How to Order at Starbucks Like a Pro (Weird Trick That Works!)

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Navigating the Starbucks menu can be intimidating, especially if you’re trying to order like a pro. But don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it may seem. In this article, we will guide you through the process of ordering at Starbucks, choosing the perfect drink, and customizing it to your taste.

Whether you’re a Starbucks regular or a first-time customer, understanding the coffee lingo and secret menu options is crucial for a successful experience. From deciphering the confusing size names to selecting from an array of beverage bases and toppings, you can confidently order your ideal drink like a seasoned pro.

How to Order at Starbucks Like a Pro

Choose what type of drink you want

Before going to Starbucks, make sure you have an idea of what type of drink you want. Browse their menu online to get an idea of the options available. You can choose from a variety of drinks, including coffee, tea, specialty espresso beverages, or a refreshing cold drink like a Frappuccino.

Decide what size drink you want

Next, decide on the size of your drink. Starbucks uses unique names for their sizes: Tall (small), Grande (medium), and Venti (large). Familiarize yourself with the basic Starbucks lingo, so you can effortlessly place your order.

If you’re unsure about the perfect size, remember that a Tall is usually around 12 ounces, a Grande is 16 ounces, and a Venti is 20 ounces for hot drinks or 24 ounces for cold drinks.

Ask a Starbucks barista for advice

Don’t be afraid to ask the barista for suggestions if you’re unsure about what to order. They know the menu and can recommend drinks based on your taste preferences.

Customize your drink

Customizing your drink is a great way to get the perfect beverage. You can ask for adjustments in the type of milk, add or remove syrup flavors, and even adjust the temperature of your drink.

Don’t hesitate to make your Starbucks experience unique by personalizing your order.

Order your Drink

You’re ready to order now that you’ve chosen your drink type, size, and customization options. Approach the counter confidently, and speak clearly when ordering. Start by mentioning the size and the kind of drink you’d like.

If you have any customizations, let the barista know. For example, if you’d like a medium iced vanilla latte with almond milk, you’d say, “Grande iced vanilla latte with almond milk, please.”

Following these simple tips and steps, you can order at Starbucks like a true pro and enjoy your perfect, customized drink!

How to Choose the Perfect Drink at Starbucks

Your adventure in choosing the perfect drink at Starbucks starts with exploring the menu. From coffee and tea to lattes and espressos, there are countless options to satisfy your cravings. To help you make a decision, consider these tips:

First, decide on the base of your drink. Are you craving bold coffee or soothing tea? Maybe an espresso or a chai? Don’t be afraid to try something new. If you’re unsure, ask a knowledgeable barista for recommendations.

Consider the temperature of your drink too. Do you want a hot beverage to warm you up or an iced drink to cool you down? Remember that most drinks can be customized to be hot or iced.

Next, think about flavors and extras. Many delicious options include vanilla, caramel, mocha, hazelnut, and raspberry. If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, Starbucks also offers sugar-free versions of some syrups. You can also consider espresso shots to add an extra kick to your drink.

Don’t forget about the variety of milk and dairy alternatives available. Starbucks offers whole, 2% milk, nonfat milk, and non-dairy options such as soy, coconut, and almond.

Once you’ve chosen the ingredients, select a size for your drink. Starbucks has different sizes: Short (8 fl. oz.), Tall (12 fl. oz.), Grande (16 fl. oz.), Venti (20 fl. oz.), and Trenta (31 fl. oz.). Bigger isn’t always better, so pick what aligns with your thirst and taste buds.

Finally, explore the world of customized drinks and the secret menu. You can create unique combinations by mixing ingredients or creating your own recipe. For inspiration, browse social media or ask friends for their favorite concoctions.

As you follow these tips and experiment with ingredients, you’ll soon be a pro at choosing the perfect drink at Starbucks. Remember to enjoy the process and have fun exploring new flavors and combinations. Cheers!

Customizing Your Drink Like a Pro

Choosing Your Milk Type

When ordering at Starbucks, choosing the right milk type to suit your taste and dietary preferences is essential. You can try out different kinds of milk, such as nonfat, whole, almond, or oat milk.

Feel free to ask the baristas for their recommendations or browse the menu to see which milk options are available for your drink.

Adjusting the Temperature and Sweetness

You can customize your Starbucks beverage further by adjusting its temperature and sweetness levels. For instance, if you prefer extra hot drinks, request a higher temperature when ordering your hot coffee or hot chocolate.

You may also want to change the sweetness of your beverage, ask for fewer pumps of syrup, or opt for a sugar-free syrup like sugar-free vanilla or hazelnut syrup in your caramel macchiato.

Adding Extra Shots of Espresso or Syrup

Consider adding extra espresso shots or syrups to your drink to level up your Starbucks game like a pro. For example, you may want to add an extra espresso shot to your lattes for a stronger coffee flavor or ask for an additional pump of caramel syrup to your iced tea for an extra touch of sweetness.

By customizing your milk type, adjusting the temperature and sweetness, and adding extra shots of espresso or syrup, you’ll be ready to order your perfect Starbucks drink like a pro.

Just remember to keep it simple and clear when placing your order. And don’t forget to enjoy your delicious custom beverage!

How Do I Order from the Secret Menu at Starbucks?

Excited about trying something new at Starbucks? Great! Here’s how you can order from their secret menu with confidence. First, find a secret menu drink you would like to try on Tiktok or instagram. Search for your desired drink and note down its recipe.

When you’re ready to order, don’t mention the secret menu or the drink name to the barista, as they might not be familiar with it. Instead, clearly tell them the size you want (short, tall, grande, Venti, or trenta), and specify the base drink.

For example, if you want a specific Frappuccino, start by saying, “I’d like to order a grande Frappuccino.”

Next, list the substitutions or additions that make your secret menu drink unique. Be specific about any changes to the syrup, milk, or toppings. For instance, you could say, “Please substitute milk for water and add two pumps of white mocha syrup.”

Remember to be polite and patient with the barista, as they may need time to understand your order and make the customizations. If you have the recipe ready, it will make the process smoother for both of you.

When you follow these steps, you’ll be ordering from the Starbucks secret menu like a pro! Enjoy your unique and personalized drink, and don’t forget to share the experience with your friends. Happy sipping!

How to Order Online or Through the Mobile App

Using the Starbucks App

To order like a pro at Starbucks, download and open the Starbucks app on your mobile device. From there, just follow these simple steps to place your order:

  1. Select your drink from the menu by browsing the options or searching for your favorite coffee.
  2. Customize your selection by choosing the size, adding syrups, and specifying any other preferences you may have.
  3. Choose your pick-up location by selecting the nearest Starbucks store or drive-thru. The app will provide estimated wait times for each location.
  4. Place your order, and it will be sent to the selected Starbucks location, ready for you to collect. The app even allows for contactless digital payments.

By using the Starbucks app, you can save time and avoid waiting in line. Simply follow these steps, and your barista will have your order ready for pick up when you arrive.

Make the Most of Starbucks Rewards

As a dedicated Starbucks customer, maximize your coffee experience with Starbucks Rewards. To start earning rewards, follow these tips:

  • Join the Starbucks Rewards program by signing up in the app.
  • Earn Stars every time you order or pay using the app. Stars can be redeemed for free drinks, food, and more.
  • Check out the app’s offers and promotions regularly, as Starbucks may have special deals or limited-time offers available.
  • On your birthday, stop by Starbucks and treat yourself to a complimentary treat as a reward member.

By utilizing the Starbucks app and the Starbucks Rewards program, not only can you order coffee like a pro, but you’ll also get more value from your visits to Starbucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proper way to order at Starbucks?

To order at Starbucks like a pro, start by knowing the size of your drink (tall, grande, or Venti), whether you want it hot or iced, and the name of the drink.

How can I customize my drink at Starbucks?

You have plenty of options for customization at Starbucks. You can request a specific type of milk, choose the number of espresso shots, change the syrup flavor, or even ask for no whipped cream. Be clear with your requests, and let the barista know your preferences.

How do I order a specific type of milk or syrup?

When ordering at Starbucks, simply mention the type of milk or syrup you prefer. For example, if you want almond milk, say, “Can I have almond milk, please?” Similarly, if you want sugar-free vanilla syrup, add, “I’d like sugar-free vanilla syrup in my drink.”

Can I ask for extra shots at Starbucks?

Yes, you can ask for extra shots at Starbucks. Simply specify the number of additional shots you want, like, “Can I have two extra shots of espresso, please?” The barista will make sure to add the desired amount of espresso shots to your drink.

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