Dunkin Birthday Reward for 2023 – What To Expect?

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America runs on Dunkin, and if you run on Dunkin coffees, you probably heard of the Dunkin rewards program. But what is the Dunkin birthday reward in 2023, and what is in it for you?

Scroll down to learn more about the Dunkin birthday bonus, birthday points, and whether you can still grab yourself a free Dunkin birthday drink!

What Is The Dunkin’ Birthday Reward?

Previously, Dunkin Donuts offered a voucher for a free drink on one’s birthday until late 2022. In October 2022, Dunkin ditched their generous free birthday drink program.

The Dunkin Donuts birthday reward gives members “3x points on any purchases made the day before their birthday, the day of their birthday, or the day after their birthday.”

What Is The Dunkin’ Rewards Program?

Best way to order coffee at Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin rewards is Dunkin’s newest loyalty program replacing DD Perks. Dunkin offers 10 points for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases at one of its stores.

Every 400 points you can redeem for a hot or iced tea, and 500 points will get you a coffee of any size, hot or cold.

There are various options to turn your points to free food and drinks: from treats to Donuts to premium sips. Regular customers can earn even more points with the recently introduced booster status.

Dunkin has quickly adapted to the way the competition claims discounts and launched the Dunkin Donuts app, a convenient way to order coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

It allows customers to share their benefits and receive a free drink of any size when they join the program and every year on their birthday.

Dunkin Birthday Drink

Unlike the old reward program, there is no longer any free Dunkin birthday drink. Like many Dunkin’ fans expressed their disappointment, we’re not too happy about this change in the rewards program either.

On the flip side, if you shop at Dunkin’ on your birthday or the day before or after, you’ll receive three times as many points toward your rewards.

How Can I Get My Dunkin Donuts Birthday Reward?

Is your birthday coming up? Get started and find out how you can benefit from your birthday reward.

Follow a few simple steps to get your first gift:

1. Sign up for Dunkin Rewards Start by signing up for Dunkin Rewards. You can do this conveniently from home by downloading the app or joining the program on the Dunkin website.

2. Add your birthday. Skip the first step and access your account if you’re already registered. Then add your birthday. This step is not mandatory when creating your account, but if you don’t enter your birthday, you will not be eligible for the birthday bonus.

3. Activate your birthday offer. Your birthday offer will be available one day before your birthday. You can use it before, during, or the day after your birthday.

Other Dunkin Rewards

Dunkin’ Rewards offers so much more than just a free birthday reward. You can earn points for free drinks, share your rewards and pay in one easy step!

Promotions and Monthly Offers

By joining Dunkin Rewards, you can access members only exclusive offers like free meals and drinks when you shop.

Earn Points and Get Free Drinks & Food

dunkin coffee drink in a paper cup

After becoming a Rewards member, you receive 10 points for every dollar you spend on qualified purchases at Dunkin.

Starting at 400 points, you can get a free hot tea or ice cream. Starting at 500 points, you get a free hot coffee or ice cream.

Order and Pay Via The App

Members can order directly via the app and avoid lines. All they have to do is install the app, choose a location, and place their order.

They can pay with cash or card in the store or reload the credit on a gift card. To earn points, they must scan their loyalty QR ID code before paying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dunkin Donuts offer birthday rewards?

Dunkin Donuts has a loyalty program called Dunkin Rewards. Members receive triple points for qualified purchases made on the day before and the day after their birthday.

Will I still get a free Dunkin drink for my birthday?

You will no longer get a free drink on your birthday. Under the updated Dunkin reward program terms and conditions, you can earn three times as many points for purchases made on your birthday.

Why Isn’t My Birthday Reward Showing Up?

If your birthday reward does not appear, it might be that your birthday was not entered. It is also possible that your birthday offer has already expired.

The 3x points offer is available one day before your birthday, on your birthday, or the day after.

Bottom Line on Dunkin Birthday Reward

So what is the Dunkin Donuts birthday reward? Well, instead of a free Dunkin drink, now you get 3x points for your birthday, which might lead to free drinks, donuts, or snacks during your future visits.

While we only have one birthday every year, at Dunkin, fortunately, every day is coffee day. So you can enjoy great coffees, donuts, and more while earning points. And if you want to earn triple points as a reward member, then keep on Dunkin’ & drinking until you get your well-deserved Dunkin birthday reward.