joe? Then why not combine both in a song about coffee?

For centuries coffee houses and music have been influential in connecting people worldwide. There is something magical about listening to a tune and sipping your beloved caffeinated drink with your friends.

You will feel happily caffeinated and full of energy after listening to our java-themed tunes. From Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop to Classics, these are our 10 favorite coffee songs!

The 10 Best Songs About Coffee:

“The Coffee Song” by Frank Sinatra

“The coffee song” is the first entry on our list. It was first recorded by Frank Sinatra in 1946 and quickly became a top 10 hit. 

The subtitle “They’ve Got an Awful Lot of Coffee in Brazil” gives you important cues about what this java-themed song is about. It’s a caricature of the excess Brazilian coffee industry. Jokingly claiming that coffee is the ONLY drink available in the country. 

The opening lyrics are: “Way down among Brazilians. Coffee beans grow by the billions. So they’ve got to find those extra cups to fill.” The fact is that Brazil is the world’s largest coffee producer and this classic coffee song is one of the best.

“Black Coffee” by Ella Fitzgerald

The next song is “Black Coffee” by Ella Fritzgerald, which is a song about a breakup.

The music was initially written in 1948, and it was included in the soundtrack for the 1960 Columbia Pictures movie “Let No Man Write My Epitaph.”

“One More Cup of Coffee” by The White Stripes

One More Cup of Coffee by The White Stripes was written by Bob Dylan and first released in 1976. The White Stripes released this brand new version in 1999. 

We love this song about coffee and the sounds of the electric guitar. 

Our favorite lyric is: “One more cup of coffee for the road. One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go to the valley below.”

“You’re the Cream in My Coffee” by Nat King Cole

If you need something softer than a hard-hitting coffee pun, You’re the Cream in my Coffee” is a very appealing song written by Nat King Cole. This song is also perfect for Valentine’s day coffee song or a love song all year long.

“Coffee Shop (feat. Gorilla Zoe)” by Yung Joc

Coffee shop by Yung Doc featuring Gorilla Zoe was first released in 2007. 

The following review by David Jeffries sums it up well: “it’s a pretty deadly combination and best experienced on the excellent single Coffee Shop. A playful number that combines hard thugging and coffee culture in ways never thought possible.”

“Cup of Coffee” by Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot perform in the classic coffee song “Cup of Coffee.” It was first released as part of the “Everyone Loves a Nut” album in 1966.

Our favorite lyric: “I been drivin’ haulin’ load of grain all day long. Got about three more hundred miles to go. And well I just dropped in to have a cup of coffee friend.”

“Coffee Blues” by Mississippi John Hurt

“Coffee Blues” is a song about a fascinating love story.

Our favorite lyric: Well, please, ma’am, just a lovin’ spoon, just a lovin’ spoonful. I declare I got to have my lovin’ spoonful.”

“Coffee” by Aesop Rock

Next, we have a hip-hop coffee song by American artist Aesop Rock featuring John Darnielle. The song was first released as part of the Album “None Shall Pass” in 2007.

Dense lyrics hit strong like the drink of a coffee addict and a lengthy story that goes well beyond coffee for nearly 10 minutes!

“Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg

“Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop” is the best-known single from singer Landon Pigg first released in 2009. It’s a soft and beautiful melody about a man who finds love in a coffee shop.

Our favorite lyric: “Maybe I’m falling for you. Yes, there’s a chance that I’ve fallen quite hard over you. I’ve seen the waters that make your eyes shine. Now I’m shining too. “

“One Cup of Coffee” by Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s second only single, “One Cup of Coffee,” was released in 1962. 

A bouncy ska tune that is caffeine-driven and is one of the greatest coffee songs.

Our favorite lyric: “Tell the kids I came last night. And kissed them while they slept. Make my coffee sweet and warm. Just the way you used to lie in my arms.”

The Full Playlist on YouTube

You can find the 10 Best Songs About Coffee on a single playlist on YouTube! Click on the below video to start the playlist:

Our Favorite Songs About Coffee: Takeaway

There you have it! Our collection of the top coffee songs is ready to entertain you.

So let’s tune in to your favorite song with a cup of cortado or a cappuccino!

Are you ready for more coffee fun?