14 Best Dunkin’ Drinks for Kids: Fun, Tasty, and Kid-Friendly!

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Are you looking for the perfect Dunkin’ drink for your kids? You’re in the right place! In this article, I’ve gathered the best Dunkin’ drinks that are delicious and kid-friendly.

No more guessing what your little ones will enjoy or worrying about choosing the wrong drink for them. I’ll guide you through the top Dunkin’ drinks for kids and tips on ordering and customizing their favorite beverages. So, let’s dive in and find the perfect drink that will bring smiles to your children’s faces!

14 Best Dunkin’ Drinks for Kids in 2023

Here are the top kid-friendly drinks at Dunkin:

1. Hot Chocolate

Ask for: a small hot chocolate with two to three ice cubes added to cool it down faster and make it easy for your child to drink right away.

Main ingredients: Water, hot chocolate powder

2. Caramel Steamed Milk

Ask for: A small steamed milk with a pump of caramel flavor swirl, and ask for whipped cream if desired. Choose from different milk options like skim, whole, or Dunkin Oat milk.

Main ingredients: Milk, caramel flavor swirl

3. French Vanilla Steamed Milk

Ask for: a small steamed milk with two pumps of French vanilla swirl and whipped cream on top for extra creaminess.

Main ingredients: Milk, French vanilla flavor swirl, whipped cream (optional)

4. Nutella Steamed Milk

Ask for: a small steamed whole milk cup with one small pump of hazelnut swirl and one small pump of mocha swirl for a Nutella-like sweet hot drink.

Main ingredients: Milk, hazelnut flavor swirl, mocha flavor swirl

5. Iced Chocolate Milk

Ask for: small chocolate milk with ice cubes, topped with optional whipped cream.

Main ingredients: Chocolate milk, Ice

6. Iced Caramel Vanilla Milk

Ask for: a small oatmilk (or coconut milk) with one pump of French vanilla swirl, one pump of caramel swirl, and a couple of ice cubes.

Main ingredients: Oatmilk, ice, caramel flavor swirl, French vanilla flavor swirl

7. Iced oatmilk With Whipped Cream

Ask for: a small oatmilk with ice and topped with whipped cream for a refreshing drink.

Main ingredients: Oatmilk, ice, whipped cream

8. Strawberry Coolatta

dunkin donuts strawberry coolatta

Ask for: a small Strawberry Dunkin Coolatta without any customizations

Main ingredients: Water, Strawberry Coolatta Base, Liquid Cane Sugar, May contain traces of Milk and Soy

9. Blue Raspberry Coolatta

Ask for: Blue Raspberry Coolatta without any customizations. Straight from the standard menu, this sweet frozen drink is perfect for hot days.

Main ingredients: Water, Blue Raspberry Flavored Coolatta Concentrate, Liquid Cane Sugar, May contain traces of Milk and Soy

10. Vanilla Bean Coolatta

Ask for: a Vanilla Bean Coolatta without any customizations. A tasty frozen drink option, the Vanilla Bean Coolatta is perfect for kids looking for something sweet and cool.

Main ingredients: Water, Milk, Vanilla Bean Flavored Syrup, Liquid Cane Sugar, May contain traces of Soy.

11. Frozen Chocolate

Ask for: Frozen Chocolate without any customizations. A small Frozen Chocolate from the standard menu contains less than 5 mg of caffeine.

Main ingredients: Water; Milk; Liquid Cane Sugar, Various syrups, Hot Chocolate Powder, Whipped Light Cream.

12. Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Tea with Strawberry Coolatta Syrup

Ask for: a small Hibiscus Kiss herbal tea with a pump of Strawberry Coolatta syrup. You might also want to order a couple of ice cubes to cool down this hot caffeine-free tea.

Main ingredients: Hibiscus Kiss Tea, Strawberry Coolatta Syrup

13. Steamed Milk with Hazelnut Flavor Swirl

Ask for: a small steamed milk with two pumps of hazelnut swirl.

Main ingredients: Milk (your preferred milk), Hazelnut Flavor Swirl

14. Bottled Drinks

If you’re short on time, kid-friendly drinks like bottled water and juices like apple or orange juice are in Dunkin’s refrigerator section.

Tips for Ordering Kid-Friendly Drinks at Dunkin’

Here are my recommendations:

  • Choose the right size. Dunkin’ doesn’t have specific “kid-sized” drinks, but you can order the smallest size available. For hot drinks, go for a regular small (10 ounces); choose a small (12 ounces) for cold beverages. If you are not sure what are the different Dunkin sizes, we got you covered.
  • Cool down hot drinks with ice. When ordering a hot drink for your child, you can ask the staff to add a few ice cubes. This helps cool down the drink quickly, making it safer and more enjoyable for your little one to sip.
  • Adjust syrup amounts for sweetness. If you want your child’s drink to be less sweet, ask for fewer pumps of syrup. For example, request just one pump instead of the usual two pumps of caramel swirl syrup in a Caramel Swirl Frozen Chocolate.
  • Keep in mind the caffeine content in refreshers and chocolate drinks. Keep in mind that Dunkin’ Refreshers and Coconut Refreshers contain green tea extract and around 66 mg of caffeine in a small size. Chocolate drinks also have some caffeine; a small hot chocolate has 9 mg of caffeine. Be cautious if you prefer a low or caffeine-free Dunkin drink.
  • High sugar levels in Coolattas. While Coolattas don’t have caffeine, they contain a high amount of sugar. A small, 12-ounce Coolatta has around 55 grams of sugar.
  • Customize steamed milk with flavors. To create a latte without coffee for your child, ask the barista to steam any kind of milk and add a Dunkin flavor swirl, like caramel or vanilla. You can also ask for whipped cream on top for an extra delicious touch.

Customizing Drinks for Kids at Dunkin’

dunkin coffee drink in a paper cup

1. Choose Different Milk Options

Dunkin’ offers various milk options to suit your child’s preferences or dietary needs. You can choose from skim, whole, almond milk, oat milk, or coconut milk. Simply mention your desired milk choice when ordering your kid’s drink.

2. Adjust Flavor Swirls and Shots

Dunkin’ allows you to customize drinks by adjusting the amount of flavor swirls and shots. Flavor swirls are dairy-based, sweetened, and flavored, while flavor shots are unsweetened and sugar-free.

If your child prefers a sweeter or less sweet drink, just ask for more or fewer pumps of the flavor swirl or shot.

3. Add Whipped Cream

To make your child’s drink a little more special and indulgent, consider adding whipped cream on top. This option is available for most drinks, and it adds a creamy, delicious touch. Just ask for whipped cream when ordering your kid’s favorite Dunkin’ drink.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kid-Friendly Drinks at Dunkin’

Does Dunkin have kid sizes?

Dunkin’ doesn’t offer specific “kid sizes” for their drinks. The smallest drink size available is a regular small (10 ounces) for hot drinks and small (12 ounces) for cold drinks.

What drinks don’t have caffeine at Dunkin’?

For caffeine-free drinks at Dunkin’, you can choose from herbal teas and non-coffee Coolattas in blue raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla bean flavors.

These options are perfect for kids or anyone looking to avoid caffeine.

Can kids have a Coolatta?

Yes, kids can enjoy a Coolatta at Dunkin’. Non-coffee Coolattas like blue raspberry, strawberry, and vanilla bean are caffeine-free and suitable for children.

However, it’s important to note that Coolattas can be high in sugar, so it’s best to enjoy them in moderation.

What is the best drink from Dunkin’ for people who don’t like coffee?

For those who don’t enjoy coffee, Dunkin’ offers a variety of non-coffee drinks, such as hot chocolate, steamed milk with flavor swirls, iced chocolate milk, herbal teas, and Coolattas.

These options cater to different tastes and preferences, making finding a delicious and satisfying drink easy even if you’re not a coffee fan.


We understand that finding kid-friendly drinks at Dunkin’ can be challenging, especially when trying to balance taste, nutrition, and caffeine levels. The importance of finding the right drinks for kids Choosing the right drinks for your kids is essential for their enjoyment and well-being. Picking delicious and suitable options for their age can make a difference in their experience at Dunkin’.

To help you find the perfect drinks for your kids, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best Dunkin’ options and customization tips. From Hibiscus Kiss Herbal Tea with Strawberry to various Coolatta flavors, there’s a drink to suit every child’s taste.

Now that you’re armed with this knowledge treat your kids to a delightful Dunkin’ drink during your next visit. They’ll surely appreciate your effort to make their experience fun and enjoyable!


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