Baratza Sette 270 Coffee Maker (A Detailed Review)

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For uplifting the coffee experience, a good grinder coffee maker is important for a home. A good grinder for your coffee allows a consistent quality of the drink and ensures the best extraction of flavors.

Baratza is an award-winning grinder company that is preferred by coffee professionals for its high quality of products.

Baratza Sette 270 is one of the models with a variety of programmable options feasible for users. Some of the key features include:

  • Amazing espresso grinder
  • 270 grind settings
  • High-speed grinding
  • 3 programmable dosing buttons

Short answer: Sette 270 by Baratza is a fantastic espresso grinder for your coffee. Its incredible performance through the macro/micro-adjustments, simple cleaning programs, and dual dosing options have made it one of the best picks for the money.

The following sections will provide an in-depth description of the product details so continue your reading.

Why a Good Grinder is Important in a Coffee Maker?

coffee beans in a grinder

A great grinder is essentially important for uplifting your coffee experience since it helps in making the drink more flavorful. A good grinder ensures the fine grind of the beans so that the ground coffee doesn’t clump up and distributes the coffee evenly.

I wrote an article on the best coffee machines with grinders and you can check it out here.

Having a home coffee grinder will enable you to be freshly prepared coffee every time. No matter how healthy the drink seems, the main reason for the increased caffeine consumption through coffee is the appealing taste of the beans themselves. A perfect grind adjustment can improve your coffee taste each time.

You need to have good control over the extraction with a coffee grinder. Take notes of the following features so that you can understand where your grinding has gone wrong:

If the coffee is acidic like sour candy, you have under-extracted. For extracting more next time you need to grind at a finer setting, leveling up the speed of extraction.

If the coffee tastes bitter-rough and gives a scratchy feeling at the back of the throat, you have most likely over-extracted it. This requires less extract next time and a coarser grind setting is required for this.

Specifications of the Baratza Sette 270

Key specifications

Specification TopicSpecification of the Sette 270
Skill LevelIntermediate
Case MaterialPlastic
Bean Hopper Capacity10 ounces
Grinder styleBurr- conical steel
Suitable forEspresso
Volts120 V
Adjustment configurationMacro and Micro settings
A review on Sette 270.

The key features of the coffee maker are listed down from the official website of Baratza.

These are:

  • Convertible device holder and ground bins
  • Designed with small footprints
  • Macro and micro grind adjustment
  • The easily removable cone burr
  • Minimal Retention
  • Exceptional brewing method

Several accessories work well with the maker and can be purchased separately for the machine:

  • Hopper extended
  • S2 burr
  • High torque DC motor

The following table shows some key features of the Sette 270:

Burrs40 mm Steel by Etzinger
Bean Hopper Capacity10 oz
Speed to GrindManual- 5.5g/sec, Espresso- 3.5g/sec
Safety listingUL/CSA/CE/EK
A review on Sette 270.

There exist certain differences among the various models of Baratza. Though the differences might be trivial, those can cause a huge impact on your coffee-making experience.

Design and Build

The design of this machine is quite simple yet revolutionary. The plastic casing with the grind adjustment ring and the hopper shutoff key looks like an expensive product despite being made of plastic.

Two burrs are placed over each other. The top one is motorized while the lower one is static.

The design of having the ground coffee fall straight down from the burrs has two major advantages:

  1. This shows that coffee retention is virtually non-existent.
  2. This ensures ease in the cleaning of the burrs.

Also, the parts are easily repairable since screws are used for adjoining them.

The model is quite similar to the Sette 270Wi. It’s not a lightweight machine and can hold up to 3-400g of coffee beans.

Convertible Device Holder and Grounds Bin

grounds bin

Sette 270 has got a built-in convertible holder that helps you in grinding into the portafilter directly, the supplied ground bin, and the brewing devices. The arms of the machine have got the range to hold portafilters from sized 49mm to 58mm and are covered with rubber sleeves that are fully rotational.

The ground bin is made from anti-static plastic that can suppress the build-up of static electricity. The medium roast coffee in the Sette has got a usable capacity of 160g.

A review on Sette 270.

Grind Consistency

With an impressive amount of micro and macro adjustments, the grind consistency of Sette 270 is top-notched. The macro adjusts of 30 steps help in grinding from espresso to manual brew. On the other hand, the micro-adjust with nine indicators allows the user to dial in the perfect espresso.

  • Standard Burr- 40 mm Steel S1
  • Accessory Burr- S2 Burr
  • Steps of Adjustment- 30 macro x
  • Fine-tune Adjustment- 9 micro= 270
  • Grind Range- 230-950 Microns
  • Speed of grind- 3.5-5.5 g/sec

The stainless steel burr increases the grinding range of the maker. The micro and macro adjustments can help you in dialing in the perfect grind. As you might know, different roast requires different adjustments as the moisture content varies among the beans.

To get a fine calibration, knowledge of the correct adjustment setting is a prerequisite. The dosing timer is consistent and repeatable dosing is allowed.

You have the freedom to control the hopper and use the preset dose by just pushing a button. The Sette holds only a 15-second variation between each cup which is appreciable for a maker which is more like an espresso maker.


Feasible cleaning is an important part as it helps in protecting the coffee quality for future usage. The Sette 270 is undoubtedly one of the best in this regard. The grinder allows for a neat and orderly coffee preparation without going through the unnecessary hassles of heavy cleaning.

Just like the outer design of Sette 270, it has got a clean and easy functional process as well.

The burrs are easily removable for deep cleaning. The hopper can be kept closed while cleaning without taking the hassle to empty the beans. You need to turn the macro-adjustments collar to the coarse and align the blue arrow to the blue line on the collar to make it work. The burrs needed to be cleaned with the provided brush.

Only a hex key is there to separate the upper and lower burr. Remember, the hopper, ground bin, and hopper lid aren’t dishwasher safe. The removable mat fitted to the base of the grinder helps in catching the loose grounds and avoiding accidental spillage. The anti-static plastic and a molded spout help in the easy poring of the coffee.


Sette 270 costs about $399.95 which is higher than many common espresso grinders. However, upon researching through several close alternatives I can assure you that the grinder provides you the best value considering the overall functionality.

The one-year warranty is there to make your usage more comfortable. You can also get replacement parts from the company when any part of the machine faces issues. All the parts starting from the burrs to the power cord are replaceable. This is by far one of the best products, worth the money.


Sette 270 by Baratza adheres to the commitment to bringing high-quality grind consistency to the home barista. The wide range of grinding makes sit an excellent grinder.

  • Offers 30 macro adjustments to set the grind sizes as per your preference
  • An easy to use an LCD screen with a strong backlight and clear numerals
  • Easy to squeeze between other appliances due to a slim body
  • Versatile burr grinder
  • 270 grinds that operate with a quality speed
  • 3 different dose adjustments
  • Control over-specifying the grounding time


  • Can be loud and noisy
  • Might be hard to control the perfect dose as the 270 grinds are way fast

Budget Option- Baratza Sette 30 Conical Burr Grinder

Sette 30 costs like a hundred dollars less than the Sette 270. It’s just the scaled-down version of the Sette 270.

As it suggests, this offers less choice in settings and programmable functions at a low costing. It’s quite natural that Sette 30 won’t have the consistency and performance like the Sette 270. However, it’s a good choice considering the entry-level functions.

  • Number of Grind Settings: 30 macro grind settings
  • 40mm steel AP burrs
  • Include a portafilter or grind bin
  • Bean Hopper Capacity: 10 oz

Grinding mechanism

Key aspects include:

  • Straight-thru vertical transports of the beans to ensure minimal residual coffee
  • Produces grinding output 2-3 times than regular grinders
  • Powerful DC motor


300-400 g of coffee can be held. The hopper has a shutoff feature that ensures no-mess and no-fuss hopper removal.


Very easy to clean as the cone burr can be removed.

Device Holder and Ground Bins

The device holder allows you to remove the arms and grind directly into the portafilter. Just like Sette 270, the ground bin is made from anti-static plastic.

Final thoughts

The Sette 270 excels at fine grinds and performs best with the programmable features it has got. It’s to use and easy to clean which is very convenient for home users.

Nobody wants to go through lots of hassle for preparing their cup of coffee. With the best programmable features offered by the Sette 270, it is undoubtedly one of the finest espresso grinders.

The Sette 270 burr grinder will help you in pulling a consistent and brilliant espresso shot that can also be used as the base for milk-based coffee varieties. You can also check out the customer’s review of the product to clear your inquiries.

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