10 Viral TikTok Starbucks Drinks You Need to Try in 2023

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Are you looking for the most popular TikTok Starbucks drinks in 2023? We prepared the list of the best drinks so you can order your next grande or venti right now.

Viral TikTok Starbucks Drinks

TikTok Starbucks drinks are usually not on the official Starbucks regular menu. These are custom-made drinks that went viral on TikTok and are popular worldwide.

The social media platform is well known for viral dance videos. But it is also a goldmine for innovative and incredibly useful product recommendations. Amazon even launched a page for hand-picked viral TikTok items, fittingly named #FoundItOnAmazon.

Besides dances, products, and hacks, there are more and more coffee recipes on TikTok, inspiring new Starbucks recipes. Some of these trendy recipes are on the so-called “secret menu.” A secret menu is not hidden and includes modified drinks not listed on the official Starbucks menu. 

Starbucks is well known for having a flexible customization policy. A Starbucks barista can create a personalized drink that you will enjoy.

10 TikTok Starbucks Drinks

1. Strawberry Acai Refresher (The TikTok Drink)

The famous “TikTok drink” is the customized Strawberry Acai Refresher. It is a sweet and fruity energizer that is hard to beat during the summer heat, and it is a great beverage all year long.

The day I first tried the TikTok drink with my TikTok besties was totally unforgettable. We were like super hyped as we met up at Starbucks, and couldn’t wait to order Strawberry Acai Refresher and Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam.

Our barista was absolutely amazing, whipping up our drinks with so much swag, and we were just living for it! As I took my first sip, it was like, “WOW!” – the flavors were just dancing on my taste buds. It was EVERYTHING!

We spent hours filming TikToks, sipping on our delish drinks, and just having the best time ever. That day was all about friendship goals and embracing the TikTok lifestyle, and it’s legit a day I’ll never, ever forget! #goodtimes #starbuckstiktokdrinks

Ask for: A venti Strawberry Acai Refresher blended with three scoops of strawberries and three scoops of blackberries. Also, add an equal-sized scoop of ice.

2. Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

The Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino is a fantastic drink that could also be placed on the dessert menu. If you fancy strawberry cheesecakes, sweet and creamy flavors, and looking for a picturesque drink, then this one is for you! What’s more, now you can make a Starbucks frappuccino at home with our easy recipe.

Ask for: A grande-sized Strawberry Creme Frappuccino base drink, with two scoops of vanilla bean powder, three pumps of white mocha sauce. Add two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup. 

3. Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam and Extra Caramel Drizzle

One of the most popular TikTok Starbucks drinks is the customized Iced White Mocha. Despite its very long name, the drink tastes fantastic and is simple to make. 

Ask for: A grande or venti-sized Iced White Mocha with vanilla sweet cream foam. Add extra caramel drizzle on top.

4. TikTok Pink Drink

The original Pink Drink is one of the best Starbucks Refreshers on the official menu, but TikTok users modified it further. Substituting the coconut milk with heavy cream and adding vanilla bean powder to the mix will give you a TikTok Pink Drink. 

And if you like creamy strawberry milkshake-style beverages, this could be your new favorite drink. 

Ask for: A grande Pink Drink with heavy cream instead of coconut milk, mixed with three scoops of vanilla bean powder, and topped with whipped cream.

5. Sunset Drink

The Starbucks Sunset Drink is one of the prettiest drinks on the secret menu and it’s based on the delicious Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher with lemonade. This one has all the changing colors of a gorgeous sunset, hence the name of the drink.

6. Twix Frappuccino

Candy fans will be delighted by the Twix Frappuccino. Finally, a drink that tastes like the Twix chocolatey-caramel candy bar made by Mars. The video is courtesy of Creig Silimon, who has over 3 million likes on TikTok. As a barista, he invented some of the best TikTok Drinks at Starbucks!

Ask for: A Grande Caramel Frappuccino with Java chips and two pumps of hazelnut syrup. It is topped with whipped cream, extra caramel, and a mocha drizzle.

7. Gummy Bear Drink

The next Starbucks TikTok drink is the Gummy Bear Drink, inspired by the taste of your childhood favorite, the Gummy Bear. It has refreshing lemon and sweet berry flavors that will please not just the Gummy bear lovers.

The Gummy Bear Drink is not to be confused with another secret menu item, the Gummy Bear Refresher, made with Strawberry Acai. 

Ask for: A grande lemonade with two pumps of raspberry syrup.

8. Matcha Pink Drink

The Matcha Pink Drink from the Starbucks secret menu is a sweet and colorful option that became an instant hit, and users described it as “life-changing.” It has both the taste and the Instagram-worthy great looks.

Ask for: a grande-sized Pink Drink with vanilla sweet cream cold foam and a scoop of matcha powder blended in the cold foam.

9. Vietnamese Iced Coffee

When your Friendly Barista, invents a TikTok Starbucks drink, you need to try that. The trendy Vietnamese iced coffee is creamy, bold, and guaranteed to wake you up, with a double shot delivering the caffeine. Perfect for those early mornings!

Ask for: A venti Double Shot Espresso on ice with one pump of classic syrup and vanilla sweet cream on top.

10. Peaches & Cream Hot Chocolate

The Peaches & Cream Hot Chocolate is another hip TikTok Starbucks drink that lovers of hot chocolate (and peach) have been raving about. The real twist in this Hot Chocolate is the sweet peach flavoring. A warm TikTok Starbucks Drink makes this the perfect choice during the cold winter months.

Ask for: A grande White Hot Chocolate mixed with coconut milk and peach flavoring.

Other Popular TikTok Starbucks Drinks

Besides the 10 drinks, we listed above, you can explore other popular TikTok Starbuck beverages. This is a list of a few more drinks that went viral on TikTok recently. We listed their ingredients so you can order them more easily.

  • Berry Caramel Frappuccino is a delicious mixture that could be your new favorite order. Ingredients: Strawberry Acai Lemonade, apple juice, strawberry puree, scoops of mango and strawberry blended up, and caramel drizzle on top.
  • Sour Patch Kid Drink is a simple yet delicious beverage for kids, that even grown-ups could splurge on. Ingredients: Lemonade as the base drink, 3 pumps Classic syrup, 3 pumps raspberry syrup, and a splash of Strawberry Acai on top.
  • Strawberry Foam Matcha Latte. Ingredients: pink drink, vanilla cold foam, and a scoop of matcha powder.
  • Chai Violet Drink is a fruity and refreshing drink, perfect on a hot day. Ingredients: violet drink and three pumps of chai.
  • Cookie Butter Latte combines sweet cookie butter, the spicy chai, and the mildness of a latte with a twist. Ingredients: iced chai latte with oat milk, two pumps of brown sugar syrup, sweet cream cold foam, brown butter topping.
  • Moana Frappuccino. Ingredients: White Mocha Frappuccino, mango refresher, and strawberry purée, with whipped cream topping.
  • Hot Cocoa Cold Brew. Ingredients: Cold brew, 2 pumps of vanilla, 4 pumps of mocha, 1 pump of toasted white mocha, chocolate powder on top.
  • Oreo Chocolate Chip Frappuccino. Ingredients: Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino, white mocha sauce, whipped cream topping.

Ordering TikTok Drinks

Our recommendations:

  • Please be specific when ordering secret menu drinks. Starbucks baristas are not trained in preparing TikTok drinks. Thus, you might need to explain the ingredients to your barista and be prepared to give basic instructions.
  • Secret menu items take longer to prepare, and ridiculously complex orders inspire funny Starbucks memes. Please be mindful of the extra time needed when placing your order. If you can, try to order outside of peak hours.
  • In case you are wondering, what’s the best way to order a TikTok Starbucks drink? In our experience, the more complex drinks are easier to order in person, and not all the customizations are available in the app.
  • A simple “thank you” goes a long way. And if you can, please tip your barista.

Frequently Asked Questions on Viral TikTok Starbucks Drinks

What’s the new TikTok drink at Starbucks?

Have you been curious about that drink that’s been taking over TikTok lately? OMG, have you guys tried this drink? It’s not even on the Starbucks menu, but it’s a total game-changer! ???????? #starbucks #secretmenu #yum

It’s a new take on the classic Starbucks strawberry acai refresher, and it’s been blowing up my feed! Keep reading this article to find out how you can get your hands on this pink perfection! ???????????? #TikTokDrink #StarbucksLover #PinkDrink

What’s the best way to order a TikTok Starbucks drink?

Just a quick tip for all my fellow Starbucks Tiktok drink enthusiasts out there – sometimes it’s better to order your drinks in person rather than through the app.

Not all the customizations are available or shown on the app, so you might miss out on some of the best options. #drinktips #inpersonordering #customizationiskey

What Starbucks drink is currently trending on TikTok?

The Starbucks TikTok drink is currently trending on this platform. It is called after the social media site for this reason.

How much do TikTok Starbucks drinks cost?

So, if you wanna try those TikTok drinks at Starbucks, they’ll cost you around five bucks.

But if you wanna add some extra stuff or make it your own way, the price might go up or down. Starbucks syrups are usually 50 cents each, so it can really add up.

Do customized drinks cost more?

If you add extra ingredients to your drink, it’s gonna cost more than the regular one. So, if you want some vanilla sweet cream cold foam on your drink, it’s gonna be an extra buck.

How do you make Starbucks TikTok drinks?

With the recipes above, you can easily make your own delicious Starbucks TikTok drinks! It’s great to see that many of these drinks have delicious ingredients like caramel drizzle, vanilla syrup, or another Starbucks sauce.

It’s great that these ingredients are easily accessible! You can find them at most stores or even purchase them directly from Starbucks.

How do you drink a viral Starbucks order on TikTok?

It’s great to see how many TikTok users are enjoying the viral Starbucks drink! Many of them are sharing their experience of ordering and drinking the beverage, which is really fun to watch.

You have the freedom to choose how you want to drink a viral Starbucks order on TikTok.

Which TikTok drink is the most popular?

The Iced White Mocha with Sweet Cream Foam & Extra Caramel Drizzle is one of the most popular TikTok drinks.


These are the most popular TikTok Starbucks drinks in 2023. If you are tired of the same coffee drink, why not try something new from the Starbucks secret menu?

Order a hip and delicious venti from your Starbucks barista. Whether it’s cold or warm, there is something for everyone to enjoy! 

After reading this article, you might want to take photos or videos of your favorite TikTok Starbucks drink and share them on social media. Also, don’t forget to check out the complete list of the latest viral Amazon finds on TikTok.