Atlas Coffee Club Review (Facts Revealed)

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Coffee is a brewed or fermented beverage made from roasted coffee beans and the seeds of the Coffee plant. The Coffee plant is instinctive to tropical regions of Africa, but it is now cultivated in many countries worldwide.

The roasted coffee beans are crushed into a powder and then immersed in hot water to make coffee. The water extracts the soluble compounds from the beans, including caffeine, oils, and flavor compounds, creating a rich, flavorful, and stimulating beverage.

Coffee is enjoyed or appreciated by millions of people worldwide, both for its taste and energizing effects. It can be expended in many different forms, from simple black coffee to elaborate espresso drinks, and it is often enjoyed as a social or cultural ritual.

A membership service called Atlas Coffee Club seeks to deliver specialty coffees to your door from all over the world. Subscribers can discover a diversity of coffee flavors and origins because they curate and source coffees from other nations.

The Atlas Coffee Club

Cappuccino with coffee beans
Cappuccino with coffee beans

Atlas Coffee Club is a coffee subscription facility that delivers freshly roasted coffee beans from around the world directly to your doorstep. The company sources coffee beans from different countries, including Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala, and Kenya. Roasts them in small petite batches to ensure quality and freshness.

Each month, subscribers receive a different coffee selection and information about the coffee’s origin, tasting notes, and brewing recommendations. This information is intended to help coffee enthusiasts learn more about the beans they are drinking and how to prepare them best.

Atlas Coffee Club also provides a platform for customers to rate and review the coffees they receive, helping the company to refine its selections and better understand customer preferences. The company offers flexible subscription options, with the capability to pause or cancel at any time, and also sells individual bags of coffee for one-time purchases.

Atlas coffee club
Atlas coffee club

History of Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club was founded in 2016 by siblings Jordan Rosenacker and Mollie Rosenacker, both coffee enthusiasts and travel lovers. The impression for the company was born out of their passion for discovering unique coffee flavors and learning about the different cultures and communities that produce them.

The founders saw an opportunity to create a coffee subscription service that offered high-quality beans and provided customers with an educational and immersive experience. They wanted to bring the world of coffee to people’s doorsteps, sharing the stories and traditions behind each cup.

After extensive research and developing relationships with coffee farmers and roasters worldwide, the Rosenacker launched Atlas Coffee Club in Austin, Texas. From there, the company quickly gained a following among coffee lovers looking for a more personalized and educational coffee experience.

Since its founding, Atlas Coffee Club has expanded its reach, shipping coffee to subscribers in all 50 states and several international locations. The company has also prioritized sustainability and ethical sourcing, working with farmers who prioritize fair labor practices and environmentally responsible methods.

Nowadays, Atlas Coffee Club remains committed to its mission of creating a more interconnected and culturally rich world through the enjoyment of coffee.

Where is Atlas Coffee Club Based?

Atlas Coffee Club is grounded in Austin, Texas, in the United States. The company was founded in Austin and has continued to operate from there. However, it now ships its coffee subscription boxes to customers across the United States and several other countries worldwide.

In addition to its headquarters in Austin, Atlas Coffee Club also maintains relationships with coffee farmers and roasters in various countries.

What is the Price of Atlas Coffee Club per Bag?

The price of coffee from Atlas Coffee Club varies depending on the specific coffee selection and the type of subscription plan you choose. With the cutoff date of September 2021, the company offered several subscription options, including a 6-ounce bag for $9, a 12-ounce bag for $14, and a 24-ounce bag for $28.

The company also offers a custom subscription option, which allows customers to choose their preferred bag size and delivery frequency, with prices starting at $9 per bag.

It’s important to note that prices may have changed since then, and the company may now offer different subscription options or prices. It’s best to visit the Atlas Coffee Club website for current pricing and subscription options.

Atlas Coffee Club Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 1 serving

Serving Weight: 100g

Calories501 kcal
Total Carbs62g
Net Carbs47g
Fiber15 g
Protein5.7 g
Fat39 g
Atlas Coffee Club Nutrition Facts


Atlas Coffee Club offers various flavor profiles from different parts of the world. The specific flavor notes will vary depending on the origin and roast level of the coffee. Still, some common flavors and aromas that you might find in Atlas Coffee Club’s offerings include:

1. Chocolate

Many coffees offered by Atlas Coffee Club have a chocolatey flavor, with dark chocolate, milk chocolate, or even chocolate truffle notes.

2. Nutty

Some coffees have a nutty flavor, with notes of almond, hazelnut, or pecan.

3. Fruity

Many coffees have a fruity flavor, with notes of berries, citrus, or tropical fruits like mango or pineapple.

4. Floral

Some coffees have a floral flavor, with jasmine, lavender, or hibiscus notes.

5. Spicy

Some coffees have a spicy flavor, with cinnamon, cardamom, or clove notes.

6. Earthy

Some coffees have an earthy flavor with cedar, tobacco, or leather notes.

How Can You Get a Subscription or Order from the Atlas Coffee Club?

To subscribe to Atlas Coffee Club, you can follow these steps:

  • Visit the Atlas Coffee Club website at
  • Click “Get Started” or “Subscribe” to choose your desired subscription plan. Atlas Coffee Club offers different plans based on how much coffee you need and how frequently you want it delivered.
  • Choose the size of the bag you want (6 oz, 12 oz, or 24 oz).
  • Choose how repeatedly you want to receive your coffee (every 2 or 4 weeks).
  • Select your coffee preferences, such as grind size and flavor notes. Select your roast preference, light or medium, or dark, and the type of coffee you prefer, single-origin or blend.
  • Choose your shipping frequency, either every 2 or 4 weeks.
  • Enter your shipping and billing information.
  • Review your order or command and make any required changes.
  • Click on “Place Order” to complete your subscription.

When you have accomplished these stages, you will receive an authorization email with details about your subscription, including the type of coffee you will receive, the delivery schedule, and how to manage your subscription.

You can also log in to your Atlas Coffee Club account anytime to change your subscription or order additional coffee.

Testing the Coffee

According to customer reviews, Atlas Coffee Club provides high-quality coffee beans worldwide. The coffee is roasted fresh and shipped directly to the customer, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor. The coffee is also ethically sourced, focusing on sustainable farming practices.

Customers also appreciate the variety of coffee available through Atlas Coffee Club, with different subscription plans allowing for a range of roasts, origins, and flavor profiles.

The packaging is also well-designed and aesthetically pleasing, with each bag featuring information about the coffee’s origin and flavor notes.


The packaging of Atlas Coffee Club is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. Each bag features a colorful design with illustrations and information about the coffee’s origin and flavor notes.

The bags are made or created of high-quality materials and are resealable, which helps to keep the coffee fresh between uses. The bags also feature a one-way valve that consents carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen from entering, which helps preserve the coffee’s freshness.

Additionally, Atlas Coffee Club takes sustainability seriously and has tried to reduce waste in its packaging. The bags are made or formed of recyclable materials, and the company encourages customers to recycle their used bags.

Atlas Coffee Club’s packaging is visually appealing, functional, and environmentally conscious.

Packaging of Atlas Coffee Club
Packaging of Atlas Coffee Club

Is Atlas Coffee Club Worth Buying?

Whether Atlas Coffee Club is worth buying for you if you enjoy exploring different origins and flavor profiles of coffee and value ethical sourcing practices, the company offers a variety of subscription plans that allow you to receive fresh, high-quality coffee from different parts of the world regularly.

Atlas Coffee Club may be worth considering if you value convenience, ethical sourcing, and a variety of high-quality coffee options.


  • Atlas Coffee Club offers high-quality coffee from different parts of the world. The coffee is freshly roasted and shipped directly to the customer, ensuring maximum freshness and flavor.
  • The coffee offered by Atlas Coffee Club is ethically sourced, focusing on defensible farming practices and fair prices for farmers.
  • Atlas Coffee Club offers a range of subscription plans that allow you to explore coffee’s different origins and flavor profiles. You can choose from different roast levels, grind sizes, and shipping frequencies to find the best plan.
  • With a subscription to Atlas Coffee Club, you don’t have to worry or concern about running out of coffee or going to the store to purchase more. The coffee is delivered to your doorstep regularly, making it a convenient option for coffee lovers.
  • The company provides detailed information about each coffee’s origin and flavor profile, which can help you acquire more about the coffee you drink and develop your taste preferences.
  • The packaging of Atlas Coffee Club is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. The bags are resealable and made of recyclable materials, making them an environmentally conscious option.


  • Atlas Coffee Club’s prices are higher than some other coffee subscription services and may not be affordable for everyone.
  • While Atlas Coffee Club offers coffee from different countries, its selection may be limited compared to other coffee subscription services.
  • Shipping can take some time, especially if you live outside the US, which could be an issue if you need your coffee delivered quickly.
  • Atlas Coffee Club does not offer customization options for customers. You cannot select the roast level or grind size of your coffee beans, which may not be ideal for some coffee lovers.
  • The coffee bags offered by Atlas Coffee Club are commonly smaller than those offered by other subscription services, which could be a problem for heavy coffee drinkers.
Resealable pack
Resealable pack
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  • Atlas Coffee Club provides a unique and enjoyable coffee experience for customers who value high-quality, ethically sourced coffee beans.
  • The service may not be an excellent fit for everyone due to its prices, limited selection, and lack of customization options. Customers should consider their preferences and budget before subscribing.
  • The customer facility team is responsive and helpful, ensuring customers have a positive experience.
  • The prices of Atlas Coffee Club may be higher than other coffee subscription services, making it less accessible to budget-conscious customers.

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