Sip with Ease: Top Lightweight Coffee Mugs for Arthritic Hands

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Do you know that around 23% of the elderly have arthritis and around 1 million are dealing with Parkinson’s? If you are one of them, you might understand how difficult it is to carry the day-to-day business with weak joints and fatigue. 

Sometimes the stiffness in muscles and joints can worsen with age. If you find yourself struggling to hold your cup of coffee because of arthritis, then you need a new mug that is lightweight and designed for you to enjoy your cup of happiness without letting arthritis rob you of the joy of drinking your favorite drink. 

Lightweight coffee mugs are the best kind of mugs for those who have arthritic hands or are increasingly struggling to properly hold them. Just because they’re lightweight doesn’t mean that they’re not durable either! Some brands produce lightweight coffee mugs with reinforced insulation and strong materials.

There are several options now available in the market especially mugs designed to easily hold a hot cup of coffee.

Let’s see the best coffee mugs for arthritic hands to help the morning joy keep alive. 

What is the best type of mug for arthritic hands? 

three coffee mugs sitting on a wooden counter

Mugs can be made with porcelain, plastic, ceramic, bone china, or glass. But when you are looking for something that can be used by an elderly, what matters most is how much the mug weighs. 

A lightweight mug is perfect for the elderly or people with arthritic hands. 

Porcelain or ceramics mugs’ weight is around .55 pounds and .88 pounds. This is equal to an average weight between 250 and 400 grams.

Porcelain mugs are the best lightweight mugs because they are made of kaolin clay that heats up at the highest temperature of 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit. 

These mugs have a smooth and beautiful luster texture which is thin and lightweight when held in hands. They are also fragile and might get cracked by a slightly poor “fit” between the glaze and clay body of the ceramics due to too much silica in the glaze.

Ceramic mugs are an “every day” mug and are the way to go if you want something functional that is also cheap than others.

What kind of mugs is bad for arthritic hands?

Stoneware coffee mugs and glass coffee mugs are the heaviest ones and are not good for people with arthritic hands. 

Stoneware is made of a heavier material and is also a bit larger than other mugs. Stoneware coffee mugs’ average weight is between 490 to 685 grams.

Glass mugs are also generally much heavier and more strong than other types of glass cups. They usually weigh between half a pound and 1 and a half pounds, or between 235 and 685 grams.

Best coffee mugs for arthritic hands

Easy-grip hand-in mug


  • Easy Grip-In Mug Specifications:
  • Measures: 7-3/4 inches high.
  • Weighs 10.4 oz.
  • Capacity: 16 oz.
  • Color: Blue.
  • Care: Dishwasher safe up to 153 degrees. Top rack recommended.
  • Materials: High-quality polycarbonate, BPA, and Phthalates free

The Easy Grip-In Mug is a drinking cup specifically designed for arthritic hands.

The center opening allows the user’s hand to fit for lifting the cup without gripping comfortably. An ergonomically curved internal texture enables the hand to fit through the mug; no more need to worry about grasping. 

It can hold 16 ounces of liquid. It has a 360-degree rotating lid, an adjustable drinking spout, and a non-slip rubber grip base that is cup-holder friendly.

Occupational and Physical Therapists recommend the Easy Grip-In Mug for people with disabilities and poor hand strength who cannot grip a traditional mug.

Lightweight coffee mugs 

The Küksa Ancient Coffee mug is the best lightweight coffee mug. 

In USD 18.00, this hand-polished mug is made from 100% natural rubberwood material—also a good option for the elderly as it has nice fresh and natural breath.

This 12oz lightweight Lapland Finland Style Wooden is used for Outdoor Camping Drinking but can be a perfect option if you are looking for the best lightweight mug. 

It has a capacity of 6.83 oz (200ml) with 3.5 inches mouth diameter suitable for use not only for coffee but also for milk, hot chocolate, tea, and other drinks.

Best coffee mugs for elderly

two coffee mugs sitting next to each other

It’s hard to find the right mug for arthritic hands but don’t worry because I have got you covered. These are the top picks that I think are not only lightweight but also designed in a way to suit people with arthritis. 

Maddak Tan Hand To Hand Mug by Ableware


  • Lightweight
  • Double Insulated 
  • Ridged Design 

Maddak Tan Hand To Hand Mug by Ableware is the best designed lightweight plastic mug for the elderly, in my opinion. It looks like a ceramic mug but is made of plastic safe for hot and cold drinks.

The cup is designed in a contoured shape with a ridged texture that provides a perfect grip. The large base gives stability, and the oversized handle is cherry on top for easy grip.

With double insulation on the walls of the mug, it keeps your coffee temperature the same for a long time. 

Sammons Preston Insulated Mug with Snorkel Lid 


  • Snorkel LId
  • Easy-grip handle 
  • Ergonomic design

Sammon Preston’s very respected brand, the snorkel lid mug, is my second pick for the best lightweight mug for the elderly and people with dexterity issues.

It is made with polypropylene which is perfect for hot drinks. The large handle gives a nice grip and the weight of the mug is only 3 ounces and can hold 12 ounces of drink easily. 

Dignity Mug by Granny Jo Products


  • Microwave and dishwasher friendly
  • Lightweight but stable

The two-handle dignity mug is specially designed for older people and people with arthritis patients.

The material is ceramic that maintains the temperature of the drink for a good time. 

Both handles are big for easy grip with 8 ounces capacity of drink. It’s best not to fill the cup to the brim because it becomes difficult for the elderly to hold it easily. 

Independence Two Handle Clear Mug with 2 Lids 


  • Wide base 
  • Two lids
  • Oversized handle
  • 3-ounce wight only

Independence Two Handle Clear Mug with 2 Lids is designed to cater to the issue faced by older people.  

This mug also has handles on both sides for easy grip plus two lids, one anti-splash and the other is spout lid. 

The spout lid makes it easy to drink with a straw without slipping coffee splashes everywhere.

The material is clear plastic weighs a paltry 3 ounces with a wide base that can hold up to 9 ounces of liquid in it, making it very stable.

Here is a table for the feature of the best mugs for the elderly:

MugAbleware Maddak MugSammons PrestonMugDignity MugIndependent Two Handle Mug
Weight 0.4 ounces3 ounces0.58 pounds4 ounces
Carrying capacity10 ounces12 ounces 8 ounces10 ounces 
Microwave and Dishwasher Friendly Yes Yes YesYes 
Best Mug For Arthritic Hands

Bottom Line

Elderly people or people with arthritic hands often have trouble sipping on their cup of coffee due to the mug not being suitable for them, which is why I recommend they try lightweight mugs and easy grip-in hand-in mugs as they are specifically designed for people who have trouble using common mugs.  

That said, it’s much better to discuss how much coffee you should drink with your health care professional and which mug material is safest for you. 

If you’re someone who doesn’t know much about arthritis, check out this short clip that was done on Arthritis Awareness Month: