The Truth About Coffee and Testosterone

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Coffee is the drink that most of us love However, excessive consumption of coffee can cause some changes in the human body.

Similarly, the testosterone level can also be changed by coffee. Do you know what impacts coffee has on the testosterone level of your body? 

It is no surprise that a study has shown that there is an increase in testosterone due to excessive coffee intake.

The primary sex hormone in the body of males is testosterone. It plays a vital role in men’s bodies as it helps them develop a healthy reproductive system (along with secondary sexual characteristics) when they grow up. Coffee increases its level in males.

Coffee does not kill testosterone. In fact, drinking coffee regularly can result in an increase in testosterone hormones in the body. This is because coffee contains an aromatase inhibitor that boosts testosterone production. Overall, coffee is recommended for those with low testosterone levels.

Moreover, males usually have more testosterone levels in the morning than the rest of the day. If they consume coffee in the morning, the caffeine will increase testosterone even more. 

Furthermore, this hormone is assumed to be in a naturally increased amount. However, some males do not have the same testosterone level in their bodies compared to other men.

Suppose a man’s testosterone level is lower than needed. In that case, he can consume more caffeinated coffee to increase it when needed.

Read more to find out.

Is Coffee Bad for Testosterone?

a man in a suit having coffee

Coffee is not bad for testosterone. A study shows that caffeine can increase the level of testosterone by 21% in the dosage form.

Some people aim to up their testosterone levels for personal or health benefits, but some are wary that they might have too much of said hormone. Too much testosterone can lead to several side effects like acne, high blood pressure, heart and liver problems, etc.

But if caffeinated coffee can increase testosterone, then should you give it up?

If you are a coffee addict and do not want to give up on coffee, then you can follow these tips to avoid the effects of coffee on your sex hormone:

  • If you are tired of your increased testosterone level and cannot give up on coffee, you can add extra sugar. As sugar can surprisingly lower testosterone levels, it can help kill the increased level of this hormone. 
  • Consume soy or soy-based foods as they have been proven to lower testosterone levels.

However, people with low testosterone levels should avoid taking it with sugar. Consequently, they will stay away from the adversely lowered amount of testosterone.

Effects on testosterone caused by caffeine and sugar

 ContentEffect On Testosterone
Caffeine21% increase in testosterone
75g Sugar25% decrease in testosterone
Effects on testosterone caused by caffeine and sugar

In short, we can say that coffee is not significantly bad for testosterone in males. However, it can prove to be very helpful for self-pleasure.

Coffee Vs. Decaffeinated Coffee: How Do They Affect Testosterone?

Caffeinated coffee has been shown to increase testosterone by 21%, but decaf coffee seemed to have no effects whatsoever on testosterone.

Research showed that coffee could not lower the testosterone level. This experimental research concluded that the only impact of coffee on testosterone level was observed when caffeinated coffee was consumed.

The total testosterone got increased due to the caffeine. It means that it is a plus point for men with low testosterone in their bodies. 

Decaffeinated coffee only affects “women” by decreasing their total, as well as free testosterone. Researchers did not specify its impacts on men.

Can I Drink Coffee Before a Testosterone Test?

You shouldn’t drink coffee before a testosterone test. Health experts advised against drinking anything but water before a testosterone test, especially coffee since caffeine can mess with the results of your test.

A testosterone test is simply a blood test to analyze the testosterone level in one’s body. This test is taken to see the “natural amount of testosterone your body normally secretes.” 

If coffee is taken before this test, your testosterone will increase. Consequently, the test will show an amount of testosterone that you do not naturally possess.

Moreover, experts suggest that you must not take anything before the testosterone test except water. Food can affect your testosterone level. For example, sugar decreases testosterone levels. Only water should be taken before the testosterone test to get the most accurate results.

Hence, you must not consume coffee before a testosterone test. It is not recommended at all. 

Best time for testosterone test: Fasting is suggested before this test. An average person cannot stay hungry for hours without feeling dizzy and weak. Hence, one should get tested in the morning. At this time, everyone wakes up hungry and can quickly go for tests to get the most accurate results. The time between 7 AM-10 AM is the best for this test.

Food And Drinks That Can Boost Testosterone

milk being poured into a cup of coffee

Aside from coffee, a lot of other drinks can boost your testosterone. If you’re caffeine sensitive, you might wanna try these drinks out. Here are some of these drinks:


Any food rich in vitamin D can increase your testosterone, and tuna is of those foods. Vitamin D has been linked to the proper production of testosterone, especially among men who are vitamin D deficient.

A 3 oz tuna packs about 154 IU of Vitamin D, meanwhile a regular yellowfin tuna carries 82 IU.

Watermelon Juice

Watermelon juice is one of the testosterone boosters. It contains L-citrulline (an amino acid.) It is an amino acid that causes an increased erection. Hence, it is a good booster for sexual energy.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera juice can benefit testosterone levels. It is known to increase the sex hormone by producing it in a more significant amount.

Note: You cannot potentially increase testosterone in your body without having proper treatment. It is not a medically prescribed drink for sufficient testosterone production. However, it is true that men who consume coffee now and then can have better testosterone levels. 

Though it is true, yet you need to consult a doctor to medically increase testosterone levels in your body with the help of prescribing medicines. 

Moreover, coffee is a drink that you usually consume. Taking it in excessive amounts to increase your testosterone level can prove to be hazardous in other ways.

Too much caffeine might produce testosterone. However, it can affect other parts of your body such as your bladder or bowel movements. Hence, it would help if you took it as a drink and not as a drug.

Food And Drinks That Can Lower Testosterone

It’s best to know what foods can reduce your testosterone level so that you can either avoid them or be wary of consuming them. That said, this list was curated based on information on the internet.

If you’re experiencing abnormally high levels of testosterone and you wish to lower it, get the opinion of a doctor or a health professional first before engaging in the drink.

Here are food and drinks that can lower your testosterone levels.


One of the side effects of alcohol is that it can reduce testosterone in males. Heavy drinking or regular drinking of alcohol have been found to mess with the production of testosterone, and in fact, can drop your levels after 30 minutes of intake.

Bread and Pastries

Studies found that regular consumption of bread and pastries can have an effect on testosterone.

Though this study involved other factors like dairy products, it still showed how too much bread pastry can not only increase body fat in men but can also reduce muscle mass and testosterone levels.

Anything Rich in Sugar

Sugar can lower testosterone levels in men regardless of their tolerance to glucose or BMI.

A study showcased a significant decrease in testosterone after high intakes of sugar. Resulting in a 25% decrease in the sex hormone after glucose consumption.

Final Thoughts

Regular consumption of coffee is perfect for better production of testosterone. It does not kill your testosterone. Thus, your body is not affected by this same hormone. In short, coffee is good for your sex hormones.

You can watch this video for a better understanding of how coffee affects testosterone:

However, despite coffee’s increasing effects on testosterone, you must still follow the daily limit set by the FDA which is 400mg, and try not to abuse the drink. While it can provide some benefits to your sex hormones, overconsumption still carries adverse effects that may result in that damage to your health.

Just pace yourself and have your cup of joe without worrying about it killing your testosterone!

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