Coffee Liqueur: Look at its Alcohol Content and More

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Yes, the coffee liqueur is alcoholic!

In fact, it’s a kind of liquor that duplicates the taste of coffee.

Some people are obsessed with coffee while others love to bond over chilly evenings with fine liquor in hand. But then some love both!

So a dynamic connection or fusion of coffee and liquor is definitely good news.

The amount of alcohol in coffee liqueur widely depends on where it has been crafted.

However, compared to other liquor beverages, coffee liqueur’s alcoholic content is much less.

What’s a Coffee Liqueur?  

The liquor made of coffee flavor is known as a coffee liqueur. 

Although coffee liqueur has alcohol and most definitely can make people exactly how an alcoholic drink makes one feel, there are ingredients in a coffee liqueur infused to add an adequate balance

When you’re talking about liqueur and not liquor, it definitely implies to sugar and that leads to the very origin of syrupy goodness in a good amount of alcohol

Generally, a lot of sugar is added to coffee liqueur to cut out the sharp taste of the alcohol and replace it with the mimicked flavor of the coffee.

To be precise, coffee liquor comes in two different categories:

  • mass-produced coffee liqueurs
  • micro produced coffee liqueurs

Is there Coffee in Coffee Liqueur?

As the name suggests itself, coffee liqueur does include coffee.

Coffee liqueur is made with the fresh flavors of coffee and so, most definitely they can be paired with a hot brewed coffee off from the kettle as well!

Since coffee liqueur is a combination of liquor and alcohol, it does not hurt to pour more coffee into it! I’ll actually suggest you do it if your alcohol tolerance is low.

However, most people do think that it is best to have coffee liqueur straight up since it already holds the aroma from coffee.

What Does Coffee Liqueur Taste Like?

The taste of coffee liqueur hints at the mixture of coffee and liquor flavor! It will feel like having a shot of coffee-flavored liquor.

Since alcohol and coffee have a similar taste of being both bitter and sweet at the same time, the only noticeable difference is the dissolved rich flavor of the coffee.

The distinct and deep flavor unique to being a liquor is super popular with any sharp elements such as chocolate and cocktails.

The aromatic and rich flavor of coffee kicks in with a bitter aftertaste, a slight beam punch of the alcohol.

The blend of coffee and alcohol has a solid and vanilla hint perfect for enjoying an excellent toasting party.

You cannot keep yourself away from the versatility of Kahlua once you’ve had the chance to take a sip!

Does Coffee Liqueur Need to be Refrigerated?

Coffee liqueur is highly suggested to be refrigerated.

Just like most liquors and liqueurs, coffee liqueurs need to be placed in a dark cool place, away from any kind of exposure from heat or the sun.

For long-term preservation purposes, it is best to refrigerate coffee liqueur. In that way, you’d have plenty of time to go about and drink your liqueur from time to time.

There’s nothing more amazing than a chilled glass of liqueur with some crushed ice.

What Makes Coffee Liqueur Alcoholic?

Coffee liqueur or Kahlua has pure rum in it, besides blended coffee beans. 

The brown liquor is a powerful addition to kindle the alcoholic tingle.

A man being served coffee liqueur.
The final touch of the coffee liqueur!

Coffee liqueurs may also have vodka, which is a distinctive mixture of ethanol and water.

The alcoholic content of rum can range from 37% to 80%. Ethanol is the source of what makes every liquor, including coffee liqueur, an alcoholic drink.

Can You Get Drunk off Coffee Liqueur?

Well, the answer depends!

Although little to moderate in amount, coffee liqueur possesses alcohol and has all the strong sources and components to drive you drunk

Since coffee liqueur is not absolutely just alcohol and typically has flavor added to it, one would be on the path of getting drunk slowly, but surely, if over consumed.

How Much Caffeine is in Coffee Liqueur?

The amount of caffeine in a coffee liqueur largely depends on the brand and how they plan to blend alcohol and caffeine in due proportion.

With a general rule of thumb, the typical amount of caffeine included in coffee liqueurs is about 100 ppm

If there is 1 liter of liqueur, the amount of coffee would be 100 milliliters. If you’re served half ounces, you’d be consuming 5 milligrams of caffeine with it.

Also, don’t forget to check our post on caffeine headaches!

What is the Difference Between Liquor and Liqueur?

Although both of them sound exactly the same, they cannot be put into the same boat if you’re considering the spirit and the characteristics.

The gloopy alcoholic drink that you can fizz on, is liqueur, while on the other hand, the distilled alcoholic drink that is pretty much fancy, but not as liqueur with regard to flavors, is termed as liquor.

Let’s look into the variance of liquor and liqueur:

Distinction LiquorLiqueur
Distillation/ Flavoringdistilled from molasses, grains, or plantsflavored with various elements such as almond, orange, coffee, etc
Tastenot sweetvariety of sweetness levels
Distillation Processfermentationsteeping
Amount of Alcohol20 to 75% alcohol/ volume15 to 55% alcohol/volume
Differences between liquor and liqueur

While the additive ingredient of liquor is just water, liqueurs are a fancy drink that is made with flavors ranging from fruit to chocolate and other desserts.

You could say a liqueur can be referred to as a mocktail, while liquor is just an alcoholic beverage.

Can You Drink Coffee Liqueur Straight?

Unlike raw and inclusive alcoholic beverages, coffee liqueur contains less alcohol and can be taken straight from the glass or the bottle.

The flavors seem to be more intense when the liqueur is taken straight up.

Person serving liquor, coffee and milk in a small tray at a café
Seems like a classic twist of liquor, coffee, and milk!

There are also some great ways to consume coffee liqueur.

  1. Coffee soda: 2-3 ounces of coffee liqueur, ice, and some club soda can create a refreshing drink for whenever you feel worked up
  1. White Russian: this very classic is a favorite of many. Coffee liqueur amounting to 1 ounce, 2 ounces of old-fashioned vodka would create the best combination. Some heavy cream on top is the showstopper for this delicious drink.
  1. Ice-cream: oh, the joy! Pour your liqueur in vanilla or any other flavored ice cream. This is definitely the perfect dessert after a great dinner party!

How To Make Coffee Liqueur At Home

Making coffee liqueur at home is quite simple.

The good news about homemade coffee liqueur is that it’s much more accessible and even cheaper than store-bought coffee liqueurs. 

The easiest way to make coffee liqueur at home

Although the liqueur does not take long to be prepared, it does take some time to get the flavor of coffee to work in. It takes about ten days for the flavor to blend some kick in the coffee liqueur. 

Ingredients to make coffee liqueur are:

  • sugar- 3 cups
  • water- 2 cups
  • vanilla bean- 1 piece
  • instant coffee- 8 tablespoon
  • rum or vodka- 1 bottle

When making coffee liqueur, you might ask about how much of what nutrient is in it.

To get a rough idea of what one is consuming, here’s a chart :

Nutritional content50 ml100 ml
Energy (kcal/kJ)517/1231034/245
Nutritional Facts of Coffee Liqueur Per 50 ml and 100 ml Serving

How Long Does Homemade Coffee Liqueur Last?

You might also think how long it’d actually last. Well, if the bottle where you’re keeping the liqueur is sealed correctly, the liqueur is good to go for about 3 to 4 years!

Now, if you’ve tried making an original homemade coffee liqueur, you’d be fancied by how easily you could make it with a few simple steps.

What is a Popular Coffee Liqueur?

The most popular and widely consumed coffee liqueur is Kahlua.

It goes back with origin from 1935 Mexico. Made with a blend of rum and Mexican coffee, it has a taste so remarkable that defies the flavors of any other liqueur in the mark.

With a 20% volume of alcohol, Kahlua is extensively preferred.

The versatility of Kahlua is widely celebrated as it’s not just limited to consuming just with coffee but with a variety of other drinks too such as cocktails and Martini.

Kahlua being one of the most demanding coffee liqueurs of the world places itself in regular drink combinations!

Check out the recipes for the variety of Kahlua Drinks to try!

What is the Difference between Coffee Liqueur and Kahlua?

Kahlua itself is a coffee liqueur that is consumed throughout the different regions of the world.

The exquisite flavor of Kahlua defines and represents coffee liqueur.

Kahlua is one of the many coffee liqueur brands that is sweet in taste and is made in a combination of rum, arabica coffee, and sugar.

Kahlua is primarily manufactured and brought from Veracruz, Mexico to all around the world

Does Kahlua Contain Milk or Cream?

Just like regular liquor, Kahlua is not manufactured with any dairy product.

So you will not find either milk or cream with Kahlua.

However, one can choose to add cream or milk to their coffee liqueur when they’re making it in a hot pot.

Since using cream over coffee liqueur while serving can make it curdle, the best way to drink your Kahlua is by stirring the milk or cream in a low to medium heat pan.

Can You Make a Cocktail with Coffee Liqueur?

Yes! The beauty of coffee liqueur is that it can go with a variety of drinks and adds a very cool personality to it.

Cold-brew, spiced syrup, salt, and some orange bitters go excellent with tonic water. Some fresh ice would definitely do this great drink justice!

A glass of coffee mocktail on the table.
Coffee mocktail sure is the best of all worlds!

Orange juice, vodka, club soda, and other flavored drinks go just as amazing with coffee liqueur. 

So when it comes to a boring Saturday night, and you have a bottle in your coffee liqueur compartment, you already have one single reason to save you for the day!

What Can I Substitute For Coffee Liqueur?

One can easily replace or substitute coffee liqueur with chocolate extract.

The simple rule of substituting coffee liqueur is by adding the extract with one teaspoon of instant coffee and just water amounting to two teaspoons.

Coffee syrup and non-alcoholic extracts of coffee can also work just as great!

Want to know more?

Then go check out the magic of coffee liqueur substitutes in detail!

What Are the Benefits of Coffee Liqueur?

There has been a study on coffee liqueur to be good for health too!

Some of the health advantages of coffee liqueur include:

  • tackles the risk of type-2 diabetes
  • helps to fight against Parkinson’s disease. 
  • works efficiently against liver-related complications
  • can make one feel more relaxed 
  • increases the level of digestion power as it helps to break down the food materials

Are There Any Downsides to Coffee Liqueur?

Unfortunately, there are some definite downsides to drinking coffee liqueur.

The combination of coffee and liquor is very strong for the body.

Coffee boosts your energy, and liqueur makes you go dizzy.

Combining both can confuse your brain and sometimes can trigger opposite reactions when you tend to overconsume.

If you have heart complications, it is best to avoid them since they can cause cardiovascular issues.

Final Words

Coffee liqueur is a wonderful source of flavors that is perfect for any occasion.

It’s definitely worth a try if you love to experiment with new flavors and are open to tasting them with different beverages! For instance, it can be played with sodas or even flavored drinks.

Coffee liqueur and its rich taste have taken over the world. As much as it’s made to relax your bones, you’d find it very easy to craft too.

Although it might be tricky to analyze whether or not one should buy or make it at home, it is definitely worth a try because both have negligible differences.

Moreover, both coffee and liquor are a must for meet-ups or parties.

So a bottle of coffee liqueur to celebrate with your friends can never go wrong!

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