How to Make Cold Brew Coffee at Home

Woman pouring cold brew coffee into glass on table

Updated September 20, 2021 One of the main advantages of cold brew is its simplicity, and it’s really easy to make cold brew coffee at home. If you prefer iced coffee that is smooth tasting and has no acidity or residual bitterness from hot coffee, you should give cold brew coffee a try. Rich, sweet, … Read more

How to Make Iced Coffee at Home

Pouring iced coffee at home using a Chemex

Updated September 16, 2021 There is no better way to cool down quicker than with a delicious, refreshing, and energy-boosting iced coffee during a hot day. Making this crip and chilly energizer drink is simple, and you will not need any fancy equipment if you follow our easy step-by-step instructions. We will show you an … Read more

What is Specialty Coffee?


Updated September 13, 2021 The term “Specialty coffee” was first coined by Erna Knutsen in the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal in 1974. Knutsen used this to label specialty coffee for the highest quality beans. These beans are grown at higher altitudes, in unique microclimates, in perfect soil, and harvested during the ideal time of … Read more

Cortado Recipe

Cortado coffee

Updated October 14, 2021 There are many espresso drinks with the two essential ingredients of espresso and milk. The different varieties can all look similar if you are not sure what details to look out for. Amongst espresso drinks, cortado is becoming increasingly popular. Nowadays, you can find it on the menu at almost every … Read more

Homemade Iced Mocha Recipe

Iced mocha served with a straw in a tall glass

Updated September 25, 2021 We all love coffee, and we crave chocolate sometimes, and this makes a delicious combination. If you do not fancy a hot drink, you will definitely want to try an iced mocha. You will need to add some ice for an excellent summer drink. Keep reading to learn more about our … Read more

The Different Types of Coffee Roasts


Updated September 5, 2021 Have you been confused by coffee roast levels recently? Have you noticed how some coffee tastes different compared to others? Some taste bright and zesty. Others taste heavy and dark. Some taste like crackers or dark chocolate-covered raisins. When it comes to drinking coffee, there’s a ton of stuff to unpack. … Read more