10 Best Coffee Shops in San Jose in 2023: Amazing Cafés!

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San Jose’s coffee scene is riding high on the third wave of coffee, with establishments that can hold their own against those in Seattle and San Francisco. This is fantastic news for residents and visitors alike since the city is seeing a steady stream of independent coffee-roasting establishments.

You can get whatever kind of coffee you want, whether you prefer espresso or cold brew. If you’re just getting started in the world of specialty coffee, this list of the top San Jose cafes is a great place to begin. We invite you to view the following options and pick the ones that best suit you.

10 Best Coffee Shops in San Jose

1. Voyager Craft Coffee

Voyager craft coffee logo

Voyager was founded by a couple who were looking for a better way to serve customers.

They started off with a mobile coffee cart. Since then, they’ve tripled its storefront count, with the newest addition being in downtown San Jose’s San Pedro Square Market.

Flavors, including vanilla, cherry blossom, and coconut cream, are available at the coffee shop. Honey, chili pepper, and coconut cream are the three main components of the Bali taste.

2. Academic Coffee

Academic coffee logo

You can have excellent coffee and be close to downtown San Jose’s SOFA sector at Academic Coffee. Those muffins and croissants are fresh out of the oven and are excellent. The special combinations found here are sumptuously satisfying.

Looking for more coffee shops?

3. Philz Coffee

Philz coffee logo

How could it not be on the list? Philz is a staple in the Bay Area.

This isn’t your average coffee chain; here, each cup is brewed specifically for you at each of our many convenient locations. When visiting Philz for the first time, skip the menu and have the barista brew something unique instead.

4. Forager

Forager logo

Forager is a large, versatile venue that hosts a wide variety of public events, from concerts to lectures by university professors and private parties.

Together with Devout Coffee, Forager has become one of San Jose’s most extensive selections of artisan coffee. Groups of professionals have never had a better place to have their next high-stakes meeting.

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5. Chromatic Coffee

Chromatic roastery logo

In the beginning, there was Chromatic, which began when some friends decided to open a coffee shop. Since then, it has expanded to become a leading coffee vendor in the San Francisco Bay Area.

6. Voltaire Coffee

Voltaire Coffee logo

Voltaire Coffee has a striking design that matches the quality of the coffee it produces. The open, bright interior is a fantastic match with the unpretentious coffees. Every cup is packed with healthy components and stimulating caffeine since they prefer to utilize organic items wherever feasible.

7. Hannah’s Coffee & Sweets

Hannah cafe logo

Hannah’s is the neighborhood coffee shop that always has coffee, desserts, and breakfast.

Their delicious pastries and artistic lattes have made them famous.

It’s a great location to hang out with friends or get some reading done while enjoying one of their tasty cupcakes.

8. Nirvana Soul

Nirvana soul logo

Nirvana, a cozy Italian cafe in the heart of downtown San Jose, is renowned for its excellent coffee. A Hazelnut Mocha, anyone? This is our favorite at Nirvana Soul. Nirvana is perfect for a light snack like a flaky croissant and a cup of coffee.

9. Crema Coffee Roasters

Crema cup with logo

There is no longer any need to put off trying one of Crema Coffee’s excellent beverages; a new shop has recently opened in La Alameda. They have a dedicated following that will go to great lengths to enjoy one of their specialty coffee beverages. A cup of their scrumptious Java is all it takes to become a lifelong fan.

10. Roy’s Station Coffee & Teas

Roy's station coffee & teas logo

In the heart of Japantown, Roy’s is a stylish coffee shop with outside seating perfect for a warm California day. The family-run café serves a wide variety of delicious beverages, including teas from the Satori Tea Company and Verve coffees made with freshly roasted beans.

Whether you want to enjoy your coffee on the spacious patio or the sleek inside, Roy’s Station has you covered.

Takeaway: Best Coffee Shops in San Jose

There you have it! The top coffee shops in San Jose. One of these cafes is going to be a top pick if you’re searching for a new favorite in San Jose’s crowded coffee shop scene.

Save this list and get started right away if you’re interested in trying a new cafe! All of these San Jose cafes serve delicious drinks that will have you coming back for more.


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