TikTok Coffee Table That Went Viral Has a Mini Fridge

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Are you spending more time at home, working, watching Netflix, or entertaining family and friends? Are you looking for sleek furniture? If so, then the TikTok coffee table is the perfect living room hack for you.

You never knew you needed a high-tech coffee table with double Bluetooth speakers and a built-in refrigerator drawer. But this table is going viral on TikTok, and now, it’s on sale. Let’s check out the Sobro smart coffee table. 

Sobro Smart Coffee Table

TikTok is the new Facebook, and it has become the platform to find the top product recommendations. It also drives the newest crazes such as the popular TikTok Starbucks drinks, and the viral TikTok coffee memes.

So what’s the latest trending product on TikTok?

Meet the coolest and most connected coffee table ever. The internet craze started after TikTok user Ritzy Pabla uploaded a video showcasing her Sobro smart coffee table. 

Of course, this is so much more than a table. It also features a built-in mini fridge drawer. It has two Bluetooth speakers and two USB chargers. There are extra storage drawers and even color-changing LED lights.

This viral video has already racked up 2.1 million likes and 12.1 million views. Pabla even wrote that the smart coffee table was her: “Best. Investment. Ever”.

Shop Now: Sobro Smart Coffee Table, On sale for $1,299 (Original price $1,499)

Product Details and Features

Product Details

  • Brand: Sobro
  • Base Material: Metal
  • Level of Assembly: Partial Assembly
  • Top Material: Tempered Glass
  • Design: Designed in NYC.
  • Available in black or white table base colors


  • Adjustable Refrigerator Temperature Range from 37-54 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 1 Built-in Refrigerator drawer supports up to 55lbs
  • 2 storage drawers
  • 2 Bluetooth speakers
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • LED lights
  • 4x 110-volt outlets
  • Touch control panel sets fridge temperature, time, volume, LED color, and more

What Does a Smart Coffee Table Do? 

The smart coffee table is the ultimate living room hack for the connected home. It’s a stylish and multifunctional product that comes with a tempered glass top. The table includes a hidden mini fridge with adjustable temperature ranges, perfect for keeping your favorite Starbucks refreshers chilled.

But there is more. You can also charge your devices via USB ports, play music with the dual Bluetooth speakers, and entertain friends with drinks and snacks. You can control all the main features via a touchscreen located on the glass top.

How Much is the TikTok Coffee Table?

The TikTok coffee table usually costs $1,499, but now it’s on sale for $1,299. This is still a hefty price tag, but did we mention the dual Bluetooth speakers and the hidden mini-fridge? 

Kayla, who bought the table, said it was “the coolest coffee table ever.” 

Sobro smart coffee table with mini fridge

Another customer Lara wrote that “the pictures or videos do not justify how great this table is in person. It looks amazing, and all the features are great. I’ve now use it as the speakers for my TV. If I had more rooms, I’d buy another. Great product.”

Shop at Wayfair: Sobro Smart Coffee Table, On sale for $1,299 (Original price $1,499)

Shop at Macy’s: Sobro Smart Coffee Table, $1,499 

Do You Plugin a Smart Coffee Table?

The Sobro Smart Coffee Table is plug-and-play. All you need to do is screw on the legs of the table and plug the table into a wall outlet. The required voltage is 110 volts.

How Much Does the Sobro Coffee Table Weigh?

The Sobro coffee table weighs 104 pounds. Although this comes heavier than standard coffee tables, we think the weight is reasonable, considering all the extra features. The dimensions of the product are 22.8 “D x 43.1 “W x 22.8 “H (all the measurements are in inches).

TikTok Coffee Table: The Bottom Line 

The TikTok coffee table makes it all happen. It’s the perfect living room hack and the most connected coffee table ever. If you can’t wait to entertain friends and family again so that you can show off the smart coffee table, then make sure to grab yours while you can! 


Featured Image Credit: Wayfair