30 Hilarious Starbucks Memes You Have to See

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We love Starbucks for its highly customized beverages, such as the latest viral Starbucks Tiktok drinks. We also love their reward member games, such as the Starbucks summer game and the hilarious Starbucks memes.

The Starbucks brand is so big that many Starbucks meme jokes target it. And since baristas are very busy, they might miss-spell your name on cups or write something ridiculous to have some fun.

We have collected the 30 best Starbucks memes and guarantee that these memes will have any Starbucks coffee lover laughing. Scroll down to see them all.

Top 30 Funny Starbucks Memes

1. $7 Wake-Up Slap

What could be better than a $7 wake-up slap from a Starbucks barista on a Monday morning? Funny coffee memes, and a free coffee on National Coffee Day!

2. Phteven

Almost got it right. That was very close.

3. Excellent Choice

If you like tall drinks with a long name, try the Starbucks Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam!

4. Starbucks Girl Meme

The Starbucks girl meme is one of our favorites: There is no such thing as too much Starbucks or too much Onyx coffee!

5. Be Like Bob

We have yet to meet Bob. Dear coffee drinkers, if you recognize this man, let us know.

6. Scream My Name

Oh well, can’t blame him for doing that. Did he see the best coffee pick up lines, though?

7. Karen’s Order

That will be a venti white mocha for Karen.

8. New Starbuck Barista

Introducing your new Starbucks barista! She loves milk and might knock your drink off the counter!

9. Baby Yoda

Baby Yoda knows his stuff. He even knows the difference between a Cortado and a Cappuccino.

10. Cup of Coffee

The face baristas make when they are used to making Starbucks frappuccinos and secret menu drinks all day long…

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11. Other Starbucks

We have never met this man either.

12. Pumpkin Spice Latte

Did a Starbucks customer order a pugkin (pumpkin) spice latte?

13. How You Feel

We feel you. You might want to grab a Dunkin iced coffee and check out a funny donuts meme!

14. Venti for Jesse

Many Starbucks coffee drinkers visit for a quick cup of coffee. But some end up ordering a venti Frappuccino.

15. Secret Menu

The Starbucks secret menu is a cult. There’s no better way to describe it. Starbucks baristas hate you for it.

16. Carrie on her Way

Run Carrie! Run! The frappuccino happy hour starts in less than five minutes.

17. Lynn-Zee

Hey, “Lynn-Zee,” is that your real name? Yeah, but only at “Star-Bax.”

18. Coffee Time

It’s coffee time. Always a good time for some coffee addict memes.

19. Frap Happy Hour

Let the happy hour begin.

20. Secret Message

The message was: “Careful, you’re extremely hot.” Very creative.

21. The Pail

What’s next after the pail? A pail-ta or a barrel?

22. Welcome Aboard Cevan

Kevin or Cevan? It doesn’t matter, welcome, Cevan!

23. Could we Stop

Let’s make a deal. Before you take me to the vet, at least buy me a dog drink at Starbucks.

24. Decaf Coffee

Kind reminder. Don’t be rude to the barista, ever.

25. That’s Dessert

You can keep your coffee. I want my dessert with a bit of coffee flavor.

26. Ingrid is Angry

Here is the new Starbucks meme: Why is Ingrid Angry?

27. Dog at Starbucks

Look your best. Go to Starbucks. Order coffee. Share everything on Instagram.

Starbucks logo in a funny version. Nearly as funny as our Friday coffee memes!

29. Starbucks meme

You don’t have to spell names correctly. But you better be fit if you want to work at Starbucks!

30. Allover

Oliver, we think it’s All-Over at Star-Bax.


There you have it: the 30 best Starbucks memes from all over the internet. We hope you enjoyed reading these hilarious memes.

Whether you want to be memed or not, saving this collection could come in handy. So the next time you order a grande or venti at Starbucks, you will know what to look out for!

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