Revolutionize Your Coffee Game: The Best Android Coffee Apps

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There seems to be an app for everything these days – from the most important to the most bizarre!

When it comes to apps, the world of coffee hasn’t been left behind.

There are all kinds of coffee apps you can check out and download from the Google Play Store – an app that can teach you how to grind and brew the perfect cup at home or instruct you how to make latte art or an app that helps you find the best coffee shop in your area!

Short Answer: For all of the coffee and tech enthusiasts out there, I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 coffee apps for Android that you can download and use to become a home barista. These apps are the BaristaMe, My Coffee Card, Mister Barista, Coffee Calculator, and Brew Timer.

Let’s explore each of these apps and find out how useful they are to coffeeholics like you and me.

BaristaMe – A coffee guide

Coffee being poured from a carafe to a white coffee mug.

According to Google Play ratings and reviews, BaristaMe is considered one of the best Android apps for coffee lovers.

I love this app for 2 simple reasons:

  • it’s extremely useful when making espresso-based coffee drinks
  • it doesn’t occupy much space in your phone’s memory

Basically, BaristaMe gives you access to a ton of recipes for espresso-based drinks with clear graphics, such as layer guides and other precise information about each drink. If you’d like to learn more about espressos, you can check out my in-depth post right here.

This app also includes a multiple-choice quiz section designed to educate users about coffee and provide additional information about the espresso drinks commonly found in cafés.

If you want to learn more about your favorite brew or discover new ways to prepare it, BaristaMe is the app for you.

My Coffee Card

My Coffee Card is a sophisticated card manager offered by Starbucks that assists you in finding the best coffee shops near you that make you pay with your e-wallet and track the corresponding rewards that you are likely to receive with each purchase.

That literally means you can leave your credit card or wallet at home for a nice, warm cup of coffee by the beach.

The app’s home screen widget, which allows you to see your reward stars and current balance with a single tap, sets it apart from other coffee apps. It’s also smart enough to warn you when your funds are running low and remind you to reload your e-wallet funds soon.

My Coffee Card is simple, quick, and, most importantly, free.

Mister Barista – Coffee brewing assistant

Mister Barista is your personal third-wave coffee brewing assistant for the V60, Aeropress, French Press, Chemex, and Moka pot.

By perfecting your water input, grind, and brewing technique with Mister Barista, you can make the best coffee you’ve ever tasted at home and that’s coffee that’s flavorful and delicious as opposed to bitter, burnt, or sour. If you want to learn more about brewing coffee at home, check out my other post.

This app includes special recipes and brewing techniques from Aeropress championship winners, as well as unique recipes for preparing various coffee variants from around the world.

To give you a preview of how to use this app, let’s pretend to brew coffee with an Aeropress:

  • Choose a recipe that appeals to your taste buds and then the app will show you what size to grind your coffee beans with the details displayed on your screen
  • Surprisingly, you can even place a little amount of your ground beans on the screen of your device and it’ll inform you if they’re the correct size! It’ll then proceed to tell you how much ground coffee you should use and what temperature your water should be.
  • Tap “go” on the recipe screen as soon as your kettle reaches the required temperature, and then follow the instructions as they appear on the screen.
  • The timer will count down each step smartly, even estimating the time to allow the water in your kettle to cool slightly before pouring onto your grinds. The Mister Barista app will provide helpful information for each step and will alert you when it is time to pour, steep, stir, or plunge.

To get the most out of Mister Barista and your coffee, invest in high-quality beans from a reputable roaster. You can experiment with different variations until you find one you like.

Water is equally important and I recommend that you use filtered and freshwater from a Brita filter or something similar.

You can watch the video below to learn more about the app.

Coffee Calculator

The Coffee Calculator is a simple tool that exactly does what’s it supposed to do- calculate the correct amount of coffee you need to get a perfect cup! This app doesn’t provide fancy recipes but rather guides you through the basic steps of brewing coffee.

Use this app to quickly determine how much coffee beans you need to make a cup of coffee, or how much coffee you can make based on the number of coffee beans you have. The app also supports different ratios to best serve you.

Brew Timer

A Samsung phone being used to capture a picture of different kinds of coffee in white cups.

To begin with, Brew Timer gives you the option of selecting from 14 different ways to prepare your coffee, as well as the ability to create your own methods.

Begin with a professional recipe or one that has been shared by others in the community. You can easily change the recipe’s quantities, and the app will tell you what temperature to start brewing at.

Brew Timer will smartly guide you through the recipe, using a timer and audio cues for each step. You’ll also get coffee brewing tips, such as how to adjust your grind if your brew time differs from the recipe.

What’s even better about this app is how simple it is to create your own playable recipe. If you find a recipe that is “almost perfect,” you can simply clone it and change only the parts that need a little tweaking.

Finally, there is a sharing option that allows you to share any of your creations with the app community.

The table below summarizes the basic information about the Android apps I mentioned earlier.

Coffee AppRatingPriceDownload Size
Barista 4.1Free16 MB
My Coffee Card 4$1.813 MB
Mister Barista 4.5$0.999.8 MB
Coffee Calculator 4.2Free1.8 MB
Brew Timer 4.3Free5 MB
Basic information about the top android coffee apps


Top view of different kinds of coffee arrange in a circle.

Making a great cup of coffee doesn’t need to be a complex process. But if you want to learn the science behind the brewing methods, you will probably need some guidance to keep the measurements and water temperature right.

And this is where coffee apps come in handy: they guide their users through the process of making great-tasting coffee in the comfort of their own homes or wherever they are as long as they have the basic ingredients and equipment needed.

The best coffee-based apps I recommend for your android phone are the BaristaMe, My Coffee Card, Mister Barista, Coffee Calculator, and Brew Timer.

BaristaMe, Coffee Calculator, and Brew Timer are free while My Coffee Card and Mister Barista require a small fee but are well worth it.

Whatever coffee apps you choose to download and use, don’t forget to do others a favor by reviewing the ones you’ve already tried, as this allows them to decide whether the app is worth keeping on their device.

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