10 Best Coffee Shops In South Bay, California to Try Today!

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Coffee is big in the South Bay in the always-on tech culture of Silicon Valley. Besides typical coffee chains, there are tons of great independent coffee shops. Here’s a look at the 10 best coffee shops in South Bay, California, to begin your local cafe tour.

The 10 Best Coffee Shops in South Bay in 2023

1. Big Mug Coffee

Big Mug Coffee Roasters is tucked away in a mall in El Camino Real. The double doors of the aptly named Big Mug open to reveal a store much larger than expected. The space is packed with long and short tables, providing enough room to work alone, sit with friends or even hold meetings outside the office.

The menu itself is a bit pricey relative to the size of the drinks, but the coffee is worth ordering. There’s also a steady supply of cold drip coffee in a variety of roasts, perfect for warmer days in the South Bay. The location for Big Mug Coffee is 3014 El Camino Real, Santa Clara.

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2. Sue’s Gallery Cafe

Sue’s Gallery Cafe is a place to enjoy a delicious cup of specialty coffee and also to try out Sue’s handmade ceramic pieces with every order. It’s a place to enjoy the small things in life.

We particularly enjoyed our Aztec Mocha and recommend you to visit Sue’s at 14665 Big Basin Way in Saratoga.

3. Bitter + Sweet

In the hectic, fast-paced lifestyle which Silicon Valley has adopted, there needs to be a place to unwind and relax, and Bitter+Sweet is a great coffee shop to visit.

The interior is more reminiscent of a day bar than a café, but that ambiance gives the place a modern charm. In addition to coffee and espresso, Bitter+Sweet also offers teas and cakes to satisfy any customer.

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4. Barefoot Coffee

If you’re looking for a complete coffee experience, Barefoot Coffee is the place to go. The menu at the Campbell location offers a decent selection of coffees and espressos. They manage to please even the most refined palates, offering less obvious drinks like Cuban coffees.

And if you ever want to learn about the process, the Santa Clara roastery offers a training lab and bar where classes are held weekly on Saturdays. Both facilities are worth a visit: they know how to make a good espresso.

5. Chromatic Coffee

Chromatic roastery logo

Almost everything about Chromatic Coffee screams hipster. Chromatic likes to make sure their customers consume their coffee in the best way possible. The espresso shots are paired with palate-cleansing seltzer water.

The shelves, filled with 12-ounce bags of coffee beans, also feature preferred brewing methods based on roast and region. It all has to do with the fact that the staff at this store knows a lot about coffee and wants to help every customer, making it worth a visit for a caffeine boost. Chromatic Coffee is located at 5237 Stevens Creek Blvd in Santa Clara.

6. Hannah Coffee

Hannah cafe logo

Hannah Coffee is conveniently located in Alameda with friendly and helpful baristas. Our hazelnut latte was flavorful, and the accompanying bagels were delicious.

The cafe has plenty of seating both inside and outside. They are located at 754 The Alameda #80 in San Jose.

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7. Great Bear Coffee

Located on the south end of the South Bay, Great Bear Coffee offers a taste of classic bohemian-style coffee on Highway 17.

They give off a small-town feel that fits Los Gatos perfectly, matching their brunch variety of baked goods, small plates, and drinks. The Chocolate Coffee Creme is the perfect drink for those with a sweet tooth. Big Bear Coffee is at 19 N Santa Cruz Ave, Los Gatos.

8. Crema Coffee Roasting Co.

Crema cup with logo

With a wide selection of espresso drinks, fruit iced teas and ice cream, and friendly service, Crema often feels more like a home than a cafe. They have plenty of comfy indoor and outdoor seating.

This makes it a perfect setting to work in a relaxed atmosphere or grab a quick drink before a Sharks game. Although often crowded at peak times, Crema is a café worth visiting.

9. Roy’s Station Coffee & Teas

Roy's station coffee & teas logo

Japantown is one of the most charming places in San Jose, and Roy’s Station Coffee & Teas is suitable in the heart of the neighborhood. Roy’s, a former gas station, is a coffee shop with freshly brewed Verve coffee, a wide selection of teas, and plenty of outdoor seating.

It’s a relaxing stop. If you’re in the area on a lovely warm Bay Day, be sure to head to Roy’s.

10. Bellano

The beauty is often in the simplicity, and Bellano offers just that. It’s a company built by lovers of the coffee, and it shows in the product: perfectly brewed coffee, freshly baked pastries daily, and even homemade ingredients for sauce, syrup, and almond milk.

Bellano has grown and succeeded through their simplicity, making this a popular cafe in the South Bay area. You can find Bellano at 3985 Stevens Creek Blvd in Santa Clara.

Takeaway: Best Coffee Shops in South Bay in 2023

If you’re searching for one of the South Bay’s best coffee shops, one of these cafes should make a cozy new place to discover.

If you’re ever in the South Bay area and looking for a place to grab a coffee, tea, or a meal, here are some great cafés to check out. There is no shortage of excellent coffeehouses from which to select your new go-to coffee shop.


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