What Does Starbucks Matcha Taste Like?

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Ever feel puzzled about the unique taste of Starbucks Matcha? It’s not just you – it’s a blend of flavors that’s hard to pin down. When I first tried Starbucks matcha, I was surprised by its unique taste. The flavor was slightly sweet and grassy, with a lovely creamy texture. If you’ve never had matcha, you might be curious about what Starbucks matcha tastes like and how Starbucks combines matcha with some of its drinks.

Matcha is a Japanese green tea that has been finely ground, packed with antioxidants, and recognized for its bright green color. The taste of Starbucks matcha can be described as slightly bitter, but the bitterness is well-balanced by the sweetness of the drink. Join us as we uncover what does Starbucks Matcha taste like? A delightful mixture of Starbucks flavors that leaves you craving more!

What Does Matcha Taste Like at Starbucks?

matcha green tea powder

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When I first tried the Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte, I noticed how smooth and creamy it was, with a hint of sweetness. The steamed milk added an enjoyable lightness to the drink, making it easy to sip.

Due to the store-bought matcha flavor, the taste wasn’t as strong or earthy as I expected. Starbucks uses a pre-sweetened matcha that’s more like an instant matcha powder, which takes away a bit of the authentic green tea taste. However, it’s still enjoyable for those new to matcha or who prefer a milder flavor.

Since the matcha blend at Starbucks contains a significant amount of sugar, the sweet taste was prominent throughout the drink. This might be an excellent choice if you’re a fan of sweet lattes. On the other hand, if you prefer a more traditional matcha taste, you might find it a bit too sweet for your liking.

The Starbucks Matcha Tea Latte can be further customized by adjusting the type of milk you choose. If you want a richer, creamier taste, add whole milk or whipped cream. If you prefer a lighter, thinner experience, you might choose nonfat milk or a dairy-free option like oat milk or soy milk.

In conclusion, the taste of Starbucks’ Matcha Tea Latte is a combination of sweetness, creamy texture, and a mild matcha flavor. While it may not strongly represent traditional matcha, it is still an enjoyable and satisfying drink that can be adjusted to suit your taste preferences.

What is Starbucks Matcha?

When I first heard about matcha at Starbucks, I wondered what it was and how it tasted. Now I know that matcha is a type of Japanese green tea.

The tea leaves are finely ground into a powder, which gives it a bright green color and its distinct grassy and slightly bitter flavor. But what matcha does Starbucks use? Starbucks matcha is unique because it comes from the Uji region in Kyoto, Japan, making it high-quality and giving it a light, sweet taste.

At Starbucks, the matcha powder used in drinks is a pre-sweetened instant version. The sweetness comes from added sugar, which can be a bit much for some people. A 16oz Starbucks matcha latte has 32g of sugar. This is something to keep in mind when ordering your drink.

Despite the sugar content, there are some delicious options for matcha at Starbucks. The taste of their matcha is slightly sweet and grassy, with a creamy texture. The bitterness usually associated with matcha is balanced out by the sweetness of the drink.

Besides its taste, matcha green tea is known for its health benefits due to its rich antioxidant content. However, it’s worth noting that the high sugar content in Starbucks’ pre-sweetened matcha powder may make it a less healthy option compared to traditional matcha green tea.

In summary, Starbucks matcha is a uniquely sweet and grassy green tea originating from Japan and is well-loved by many customers.

What Is The Taste Of Matcha In Starbucks?

From my experience, the taste of matcha at Starbucks is smooth, creamy, and slightly sweetened. The Matcha Tea Latte is made with steamed milk, creating a velvety texture that complements matcha’s earthy and vegetal taste.

However, it’s important to note that the matcha used by Starbucks is not as authentic as traditional Japanese matcha. Starbucks uses a sweetened matcha powder, leading to a higher sugar content and a slightly different taste than pure matcha.

At Starbucks, the matcha used is Uji Matcha from the Uji region of Kyoto, Japan. This contributes to the drink’s vibrant green color and light, sweet taste. The sweetness of the matcha neutralizes any bitterness that may occur in pure matcha.

In summary, when you try a matcha drink at Starbucks, you can expect it to be:

  • Smooth and creamy
  • Earthy and vegetal with sweetness
  • Made with Uji Matcha from Kyoto, Japan

Although it may not be the most authentic matcha experience, the taste of matcha in Starbucks is enjoyable and refreshing.

Popular Starbucks Matcha Drinks


My go-to matcha drink at Starbucks is the Matcha Green Tea Crème Frappuccino. It’s a blend of ice, matcha latte mix, and milk.

This Frappuccino is a delicious dessert-like treat that satisfies my sweet tooth while still offering the benefits of matcha. The color is a vibrant green, making it visually appealing too.

Another option for matcha lovers is the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte, which differs from the Frappuccino by having a smoother, less icy texture. It’s perfect for those hot days when I want something refreshing to sip on.

Celebrity-Inspired Drinks

The Iced Pineapple Matcha Drink is a popular Starbucks matcha drink, which combines matcha tea blend with coconut milk, pineapple ginger syrup, and ice.

This combination of flavors is unique and enjoyable, and the 80 mg of caffeine in a grande size helps to give me a little boost of energy.

Even celebrities like Lady Gaga have inspired matcha drinks at Starbucks. For instance, the Matcha Lemonade, which was part of her “Cups of Kindness” campaign, combines matcha and lemonade for a refreshing and slightly tangy twist on the traditional matcha latte.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Does Starbucks Matcha Taste Like?

Is Starbucks matcha sweet?

Yes, Starbucks matcha is slightly sweet. The matcha powder they use is pre-sweetened, which gives the beverage a balanced sweetness alongside its grassy and slightly bitter taste.

Does a matcha latte taste good?

I believe a matcha latte tastes good, mainly because it combines matcha green tea’s unique, grassy flavor with the creaminess of milk.

Starbucks matcha lattes are slightly sweet due to the pre-sweetened matcha powder they use, giving them a pleasant taste.

What is in Starbucks matcha green tea powder?

Starbucks’ matcha green tea powder contains Japanese matcha powder, but the first ingredient on the nutritional label is sugar.

This means the powder contains less than 50% actual matcha, with the rest being sugar and other additives.

Are the Matcha drinks at Starbucks vegan?

Not all matcha drinks at Starbucks are vegan by default. However, you can request non-dairy milk such as almond, soy, or coconut milk to create a vegan-friendly version.

Is the Matcha at Starbucks caffeinated?

Yes, the matcha at Starbucks is caffeinated. The caffeine content of a 16-ounce Starbucks matcha drink is around 80 milligrams.

Keep in mind that this amount can vary depending on how much matcha powder is used in your specific beverage.

Does Starbucks offer unsweetened matcha?

Starbucks doesn’t offer unsweetened matcha by default, as their matcha powder is pre-sweetened. However, by customizing your order, you may be able to ask for a beverage with less sugar or a sugar substitute.

Keep in mind, though, that the matcha powder itself will still have some sweetness.


So what does Starbucks matcha taste like? As we’ve discovered, the taste of Starbucks Matcha is an exciting blend of the familiar and the unexpected. The unique fusion of sweet creaminess and fresh earthiness is more than a beverage – it’s a daily adventure right in your cup. This intriguing green powder has a captivating story to tell, revealing its magic one sip at a time.

In the end, tasting Starbucks Matcha is an experience of understanding a deep, centuries-old tradition made accessible through modern convenience. So, the next time you order your cup of Matcha at Starbucks, remember you’re not just having a drink. You’re embarking on a flavorful journey, exploring the dynamic realms of taste that this green treasure has to offer.


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