Is Blonde Espresso Stronger Than Regular Espresso? (All to Know!)

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From coffee writers to coffee addicts, everyone has been talking about Starbucks’ blonde espresso roast. Many Starbucks espresso lovers asked us the question: Is blonde espresso stronger?

Blonde espresso has more caffeine per serving than traditional espresso, and it is considered a stronger coffee. The choice of beans for roasting, rather than the roasting procedure itself, is what gives the coffee its flavor and strength. The caffeine amount of Starbucks’ blonde espresso is 85 mg, which is 10 mg higher than the original, which has 75 mg.

Although the blonde espresso only has 10 milligrams of caffeine, it is the most potent beverage available at Starbucks. Read on as we discuss the flavor, strength, and other distinguishing features of blonde espresso, including how to brew it.

Is Blonde Espresso Stronger?

Starbucks blonde roast veranda blend

The beans used to make blonde roast espresso are roasted at a higher temperature, resulting in a stronger, more caffeinated beverage. Dark-roasted beans from South America and Asia were used to create the first Starbucks espresso.

The coffee beans used to create blonde espresso come from both South America and Africa. It’s not the roasting process that gives this coffee its depth of flavor, but the variety of beans used.

Caffeine concentration increases with roasting, yet it is a popular misconception that lighter roasts contain more caffeine than darker ones. Your morning joe’s caffeine concentration is unrelated to how dark or light it was roasted.

The coffee beans are the true reason why blonde espresso has more body than regular espresso.

What’s Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast

Light roasted coffee beans

Where did the name “blonde” come from?

The term “blonde” is often used to refer to a lightly roasted kind of coffee. Blonde espresso is not as light as its name suggests.

Starbucks frequently uses the term “light roast” to market their blonde roasted espresso. In truth, when compared to other coffees, it is closer to a medium roast. Starbucks labels its medium roast “light” because most coffee beans are roasted darker.

The phrase “blonde roast” has been used by Starbucks since 2012 to describe its milder brew.

Because of their distinctive cinnamon hue, these beans earned the name “cinnamon roast” in the business world. Some folks were thrown off by this. They misunderstood the term “cinnamon roast,” thinking it described a specific flavor rather than hue.

To avoid any misunderstanding, the name “Blonde Roast” was coined. In addition, it served to set Starbucks’ new espresso apart from the rest of the market.

Blonde Espresso vs Regular Espresso

To much caffeine in coffee

You might be curious about how blonde roast stacks up against other types of coffee if you go further.

Let’s see how blonde espresso stacks up against other popular coffee beverages.

Keep in mind that espresso is often served in 1-ounce shots, whereas coffee can be poured into glasses anywhere from 6 to 16 ounces.

Let’s see how the 1 oz blonde espresso stacks up against other espressos or “short cups of coffee,” as Starbucks patrons call them.

  • The average espresso (1 oz) has 65 mg of caffeine.
  • Starbucks Original Espresso (1 oz) contains 75 mg of caffeine.
  • Blonde espresso (1oz) contains 85 mg of caffeine.

An 8-ounce cup of Starbucks coffee has a caffeine content of 155 mg. But since there are so many different coffees on the market, we should use a range. The caffeine content in black coffee can range from 90 mg to 200 mg.

The caffeine content of instant coffee is usually much lower than that of fresh bean coffee. The caffeine content in the most famous brand of instant coffee in the US starts at 57 mg and goes up to 135 mg.

What Does Blonde Espresso Taste Like?

If you’ve never made blonde espresso before, your results may vary from those of others. The citrus aftertaste of a blonde espresso is lengthy and lingering. Dark roast espresso from the start gives a deeper, earthier flavor. It has a more bitter flavor than regular espresso.

The beans’ distinctive taste is quite satisfying. This beverage has the same stimulating effects as espresso. Last but not least, for all those who enjoy the aroma of coffee, taking a shot has always been a treat. We could go on and on about how wonderful the Blonde espresso is, but the only way to truly understand its flavor is to give it a try for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions: Is Blonde Espresso Stronger?

Is blonde roast only suitable for espresso?

The blonde roast that Starbucks offers works wonderfully in espresso makers. While a French press or Moka pot may get the job done, an espresso machine will provide the most flavorful cup of coffee.

Is Blonde Espresso more bitter?

Since it lacks the bitterness of traditional espresso, blonde espresso is the superior flavor option. If you don’t like for the bitterness that is so prevalent in coffee, blonde espresso may be just what you’re looking for.

How many calories are in a shot of blonde espresso?

About five calories and zero sugar may be found in an average shot of blonde espresso. A double shot of espresso at most cafes doubles the caloric intake. The figures will shift dramatically when blonde espresso is used as the main ingredient in lattes and other frothy beverages.