The Coffee Lover’s Guide to Energizing Coffee Blends

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Coffee is the most popular beverage with high antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, it is also beneficial for overall health.

Studies show that those who drink coffee regularly have a much lower risk of several health diseases.

But is coffee safe to drink right after waking up? And, which coffee is best for walking up? 

Short Answer: Espresso shots are the best coffee to wake up to. Also, any coffee which has high caffeine amount is a good choice of drink in the morning as they provide you with maximum energy to carry on the morning work.

Let’s look more into which is coffee is best to wake up to and stay alert during the morning. 

Is coffee good for waking up?

Coffee does help create alertness and focus in the morning but taking it right after waking up is not a very good idea.

It can increase energy levels as it stimulates the central nervous system, but drinking it right after waking up might interfere with the production of body cortisol.

Most people drink coffee in the morning to help them wake up, but is it a good routine? Waking up is when the body produces the stress hormones, called cortisol, in high amounts. 

Cortisol regulates blood pressure, metabolism, and immune system. It is also responsible for enhancing focus and alertness. 

There is no harm in drinking right away but waiting for a few minutes will be much better. The cortisol level decreases after 45 minutes, so the best time to drink is to lower your cortisol level.

Which coffee is best to wake you up?

Espresso shots are the best ones that give maximum caffeine boost to wake you up. 

When it comes to dark vs. light roast, there is a misconception that dark roast contains more caffeine as it has a robust flavor and dark colors.

However, light beans have more caffeine because of the roasting process. The light beans roast for less time and that’s why they retain more caffeine than the dark roast.

Let’s have a look at the coffee types that help you wake up. 


Espresso is the best one to drink after waking up.

Regular coffee does the job as well. However, espresso has 45-75 mg caffeine per ounce, while drip has only 20 per ounce. More caffeine means a more stimulating boost. Similarly, how many ounces you drink consequently will elevate the effects. 

Those who don’t like the strong taste of espresso can add some more water to it. This will reduce the more strong taste into an average bust. Also, adding water turn it into Americano. 

Cappuccino and macchiato are also espresso beverages, making a good option to drink after waking up

This variety of espresso contains the same amount of caffeine. The only difference is that they contain milk, which also contains beneficial nutrients to help your stay alert in the morning. I made a post about their differences here that you can check out for a more in-depth comparison.

For those whose regular drink is an espresso and don’t get the best burst of energy with one shot, try to double it up or take two shots in the morning. 

Instant Coffee

coffee on top of coffee powder

Instant coffee is usually brewed and then dried up to make granules powder. 

Add it in hot water, and it’s ready to drink in the early morning without going through the hassle of brewing your own coffee.

You can add milk and sugar according to your preference, but the recommended thing is to avoid sugar or any added sweeteners to avoid any health side effects. 

It provides you with a jolt of energy and helps you stay awake when you feel tired. 

However, instant coffee contains slightly less caffeine than regular coffee. One teaspoon of instant coffee powder contains 30–90 mg of caffeine, while one cup of regular coffee contains 70–140 mg.

So, if you are looking for something for your quick caffeine fix in the morning, then instant coffee is good to go. Otherwise, regular brewed coffee is a much better option. 

The famous Dalgona coffee. which is made with instant coffee has the simplest recipe for it:

  • 2 tablespoons of instant powder
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water
  • 100 ml cold milk

Regular Brewed Coffee 

A regular cup of brewed coffee is also a good option to have first thing in the morning to get a quick jolt of energy. 

A regular cup contains around 70 to 150mg of caffeine depending on the size of your cup and which caffeine beans and roasting process you use. 

The most popular among regular brewed is filter coffee, in which you can add milk, cinnamon, cardamom, or anything you like to make it more energetic and tasty. 

Lastly, opt for Arabica beans if you want a more flavorful cup of coffee. However, if you are looking for an extra caffeine boost in the morning, go with robusta as it contains twice the caffeine arabica.

Here a quick table with the is caffeine content of these coffees:

CoffeeCaffeine Content 
Espresso212 mg (100 g of coffee)
Instant Coffee30 to 90 mg ( one teaspoon of instant powder)
Regular Brewed 70 to 150 mg (one ounce)
Caffeine Content of best coffee to wake up

How long can coffee keep you awake?

three glasses of coffee lined up on a chair

How long coffee can keep you awake depends upon how much you consume and which type you choose.

Coffee’s half-life is around 5 hours, which means after good five hours of drinking coffee, half of it still stays active in your body. That means a regular cup of coffee can keep you awake for a good 7 to 8 hours. 

That’s why it is recommended to drink your last cup of coffee during the afternoon and avoid taking it before bedtime, as it can mess up with your sleeping routine. 

What is better than coffee at keeping you awake in the morning?

If you are not a fan of caffeine in the morning, try other great foods that give you an ample energy boost. 


You might be thinking, how water can help you wake up? Water is an essential part of your daily routine. Without drinking enough water, the body can go into dehydration mode, making you feel tired and unable to carry on daily routine functions.


Why drink water alone when you can add some peppermint to make yourself a nice fresh peppermint tea.  Study shows that peppermint scent can elevate alertness and reduce fatigue. 


Add eggs to your breakfast as it contains all healthy nutrients. Most importantly, it is packed with protein that keeps you full for longer and eliminates the cloudy slump you feel during the morning. 


For an energy power pack meal, always choose a bowl of oatmeal loaded with healthy fruits and nuts.

It is low in glycemic index and burns slowly. It keeps you running on energy more in the morning without making you feel tired. 

Leafy Greens

Nobody can deny the benefit green veggies have on overall health. It is abundant in vitamins and nutrients, so not only will it wake you up, but it will also make you a tad bit healthier.

Apple Cider Vinegar 

A famous remedy using ACV mix with honey and water gives the peak energy levels. It has many health benefits as well, and having a cup in the morning instead of caffeine stimulates sounds like a great idea. 

Bottom Line

A shot of espresso or perhaps a regular cup of coffee will do the job of waking you up. Whether you brew it on your own or use instant coffee, a cup of joe rich in caffeine will surely make you feel less tired in the morning.

However, it’s better to avoid it right after waking up. The best time to drink coffee is mid-to-late-morning. Wait until your cortisol level is lower to take your first cup of the day.

However, we don’t have enough research that proves that taking coffee right after waking up has any harm to health. 

Before you get excited and start drinking an espresso shot right after waking up in the morning, wait for at least an hour so you can reap maximum benefits without any side effects.

Are you someone who drinks coffee right after waking up? Watch the video:

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