Affordable Coffee Gifts: Great Finds for Under $50

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Short Answer: There are a lot of gifts that you can gift to a coffee lover without spending over $50 that they’ll surely love. From coffee machines to coffee-scented candles and insulated mugs, the options are endless.

Birthday, anniversary, graduating from university, or getting a new job? No matter what occasion it is, we love to give gifts to show the love and care we have for the person. Also, we always want to give the best gift to our loved ones that they can really appreciate and use as well.

If the person you want to give a gift is a coffee lover then things get easier as they love everything and anything about coffee: machines, mugs, wall arts, filters, coasters, travel kettle, and much more.

Looking for the best budget-friendly option to give your coffee enthusiastic loved one?

Your finding ends here! I have compiled a list of budget-friendly gifts for coffee lovers in this article. Brew yourself a cup of coffee and read on!

What’s the best gift to buy a coffee lover under $50

A coffee machine and coffee mugs are the best gifts to buy a coffee lover under $50.

Whether they own one or two coffee machines at home, they still love to get a new one to brew their favorite cup of java.

If you know their favorite coffee type whether they are fans of strong espresso shots, buy them the latest version of the espresso machine. And if they like the french press, then it is a good one to go with. 

Coffee lovers are obsessed with getting mugs in gifts to add to their mug collection. They need a different mug for different seasons. 

And in case the person you want to give a gift to is part of fandom, may it be Harry Potter, Marvel, or ARMY of BTS, they would be over the moon to receive themed or fandom customized mugs. 

So, if you are looking for the best gift idea under $50, you should either go with a coffee machine or mugs.

I will share the best coffee gifts, including coffee mugs, coffee machines, and much more within your budget. 

Budget coffee gifts under $50

a person holding a present

If you think coffee lovers only need coffee, a coffee machine, and a good cup, then think again because there are many options you can explore and choose from for a unique gift for your coffee enthusiastic loved one. 

French Press ($39.95)

Any gift that can be better than a french press? No matter how old, the process has been used for centuries still one of the go-to options for coffee lovers. The best way to make coffee is without investing a small fortune into all sorts of fancy machinery.

If you want a budget-friendly but quality french press, Express P3 is a good classic design option with an extra thick glass body just for $39.95.

Grind your coffee and strain out gritty grids with a double microfilter. Plus,  It has a safety lock mechanism that keeps the mess of pilling away. 

Stainless steel Electric Kettle ($34.99)

A kettle is a must-have gear in the kitchen of a coffee lover.  Well, make your loved ones happy by giving them a fantastic electric kettle. New models have a perfect circular motion that extracts the best of flavor by tiny every coffee particle.  Buy a stainless steel one with a good matte finish. 

One of the best options you can look for under $50 is Bodum Water Kettle.

With its elegant and slim spout, the kettle allows for optimum control over balanced saturation and consistent extraction to bring out the rich flavor and amazing aroma of your favorite coffee.

Coffee Subscription Boxes 

Subscription boxes make amazing gifts, and no one can deny the joy they will get after receiving them. The best part is that these boxes are specially designed for coffee lovers, and you have to keep in mind their preference and quality of products so you can trust this one.

You may also try to find the one with freshly roasted beans. You can also ask to customize the flavor which you think your loved one will enjoy the most. 

There is plenty of options to choose from:

  • Atlas Coffee Club  ($14 per month)
  • Angels’ Cup ($10.99 per shipment)
  • Bean Box ($16.50 per month)

The World Atlas of Coffee ($24.46)

A perfect book for a coffee table for your loved one. The World Atlas of Coffee is the perfect gift as it’s all about coffee beans and brewing methods, a ton of information for your coffee lover friend.

James Hoffmann, World Barista Champion, is the author of this book. It is filled with excellent research and insights about coffee around the world. A nice gift to spend a nice day reading the book while sipping on your favorite cup of coffee. 

Insulated Coffee mugs ($27)

Mugs are available in different types but having an insulated mug is essential to have your coffee on the go. The Yeti Rambler is the perfect size with a 10-ounce capacity to give as a gift. It has insulated stainless-steel sides that keep drinks warm or cool. It also has an easily removable top means you can easily sip with or without the lid.

Manual coffee grinder ($16 – $20)

Let’s assume that the coffee lover you’re shopping for tastes fresh coffee if they own one of the fabulous grinders at home. A hand grinder is incredibly handy to have if you live in a place where the power regularly goes out, or you like to have great coffee with you wherever you travel.

Coffee Mug Warmer ($11.99)

A coffee mug warmer is a small and cute gift option to show loved ones you’re thinking of them and want their coffee to be warm.

It’s perfect for study or work desk and will work with most coffee cups or mugs. It just sits there; you turn it on, put a cup on it, and it’ll keep the contents warmer.

Mr. Coffee mug warmer is better than some higher-end options out there that cost more, but they still serve the same basic function, and this one gets the job done just fine.

Milk Steaming Pitcher ($16)

One of the options you can consider is Revolution stainless steel steaming pitcher. It allows coffee lovers to steam milk and pour it later like art.

It has measurement indicators in millimeters and ounces to avoid any waste of milk. The body is sturdy for a better streaming experience. 

Cold brew coffee maker

If your loved one is an avid lover of iced coffee even in subzero temperatures, then budget-friendly cold brew makers, the Hario, and the Takeya, also can make a great gift. The Hario is overall for smooth, great-tasting iced coffee drinks. And if your loved one prefers a strong brew, then go with the Takeya.

  • Takeya Deluxe Cold-Brew Coffee Maker $22.20
  • Hario Mizudashi Cold-Brew Coffee Pot $23.52

If you wanna know what kinds of coffee will go best with that cold brew maker, you can check out my other article where I talk about that in detail.

Coffee Scented Candle ($18 – $20)

The smell of coffee has been found to help regulate sleep and reduce stress. Then give your loved one coffee-scented products to perk up their mood. With a coffee-scented candle, your loved one can enjoy the same benefits of that rich and robust coffee scent without having even to make coffee.

Two budget-friendly options are:

  • Espresso Boulangerie Candle $17.60
  • Black Coffee Scented Soy Candle $19.85

Coffee machines under $50 

a black coffee maker

The best thing about giving a gift to coffee lovers is that options are endless. You can buy them fresh beans, coffee gears, mugs, and whatnot but wait if you can buy a coffee machine, then that will make the best gift. 

Thankfully, we have many good coffee machines that are budget-friendly, so your loved one will be happy without you having to break the bank. 

Here are my top 5 picks for the best budget-friendly coffee machines:

Coffee MachineFeatures Price
Gevi 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker Programmable

Dripless glass carafe

Satisfying square design
One-hand dispensing

Versatile brewing options 

Customizable timer 

Internal heater 
CHULUX Coffee MakerEasy to use

K-cup compatible

Compact design
Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee MakerStainless steel carafe 

Cord storage 

Customizable timer

Small design 
BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker Dishwasher-safe

Water window

Simple design
Coffee Machines

Gevi 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker 

Gevi is best to give as a gift as it has an elegant square design that will fit easily on your loved one kitchen counter.

It has a mesh filter basket, spillproof and easy to clean, glass carafe. Plus, the 12-cup capacity is perfect at this price.

The Hamilton Beach Brew Station

Hamilton Brew Station uses a single cup dispensing system that needs only a mug under the machine’s spout, fill it, and continue on your way, and coffee will be ready. 

This traditional version of brewing coffee is best to give as a gift. 

CHULUX Coffee Maker

Do your loved ones love to k-cup coffee? This Chulux K-cup-compatible coffee maker works with both first and second-generation K-cups. The compact design that stores as much water as it needs for a single cup.

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee 5-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker is more of a traditional-style coffee maker.

If you are looking for something within the budget that includes a sturdier stainless steel carafe than a traditional glass carafe and keeps coffee warmer, then this one is perfect. 

BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker 

If you want a budget-friendly gift but don’t want to compromise on quality, this BLACK+DECKER Coffee Maker classic, and elegant machine can be the best gift to purchase. 

A value pack deal that is simple to use and makes the best coffee compared to high-end brands. 

Coffee Mugs Under $50 

can empty mug of coffee next to a card that says thanks

Last but not least, coffee lovers are most enthusiastic about mugs. They love their coffee mugs as much as they love their coffee.

Plus, mugs also influence how your coffee taste, every type of coffee needs a certain cup. 

  • For espresso shots, glass mugs are best.
  • An insulated cup is a must for travel or even for working from home. 

Here are my five picks for budget-friendly mugs under $50:

  • CamelBak MultiBev Water Bottle and Travel Cup
  • Yeti Rambler with Hot Shot Cap
Coffee Mug Capacity Price 
Zojirushi Stainless-Steel travel Mug 16 ounce$23.99
CamelBak MultiBev Cup12 ounce $48.00
Yeti Rambler with Hot Shot Cap12 ounce $47.99 
Gibson elite Soho Cafe 21 ounce$25
Coffee Mugs Gifts

Bottom Line

All in all, the option to choose a gift under $50 is endless.

I would personally recommend buying something that the person you want to give is not own yet but they want it for quite some time even the price tag go little above the $50 that’s fine as long as your loved one is happy.

To explore more ideas about gifts for coffee lovers under $50, watch this video below:

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