Recommended Coffee Machines for Flat White Lovers

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Nothing can beat the fresh cup of flat white first thing in the morning. The perfect ratio of milk to espresso can binge up your energy fix by a good amount.

The drink has become tremendously popular over the years due to its basic flavor and the pretentious cover over the top. Indeed, flat whites are the most basic variety of coffee but it’s also a little more complicated than that.

To get the right texture for flat whites, a good machine is necessary. It’s not possible to huff towards the coffee shops every morning to get the right cup of joe. Would you believe that you can make the best flat white in your home as well?

After going through several reviews, I have gathered some notable recommendations on the best coffee machine for a flat white.

Short Answer: You can use an espresso machine to whip up a good cup of flat white. My best bet is the VonShef Espresso Machine and DeLonghi Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker as they have everything you need for a good espresso machine.

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Continue your reading to get an elaborate idea!

What coffee maker do you need to make a flat white?

Espresso pouring from espresso machine.
The espresso machine will be giving you the perfect espresso base for your flat white.

You’ll be needing an espresso coffee maker to prepare flat white.

Flat White is an espresso-based drink with steamed milk that has a thin layer of microform. Making the espresso shots for the flat white is an important part of preparing the coffee drink.

I have a separate article on this drink if you’re curious to know more about it.

The first thing that might click you is that why should you buy an espresso machine for flat white and not a regular coffee maker?

This is because espresso machines are specialized in giving you an espresso with a complex, aromatic, and caffeine-packed shot. Of course, you don’t need to buy an expensive one for this but a regular coffee maker won’t give you the bold taste in your coffee drink.

The following table shows the basic differences between an espresso machine and a regular coffee maker:

ContentEspresso machineCoffee maker
BrewingFiner grinds of espresso require 25-30 secondsThe coarser grind of drip coffee allows you to be it for about 10 minutes.
RoastingRoasts are much darker, richer, and less acidicLighter roasts are more acidic.
GrindingUses fine, powder-like coffee grindsUses coarse-thick coffee grinds
Price More expensive Usually the cheaper option due to its simple function
PressureUses high pressure to force water through the coffeeRelies on the power of gravity to pull water through filters
Distinguishing points between the two.

How to make the espresso base for your flat white?

To make the best espresso follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. At first, grind your beans using a quality grinder and look for the proper quantity of the beans taken. If you’re going for a single shot, the espresso shot will contain 6-8 grams of coffee. For a double shot, about 15 grams of coffee grounds will be needed. Your grounds should be powdery and fine.
  2. Distribute the grounds evenly and place the portafilter on the countertop. Use the tamper to tamp down any of the uneven coffee grounds.
  3. Run the machine briefly to clear the ground head. Lock the portafilter into the machine and make your demitasse glass position good. Then you can start your shot.

This might take 25-30 seconds for your espresso to pour into the cup. Some machines require you to fix this timing manually. The final product shouldn’t be too dark or too light. It should have a dine layer of caramel-colored cream.

After that, you can prepare your milk for the flat white and add it accordingly.

Can you use Nespresso machines to make a flat white?

You can use Nespresso machines to make a flat white. The exciting thing about using Nespresso is that you can tailor your flat white according to your preference.

With Nespresso, you have the liberty to make any of the flat white recipes.

The ingredients you would be needing for Nespresso flat white are the Nespresso capsule of choice and 90 ml of milk.

The process is mentioned below:

1. At first, use a Nespresso capsule according to your preference to make the espresso in a cup or glass.

2. During making the espresso, froth the milk using the steam wand in your espresso machine.

3. Add the steamed milk to the prepared espresso shot and add a latte art if you want.

You can also take a cooler take on the classic Nespresso flat white by adding ice cubes and caramel syrup to the drink.

Nespresso thus makes your coffee experience simpler and more convenient.

Which coffee is best for flat white?

flat white on a table

The best flat white can be made by using high-quality coffee grounds, not over-roasted or under roasted and grounded perfectly to ensure the best extraction of the coffee liquor.

Though the final flavor of flat white will depend on your personal preference and brewing method, the selection of quality coffee beans is required to get a fuller taste.

The coffee that works best for making a GOOD flat white is:

  • South American Blend which is sweet and mild
  • Peruvian Tunki that taste amazing just like milk chocolate praline
  • Cuban Serrano with a dark taste and creates a thicker drink
  • Skybury which is rich in taste and gives a creamy texture
  • Excelso Blend with a different naughty punch

Too fruity coffee varieties may give you a curdled taste which is not amazing at all. The correct blend of beans is necessary because flat white softens the taste of some harsher coffee profiles while amplifying the others.

For a great deal on a wide variety of high-quality coffee, definitely check out Volcanica:

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How do I make a perfect flat white at home?

Buying a good espresso machine will help you in tackling the all-the-time coffee craze for many of us. It’s quite easy to prepare flat white at home if you are aware of the basics.

  1. Prepare the espresso base following the process I mentioned in the earlier sections. After getting your espresso done, put it into a mug or cup.
  2. Then comes the important part of steaming the milk. The right temperature can give you a more balanced flavor. Try to steam the milk to 55-62 degrees celsius. You can use a thermometer for measuring the temperature if you aren’t an expert on your hands yet.
  3. Make sure to swirl the milk lightly around the pitcher so that the milk is evenly dispersed and gives a velvety texture.
  4. You can make a latte art over the surface of the drink.

This drink prepared for flat white can also be used as a base for other espresso-based coffee beverages.

Making flat white can be so simple.

Important things to consider when buying a machine for a flat white

coffee machine making coffee

There are a lot of options available in the market and all might seem just fine. An espresso machine isn’t something that you need to buy in multiples so how to select the best one for your flat white?

Know the brand

There are many quick picks for you and some brands might seem more convenient than others. Look for customers’ reviews on online portals before buying one. More positive reviews mean more durable units and thus more sustainable choices.

Even if a particular brand costs a little more, you are sure that you can be using that machine for a longer period. This will also ensure the more nutritional quality of the drink compared to other brands.

However, less popular brands also tend to produce good quality products so look for advanced technologies and features in the product model.

Water tank capacity

A large water reservoir is important since you can brew more cups of flat whites before pausing to refill it.

This is more important for households where multiple people are coffee-dependent and dose on several cups in a day. A large water tank will ensure that the reservoir in your machine isn’t running empty.

Pod compatibility

Pods are easier to manage since you don’t need to measure out your grounds or consider buying a grinder.

The variation in flavors, design, and size gives a helpful hand into design the flat white according to preference.

Automatic and semi-automatic espresso machines will undoubtedly give you the ultimate flat white experience. However, pods will also give you a standard coffee taste and will do just fine.

How automatic is the device

There aren’t any significant differences between the machine style for the flat whites. However, automatic and semi-automatic machines tend to serve more convenient ways to prepare a more good quality coffee.

Everyone has his/her opinion over the taste of the flat whites and the use of the machine will depend on that key factor as well.

There are mainly three ways that you can choose here: 1. Automatic, 2. Semi-automatic and 3. Super-automatic.

The Pressurization Method

There are mainly two types of pressurization methods which are steam-powered and pump-powered. My verdict goes to pump-powered even if it’s a bit costly than steam-powered.

Pump-powered is fairly consistent and has better temperature management. Not to mention, it gives you more control over the taste and flavor of your brew.

Modern-day steam espresso makes it hard for pulling the right shots. So put your money into a good pump-powered espresso machine and you won’t be disappointed.

The Steam Wand

This is one of the easiest features that can show you the low-end machine. Steam wands for beginners are awful when comes to functionality.

Flat whites need a smooth, velvety milk texture. Low-end team wands give you the unwanted super bubbly milk froth that no one wants these days.

Go for the machine that has a steam wand controlled manually and has 2-4 small steam holes. If you want the best velvet flat white or amazing art on your latter, get a nice steam wand.

Best coffee machines for flat white

A perfect cup of flat white might give the kickstart to many people’s ideal morning. In the following section, I have gathered the information regarding the best coffee machine for your flat white. Look for the features that you are wanting in your machine.

VonShef Espresso Machine

This is the closest possible one to the coffee shop’s espresso machine for your flat white.

This compact machine is easy to handle, can brew up to 15 bars of pressure which is industry standard, and can bring the perfect velvety foam to your drink.

The resulting espresso from this machine is impressive. It might not be the best-balanced espresso but the quality is quite enjoyable and offers the best-priced value.

Customers have been reviewing this machine with great points and looking at the features I get why.

The pros of the machine include:

  • Compact size
  • Removable drip tray
  • Easy conduct
  • Sleek steel body
  • Got a warming plate on top


  • Steam wands positioned very low
  • Hard to achieve a full frothy top

This machine is priced within the range of $50-$70 depending on the model and retailer. This is one of the best espresso machines for flat whites that’s cheap and easy to use.

DeLonghi Fully Automatic Espresso Coffee Maker

This DeLonghi is an automatic one that enables the easiest way for you to make your flat white. These machines are often called “bean-to-cup” since the machine controls every step of the coffee preparing process for you.

It has got an integrated grinder with adjustable coarseness levels and a milk frother. The price range of this espresso machine ranges from $400-$700 depending on the model you’re purchasing. Though it’s a moderate price, it’s still more costly than most other coffee machines.

The pros of the machine include:

  • More flexibility in case of grounds and beans used
  • Large water reservoir
  • Automatic turn-off feature
  • The coffee grinder operates quietly
  • Removable drip tray


  • Expensive

Check out the range and prices on Amazon to find the best option for your budget:

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The best machine for you is the one that is convenient for you to use and fulfills the requirements set by you. There are thousands of available options in the market right now.

I have picked two of the best-reviewed machines for your flat whites considering the prices and features. One of them is cheap and has good features. This is the best for beginners or those who drink coffee seldomly and want to start with the basics.

However, appliances are always a good investment. A little bit expensive ones not only provide more advanced features but also guarantee more durable units for the future.

Before purchasing make sure to look for customer reviews on the brand and the specific models to justify the points. There are so many options and I feel it’s better to stick to the in-built technologies of the machine for sustainable use.

Lastly, the best selection of the machine will help you in indulging the best flat white experience.

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