Thanksgiving Coffee: Best Coffees to Pair with Your Meal

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Thanksgiving is the annual national holiday celebrated in America and Canada, its sole purpose is to celebrate the blessing of the past year.

With thanksgiving, one might be thrilled to have roasted turkey, stuffed potatoes, pumpkin pie, gravy, cranberry juice, and some coffee after the meal.

Yes! You can light up your Thanksgiving with some coffee by the side or after the meal to relax and have a memorable evening with your family and friends. My top picks are Heart Roaster, Madcap Coffee, and Pilot Coffee.

The market goes crazy around thanksgiving, this means they introduce a special thanksgiving blend that you can not only serve your friends and family but can also gift them due to their aesthetic packaging. There are so many options to choose from like Pecan Pie Blended Mocha, Pumpkin Pie Latte, and Gingerbread Cider Frappe.

This blog is about the coffees you can go for on thanksgiving and how it can be a wonderful memory to cherish with loved ones.

Is Coffee Good To Have For Thanksgiving?

Yes! Without a doubt, coffee can be pretty good for thanksgiving at any time of the day.

You can have a cup of coffee after you’re done with your Thanksgiving dinner that’s because coffee aids in digestion by increasing the motility of your digestive tract. It’ll also help you not fall asleep so you can have some late-night fun!

Coffee also helps to suppress your appetite so if you consume it in the middle of the day it’ll prevent you from overeating the delicious Thanksgiving dinner later in the evening.

Consuming coffee in the morning will help you feel alert and energized, this is important because you probably have to be on your feet all day preparing for the holiday. meeting friends and family. You need the energy to perform all these tasks and a cup of coffee or two will suffice.

Best Themed Coffee Drinks

You can even go for various themed coffee drinks, they tend to light up one’s soul. Here take a look at them:

  • Pumpkin Pie Latte
  • Gingerbread Cider Frappe
  • Pecan Pie Blended Mocha
  • Cranberry White Hot Chocolate
  • Candied Yam Hot Chocolate

Pumpkin Pie Latte

A pumpkin pie latte with a cinnamon stick
Pumpkin Pie Latte

Pumpkin Pie Latte is a famous one, it has its hype and is seasonal. A traditional Thanksgiving dessert is pumpkin pie. With this recipe, you can bring it to your table and have a memorable evening, 6 oz whole milk, 1 oz pumpkin spice syrup, 2 oz pumpkin pie syrup, and 1 oz shortbread syrup, steamed together Pour over two shots of espresso. Finish with a thin layer of foam, pumpkin pie spice, and crumbled pie crust.

You can read more about Pumpkin Latte in my other article here.

Gingerbread Cider Frappe

A gingerbread frappe with gingerbread leaning on the glass
Gingerbread Frappe

Gingerbread has this sweet smell and taste that gives you a long-lasting aftertaste. During the holiday season, everyone craves gingerbread! Here’s how to incorporate that classic flavor into your Thanksgiving meal. In a blender, combine 8 ounces milk, 2 ounces gingerbread syrup, 2 ounces apple syrup, 1/2 ounce cinnamon syrup, 2 scoops of white frappe mix, and 8 ounces of ice. Blend until completely smooth. Whipped cream, a drizzle of caramel, and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

Pecan Pie Blended Mocha

Pecan Blended Mocha can be your favorite within the minute you have it. Everyone adores the comforting flavor of pecan pie. With this blended mocha, you can bring it to your table and see how the air changes around you. In a blender, combine 8 ounces milk, 2 ounces butter pecan syrup, 1-ounce shortbread syrup, 2 ounces dark chocolate syrup, 2 scoops of mocha frappe powder, 2 shots chilled espresso, and 1 cup ice. Blend until completely smooth. Drizzle the inside of your cup with dark chocolate syrup before adding it. Pour the blended mixture into your cup and top with whipped cream, a drizzle of dark chocolate syrup, and a candied pecan.

If you’re looking for themed Thanksgiving drinks but without coffee then here are some options:

Cranberry White Hot Chocolate

If you are a fan of white chocolate, this coffee with cranberry sauce can be soothing to your buds.

Cranberry sauce is a must-have at Thanksgiving. To make this, combine 8 oz milk, 1 oz cranberry simple syrup, and 2 oz white chocolate sauce in a steamer. Whipped cream, white chocolate syrup, and cranberry simple syrup drizzled on top make the perfect cranberry white hot chocolate.

Although cranberry sauce is very simple to make, here is some insight about it: In a saucepan, combine 1 cup cranberry juice, 1 cup sugar, and 1 cup fresh (or frozen and thawed) cranberries. Bring the water to a boil. Boil it for a few minutes, then reduce the heat to low-medium. Allow the sugar in the liquid to dissolve and the cranberries to cook and soften. They’ll pop eventually. Simmer for 15 minutes on low-medium heat, or until it thickens to a syrup consistency. Pour it through a sieve into an airtight container and use it whenever you want to.

Candied Yam Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate with marshmallows in it
Hot Chocolate

Suppose you have a fan of hot chocolate? Guess whos gonna help you with that? Candied Yam. Nothing beats candied yams after a big Thanksgiving meal. Using your favorite hot chocolate recipe CAN BE A PLUS! Simply combine 2 oz brown sugar cinnamon syrup, 2 oz toasted marshmallow syrup, and a scoop of dehydrated marshmallows with your favorite hot chocolate.

These are some examples of themed coffees for thanksgiving, now let’s look into the coffees that can be perfect for thanksgiving.

What Is Perfect Coffee For Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Fall Still Life with Assorted Miniature Pumpkin and Green Crate with Message
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is festive and so should be the coffee served with it. Here are my top picks of the best coffees for thanksgiving.

Heart Roasters

Guatemala’s Heart Santa Isabel is a fully washed, greenhouse-dried coffee from Antigua made entirely of Caturra variety coffee and produced by Luis Valdés. Their coffees just keep getting better and better—expressive without being too bright or underdeveloped. It is a true privilege and blessing to share coffee with family at this time of year.

Intelligentsia Coffee

This is a coffee industry that is still relatively young but has emerged as a quality leader after a series of ups and downs in its early history. We can thank a few people for that, most notably the family behind Bufcafe, owners of two of Rwanda’s best washing stations in the Nyamagabe District. This coffee is processed at the Nyarusiza washing station, Remera, in 2012, and dubbed by Bufcafe founder Epiphanie Muhirwa and her son Sam Muhirwa “a living emblem of Rwandan economic recovery through top-grade specialty coffee.” Their star has only risen in the years since, and in its orbit are remarkable individual farmers like Nshimiyimana Gaspard.

Madcap Coffee

Madcap Coffee is one of America’s most consistently delicious micro-roasters, year after year. The sweetness and complexity of their roast of this coffee from Honduran producer Nelson Moreno are exceptional. There are several other ways to enjoy Madcap coffee in our holiday guides, but for Thanksgiving, we think this is a great cup to serve as an aperitif before or after dinner.

Olympian Coffee Roasting Company

Every year around this time, Olympia Coffee Roasting Company’s consistent high-quality decaf work speaks for itself. But good decaf is one of life’s subtle pleasures, and this decaf is especially amazing: true collaboration between farmers at the Gidibona Schiecha Cooperative in Sidama, Ethiopia; exporters at Sidama Coffee Farmers Union; and importers at Royal Coffee. If you have someone in your family who enjoys decaf, make it a habit to order it from Oly Coffee during the holidays.

Pilot Coffee

Although Canadian Thanksgiving has passed, this coffee from Toronto’s Pilot Coffee Roasters is delicious no matter what you call your bacon. Toronto has one of the most exciting coffee scenes in North America, and this is a foundation roast for one of the city’s leading roasters. Pilot’s partnership with Huehuetenango producer Juan Villatoro began in 2010, and the blend of Caturra, Catuai, and Bourbon coffees in this lot exhibits a lot of sweetness—think currant and maple syrup with a creamy base.

Equators Coffee

This is the rarest coffee on the market. SL-28 is a Bourbon coffee variety that is widely planted in Kenya. Only a small amount of SL-28 is grown in the New World, and none is better than that grown by the Barrantes family in Costa Rica’s West Valley. This is a rare taste of Central African coffee characteristics grown and processed on Costa Rican soil, roasted by Equator Coffees in the San Francisco Bay Area, and processed at their storied Herbazu micro mill. This one-of-a-kind and complex coffee, with flavors of stone fruit and wildflower aromatics, is the result of a five-year relationship between the Equator and the Barrantes family, and we hope to see more of it available in the future.

The table below shows the price of coffee brands for thanksgiving:

Coffee BrandPrice
Heart Roasters$20-$25
Intelligentsia Coffee$20-$25
Madcap coffee$19-$115
Olympia Coffee Roasters Company$16-$25
Pilot Coffee$21-$38
Equators Coffee$16-$21
Table including the price of coffee brands

Can You Add Coffee To Thanksgiving Meal?

Gingerbread coffee with thanksgiving decorations
Gingerbread coffee with Thanksgiving decorations

Yes, adding coffee to the Thanksgiving meal will not only make your house filled with a coffee fragrance, but it can give you a feeling of love and happiness.

My top picks for coffee are Heart roaster, Pilot Coffee, and Madcap coffee, they can go perfectly with your Thanksgiving meal.

However, as stated above you can also make yourself themed coffees to go with your dinner, this way you can impress your friends if it’s your first Thanksgiving! The blends that I’d mostly prefer are the gingerbread and pumpkin pie since they have all the hype and they give you a somewhat festive holiday vibe.

Moreover, every thanksgiving Starbucks produces this special blend that you can not only serve your friends and family but gift them because of their cute packaging.

Is Starbucks Fall Blend The Same As Thanksgiving Blend?

No. the Starbucks Fall blend is not the same as the Thanksgiving blend.

Every year Starbucks brings out its classic thanksgiving blend, which stays on the market for quite a limited time.

Last year’s Starbucks thanksgiving blend was made from dark roast coffee beans which had refreshing and sweet hints of sage and candied pecan.

For the fall bend special Sumatra, Kenya, and Peru coffee beans are used. According to Starbucks, complimentary flavors include molasses, oatmeal, and citrus. This is only found in grocery stores or other similar establishments.

Whereas for the Thanksgiving blend only two ingredients are used: Sumatra and Guatemala Antigua.

Tips To Light Up Your ThanksGiving

You might be wondering what is it that you can do to make your thanksgiving more festive, comfortable, and special. Well, here are some tips that can make your Thanksgiving holiday memorable:

Serve the turkey with Colombian coffee

Colombian coffee is an excellent choice for poultry. Because turkey has a dryer texture, brewing something smooth and well-balanced can go well with it. Expect a sweet wine-like texture and a herbaceous finish with subtle citrus notes that will pair well with your seasoned turkey.

Colombian coffee is pretty easy to make, here is a video for some instructions:

How to prepare the perfect Colombian coffee?

If there’s Pumpkin Pie there’s Ethiopian

Caffeine after your turkey dinner will help to offset the food coma from your massive feast! Look for an Ethiopian coffee to pair with your pumpkin or apple pie. An Ethiopian blend, which bursts with floral notes right away, will pair well with the earthy flavors of a pumpkin pie. Ethiopian coffees are more delicate, with distinct flavors that linger and finish with a delightful fruitiness.

Final Thoughts

Thanksgiving is a great festival to spend with your friends and family, it gradually turns into late-night shenanigans, for late nights to stay cozy you can serve the best coffees from the town.

My top picks are Heart Roaster, Madcap Coffee, and Pilot Coffee.

If not these coffees the themed ones can win over your friends and family’s hearts too. With this, if you’re trying to make it as memorable and special do try incorporating the tips that I left you above, they do wonders.

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