Canadian Coffee: The Best Roasters & Suppliers in 2023

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If you consider yourself a coffee expert or simply enjoy trying new varieties, you should learn more about the top Canadian coffee roasters and suppliers. All over Canada, you may find freshly roasted beans at one of the many new cafés popping up.

Coffee roasters and distributors in Canada who have been vetted and are included on this list. All of this is based on our own personal experience as well as feedback from other customers. This page will provide a summary of the best vendors, along with coffee suggestions and information on minimum order requirements and shipping costs.

Canadian Coffee Consumption

A cup of coffee with a Canadian maple leaf latte art

Canadians take their coffee seriously. According to a recent Coffee Drinking Study commissioned by the Coffee Association of Canada:

  • 71% of Canadians aged 18 to 79 drank coffee during the previous day.
  • 2.7 coffee cups per day were consumed in the 18-79 age group.
  • 87% had their daily coffee drink prepared at home amongst those who drank coffee in the 18 to 79 age group.

Best Canadian Coffee Roasters & Suppliers in 2023

49th Parallel Coffee Roasters 

Vancouver’s 49th Parallel Coffee Roasters distributes premium beans to cafes all around the country.

Their high-tech roasting facility is the envy of coffee suppliers throughout the continent, and they clearly know how to maximize its potential.

Seasonal coffee harvests are used, and the coffees are sold when they are at their peak quality. Also, the selection at 49th Parallel is always evolving and keeps getting better.

49th parallel coffee roaster ethiopia beriti
  • Visit the official website:
  • From: Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Coffee recommendation: Ethiopia Beriti – Notes: strawberry, concord grape, with honey-like sweetness and tropical fruit tanginess.
  • Order Size: 12 oz or 5 lb
  • Prices start at 18.00 CAD
  • Whole Bean
  • Offer: Free shipping across Canada on orders over CAD 50

49th Parallel, one of Canada’s most successful coffee brands, often introduces innovative new tastes and mixes that do the country proud. Presently, you may choose from many different kinds of coffee, including single-origin, decaf, instant, small-batch, blended, and espresso options.

The most memorable aspect of 49 parallel coffee is its exceptional flavor. A fresh package of coffee always fills the kitchen with its intoxicating aroma long after we’ve finished opening it. It’s possible to sense the labor of love that went into cultivating and roasting this coffee as you prepare the bean.

Pilot Coffee Roasters

Pilot Coffee Company was established in 2009 with the intention of bringing Toronto’s coffee scene into the realm of speciality beverages. It started off as a little coffee shop in Canada, but now it’s a staple in the country’s coffee culture. Pilot’s commitment to quality has been recognized nationally and internationally for more than a decade.

They’ve taken their company nationwide and are teaching people all around the country the proper way to enjoy coffee in the process. Pilot has six coffee shops right now, and he plans to open two more shortly.

Pilot coffee heritage blend
  • Official website:
  • From: Toronto, Ontario
  • Coffee Suggestion: Heritage Blend – Notes: toffee, milk chocolate & creamy
  • Order size: 340 g or 2.1 kg
  • Prices start at 19.50 CAD.
  • Whole bean and ground: both, only medium grind available
  • Offer: Free shipping across Canada on orders over CAD 30

Everything that pilot touches appears to turn to gold. The high quality of their coffee is a direct result of their love for the beverage. It’s no surprise that they’ve picked up a slew of accolades in the past few years.

Whether you’re searching for a quiet place to read or a lively place to chat with friends, you’ll find it all at Pilot Coffee. All of the company’s wares may be found quickly and easily on its website. All sorts of whole bean and ground coffee, including blends, single origins, and decaf, are on offer.

It still wins over customers with its “Farm to Cup” ideology and open approach to doing business. For almost a decade, Pilot has had highly trained baristas and coffee shop proprietors. Repair services for coffee and espresso machines and grinders are also available.

De Mello Coffee Roasters 

De Mello Coffee established itself as a staple of Canadian coffee culture while paying homage to the bean’s roots. The De Mello grain is handled with an expert’s level of accuracy and care.

If you’re looking for a high-quality coffee, go no further than De Mello’s offerings. Subscriptions to De Mello allow many coffee drinkers to regularly experience their preferred blend.

De mello dancing goats coffee
  • Official website:
  • From: Toronto, Ontario
  • Coffee recommendation: Dancing Goats – Notes: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla, Dark Cherry
  • Order size: 227g or 5 Ibs
  • Prices from 12.00 CAD
  • Whole and Ground Bean: Both seven grinds are available
  • Offer: Free shipping across Canada on orders over CAD 45

Single-origin coffee is what De Mello sells, and they emphasize the origins of their beans. I suggest searching online if you are interested in trying real coffee from a certain location in Central or Latin America.

In addition to the aforementioned, they provide several more options, including subscription plans, instant coffee, and trial sizes. If you’ve never used De Mello before, we highly recommend picking up a sample pack. In your quest for the perfect flavor, you’ll have access to a vast range of options.

It is De Mello’s attitude to business that sticks out most. All of their coffees are created with the idea that each bean has intrinsic worth to the human race in mind. They are committed as a business to both openness and social responsibility.

Kicking Horse Coffee 

Because it is roasted in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and is 100% organic, Kicking Horse coffee should be on your list of must-try Canadian coffees. They are the best whole bean coffee supplier in Canada.

Kicking Horse Coffee Company, which started out of a garage in 1996, is now a major player in the coffee industry. Despite the company’s rapid expansion, the original founding members have remained committed to its success.

Kicking horse coffee grizzly claw
  • Official website:
  • From: Rocky Mountains, British Columbia
  • Coffee recommendation: Grizzly Claw – Notes: Dark chocolate, brown sugar, cacao nibs, and hazelnut.
  • Order size: 350 g, 1 lb or 1 kg
  • Prices start at CAD 9.85
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Offer: Free shipping across Canada on orders over CAD 75

In the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Kicking Horse roasts organic Arabica coffee of extraordinary quality that is enjoyed by both coffee newcomers and aficionados.

You may find the vast majority of their wares at any of the big Canadian supermarkets. Still, the website is the best place to place an order, as it allows you to pick your preferred method of preparation (ground, whole beans, or cold brew) at the click of a button.

Both Kicking Horse and Canada remain committed to the coffee industry. Their dedication to excellence, collaboration, and love for coffee sets them apart from other companies around the country.


To the delight of Canadian coffee lovers, Monogram is not just a top-tier provider but also a fan favorite. Their model is straightforward yet highly efficient. Bring back the coffee culture!

Calgary’s award-winning cafe has had a lasting effect on Canada’s coffee culture for over 20 years by supplying the country with high-quality beans.

Monogram ardent natural espresso
  • Official website:
  • From: Calgary, Alberta
  • Coffee recommendation: Ardent Natural – Espresso, Notes: Dark Chocolate, Black Tea, Grapefruit
  • Order size: 340g, 2lb or 5lb
  • Prices from: CAD 20.00
  • Whole Beans and Ground Coffee
  • Offer: Free shipping across Canada on orders over CAD 40

You should try each variety of Monogram coffee at least once because they each have their own unique flavor. What’s really interesting is that you can learn where each spice comes from right there on the webpage. They take you by the hand and show you every step of the coffee’s journey, from planting to drying to roasting.

Monogram is a group of coffee farmers dedicated to giving back to the industry. They have a professional squad of coffee aficionados that has represented Canada five times in the Barista World Championships.

The coffee at Monogram is second to none, so if you find yourself in Calgary, don’t miss it!

Bean North Coffee

North of Canada is home to Bean North, a coffee provider that is a true national treasure. The Yukon was where they got their start, but they now deliver across the country.

They are a part of Cooperative Coffees and sell only the highest quality Fairtrade certified organic coffees. Bean North is committed not just to producing high-quality coffee, but also to fostering meaningful relationships with the farmers that provide it.

The coffee at Monogram is second to none, so if you find yourself in Calgary, don’t miss it!

  • Official website:
  • From: Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Coffee recommendation: Fool’s Gold – Notes: Dark chocolate, red fruits.
  • Order size: 454g (1lb)
  • Pricing starts at CAD 15.99
  • Whole Beans or Ground: Five grind levels are available

If you have time, be sure to check out this Bean North Micro Lots webpage. In the fashion of a true cooperative, they offer coffee specialties from participating farms in South America. The coffee on this page is part of a project encouraging coffee farmers to grow the highest quality coffee.

If that’s not enough, Bean North is also offering to plant a tree in the Peruvian Amazon on your behalf for $1. A great way to promote climate awareness!

Java Blend Coffee 

One of the first players on the Canadian coffee scene, Java Blend has been brewing cups since 1928. Nova Scotians have a full range of single origins, blends, and packaging to completely please any coffee lover. 

Online, they offer medium and dark roast coffees. Coffee in Halifax has a nice mix of modern sophistication and retro coffeehouse vibe.

  • Official website:
  • From: Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Coffee recommendation: Costa Rica Red Honey – Note: Fruity, syrupy red wine
  • Order size: 454 g or 1 lb
  • Prices from: CAD 17.00
  • Whole bean or ground
  • Offer: Free local delivery

I’m never confused about what I’m getting from them when I buy coffee because of the straightforward names they use. Instead than trying to seem exotic by giving their speciality coffee a long, complicated name, Java Blend prefers to keep things simple.

If you’re looking to order a Java Blend, we suggest the unique Northern Bundle. It includes one pound of their best-selling varieties. Excellent for sampling the fare that the East Coast of Canada has to offer.

Canadian Coffee Recipe

Serves two people


For the coffee

  • 1/8 Cup of Maple syrup
  • 1/4 Cup Canadian Whisky
  • 2 Cups of Freshly Brewed Coffee

For the topping

  • 1/2 Cup Whipped heavy cream
  • 2 Tablespoon Maple syrup


Combine all liquids in a pot or pitcher and pour into 2 cups. Top with whipped heavy cream and drizzle with maple syrup.

Enjoy your Canadian coffee!