Why Double-Brewed Coffee Is the Latest Trend in Coffee

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Have you ever heard of coffee being brewed using coffee? I know it seems ridiculous, but don’t worry, you’re not alone in thinking this.

Short Answer: Double brewed coffee is coffee that’s brewed with freshly brewed coffee rather than water.

At this point, you aren’t familiar with double-brewed coffee, but I’m optimistic that after reading this post, you’ll be quite knowledgeable about this type of brewing method, and who knows, you might even enjoy it.

Continue reading to learn what double brewed coffee is, how it differs from regular coffee, how it tastes, and how to make it at home.

What is double-brewed coffee?

Freshly brewed doubled brewed coffee in a clear glass cup with coffee beans surrounding it.

Double-brewed coffee is coffee that’s brewed with freshly brewed coffee instead of regular hot water. Just as it says– you brew some coffee first, then brew another serving by pouring the previously brewed coffee over freshly ground beans.

Some of you may have heard of “double brewed coffee,” referring to brewing a single serving of coffee with double the amount of ground coffee. But, in my opinion, that’s the same as making “bitter-strong” regular coffee, so it doesn’t really fit the description of a double brew.

Using double the amount of ground coffee also breaks the golden ratio of brewing coffee. This results in bitter coffee since there isn’t enough water to fully extract the flavors from the coffee grounds.

A double brew, on the other hand, creates a robust, smooth cup of coffee when done correctly.

I have an in-depth post on coffee brewing methods you can read right here if you’re really interested to know more.

Is double-brewed coffee stronger than regular coffee?

Absolutely yes! Double-brew coffee is stronger than regular coffee.

It’s more similar to a Moka pot brew. As a result, it’s a preferable base to regular coffee for making iced coffee and other specialty coffee drinks at home.

When you order a specialty coffee like a latte or a cappuccino from a coffee shop, it will surely have an espresso base. If you don’t have an espresso machine at home, a double brew is your best base for your homemade specialty coffee and has a richer flavor than regular coffee.

Does double-brewed coffee taste good?

When done correctly, double-brewed coffee tastes amazing; otherwise, it’ll taste bitter.

As I said a while ago, it’s similar to a Moka pot brew but smoother because it doesn’t contain any of the fine grounds that wind up in your cup when using a stove-top espresso maker.

Though black double brew tastes wonderful, I recommend adding milk or cream to it if you have a delicate stomach, because it’s really strong.

You can use a double brew as a base to make a latte or cappuccino even if you wouldn’t drink it as regular coffee given that your tummy is sensitive to strong coffee.

Ways to make double-brewed coffee

Automatic drip or pour over method

This is my recommended method because it’s simple, fast, and it’s not messy.

Here’s how to prepare double brewed coffee using a pour-over or your auto-drip machine.

  1. In your automatic drip machine, place 2 tablespoons of medium-ground beans and make a cup of coffee the same way you always do. When preparing double-brewed coffee with this method, I recommend brewing it in a teapot since the spout makes it easier to pour the coffee into the pour over maker.
  2. Pour the freshly brewed coffee over 2 tablespoons of finely ground beans into your pour-over container.
  3. If you want to add milk to your coffee, heat up your milk first because your coffee will be a little bit cooler and putting regular temperature milk will make your coffee lukewarm.

If you don’t have an automatic drip machine at home, simply make a pour-over, followed by another pour-over with the freshly brewed coffee.

If you’re interested to know more about the pour-over method, you can check out my dedicated post about it here.

Chemex double brewed coffee with a bottle of milk.

Moka pot and Chemex method

Brew your coffee in your stovetop Moka pot and then pour it right over freshly ground beans in your Chemex device for a more robust double brew.

You can also make use of a regular pour-over maker.

  1. Fill up your Moka pot’s water storage with fresh water, then fill the grounds container with finely ground coffee. Heat it up and let your first batch of coffee brew.
  2. When the Moka pot brew is ready, pour it directly into your Chemex with 1 tablespoon of fresh medium-ground coffee. Those who enjoy bitter coffee can add 2 teaspoons of finely ground coffee, but don’t forget to add sugar and cream when it’s done, or it will be bitter!
  3. If you wish to add milk to your coffee, heat it up first because the Chemex takes a little longer than a regular pour over because its filter is much finer, allowing your coffee to cool a little sooner.

Automatic drip and French press method

If you’re into the French press method, you’ll enjoy your double brew this way as well.

  1. Make your cup as usual with 2 tablespoons of fresh medium ground coffee in your automatic drip machine. Again, I recommend brewing in a teapot because the spout makes pouring the coffee into the French press device easier.
  2. Pour the freshly brewed coffee over 2 tablespoons of medium-to-coarsely ground coffee. Allow it to steep for 3-4 minutes before plunging.
  3. You’ll need to reheat your milk because your coffee may no longer be “hot” by this time.

Watch this video below to learn more about the process of brewing double brewed coffee.

Tips for making double-brewed coffee

Here are 3 useful tips for making a perfect cup of double brewed coffee:

  1. Prepare what you’ll need for the second brew while the first is brewing. This allows you to pour the first brew while it’s hot over the freshly ground coffee for the second brew.
  2. Keep a close eye on the temperature of the coffee you use to prepare the second one. To extract properly, coffee should be brewed between 90.5 – 96.1°C (195°F to 205°F). You’ll need to be quick while pouring the first batch of freshly brewed coffee over your grounds. Because it cools while brewing, your final double brew will not be as hot as the first batch that was brewed. As a result, you’ll need to add hot milk or you’ll end up with cold coffee.
  3. Brew in an easy-to-pour container. For a double brew with an automatic drip machine, brew the first batch in a small teapot with a spout to make pouring into your pour-over coffee maker easier.

Why try double-brewed coffee?

A tall glass of iced coffee with just poured milk.

Double-brewed coffee is typically stronger than regular coffee. If you don’t have an espresso machine, you can use double brew as a foundation for specialty coffee drinks like latte or cappuccino.

It’s also a fantastic base for iced coffee because ice cubes tend to make coffee watery when they melt.

The following table summarizes the benefits and drawbacks of double brewed coffee.

More caffeineYou need to monitor the temperature of both brews
Stronger tasteSome coffee makers are designed to
brew using water only rather than coffee.
The better base for specialty drinks and iced coffeeMay taste bitter when not made correctly
Advantages and disadvantages of double brewing coffee.

To sum it all up

Now you understand that double-brewed coffee isn’t as ridiculous as it seems when you first heard or read about it a while ago. Double-brewed coffee is actually amazing because you get to brew coffee grounds with coffee as well.

It’s worth trying double-brewed coffee, especially on days when you need more caffeine than usual. It can be a lifesaver if you need to cram for a test or work a double shift.

You can try out the steps I recommended for making double-brewed coffee using the devices you have at home, be it as simple as an automatic drip machine.

Double-brewed coffee is a great base for specialty coffee drinks like lattes and cappuccinos, especially for those who don’t have espresso machines at home.

It’s also excellent when making iced coffee because the increased strength of the double brewed coffee holds up well to ice and prevents your coffee from tasting weak and thin.

However, if you are caffeine sensitive, you should avoid drinking double-brewed coffee. Also, never consume it before going to bed because the increased caffeine content may cause you to have problems falling asleep.

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