A Guide to Koa Coffee: Why It’s One of the World’s Best

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The world has been into the coffee trend lately, and they need to have their kick-up with a morning coffee cup, which gives them their happy hormones and a sense of calmness.

While all the coffee bean types have different tastes and richness, Kona coffee from Hawaii is one of the best coffees in the world and everyone agrees with it. The word ‘Kona’ refers to the native “Hawaiian Kona tree”; it naturally grows in the volcanic rock on the island. The volcanic surroundings influence its distinctive taste and strong smell.

A quick fact check: Kona coffee is the market name for Arabica coffee.

As mentioned earlier, Kona coffee is the most appreciated coffee in Hawaii and only one brand excels in the making of the most authentic taste, its delivered under the brand name of ‘Koa coffee’.

Koa Coffee is one of its kinds and is making rounds in the FORBES, holding its title as “the best coffee in America”, “top 10 coffees of the world” and “50 of America’s best”; many members and Kona coffee lovers agree to it wholeheartedly because they have tasted the true watery aroma and rich taste in these coffee beans.

Keep reading to know more.

Origin Of Koa

The company Koa coffee’ was established in 1997 by Cathy and Marin Artukovich. It all started as a small backyard business and now they’re making 10 folds of what they had created.

The company is located in Hawaii, and the coffee beans are grown on ‘the Kona coffee beltssituated on the slopes of two volcanoes; Hualalai and Mauna Loa.

The Kona region is the best growing region in the world; with its fertile, mineral-rich humidified soil and ideal weather, it produces the flavorful Kona coffee.

What Is Koa Coffee?

fresh coffee beans
Kona coffee beans are handpicked

Koa Coffee is the ultimate taste of Kona beans from Hawaii, for coffee enthusiasts.

The Koa company handpicks every bean from the two volcanic slopes when it turns cherry red and ripe. Then they roast it with the utmost attention to producing an elegant yet rich and aromatic taste.

They pack their roasted coffee beans carefully so that when you open them, the fresh scent of the beans gets to you. It’s less expensive and also serves the health benefits you can probably think of. If you’re one of the coffee fanatics, then you need to get your hands on some Koa coffee just so you don’t miss out on the award-winning coffee.

What Does Koa Coffee Taste Like?

Koa Coffee tastes like a smooth blend of the simple yet sweet and shallow taste of a melon. It has a hint of fruity smell and gives a velvety texture to the coffee, which makes it a hundred times better.

It’s a full-bodied, dark-roasted coffee and has a prominent aroma. The acidity is lower than other coffees, making it lighter for your body but feeling like a heavy punch for your mind.

Nutritional Value Of Kona Coffee

The original and 100% pure Kona Coffee with the delightful taste serves you an essential part of your daily food value without affecting your precious diet. Some of the nutritional values in the 50 ml of single-serving are as follows:

Calories16.7 kcal
Total Carbs3.9 g
Sugar3.5 g
Protein0.4 g
Fat0.1 g
Calcium7.4 mg
Sodium14.8 mg
Nutritional Value Of Kona Coffee

The table indicates the valuable portions that too with low sugar and high supplements. You can count on the dark-roasted Kona Coffee for your daily dose of coffee without worrying about your health.

What Is So Special About Koa Coffee?

koa coffee beans roasted
Koa Coffee beans are grown in Hawaii

Koa Coffee is special because of its plantations in a distinctive way.

The climate of the island and the hand harvesting of these beans makes it different throughout the coffee industry because the ultimate care is given to the beans by the generations of Koa Coffee companies.

On the other hand, the red ripe beans take their flavors and colors from the volcanic earthy soil, and the Koa Coffee beans have the attention from starting the plantation process till the milling and packing of the beans.

Is Koa Coffee High In Caffeine?

Yes, Koa coffee beans are high in caffeine; about 1.20% to 1.32%.

Caffeine content is affected by the way it’s roasted; if the beans are roasted more and darker in color, the caffeine is pulled out of the beans, resulting in a smaller caffeine value.

On the other hand, if the beans are roasted lightly, they will have more concentrated parts of caffeine in them. Also, it is affected by the way you brew your coffee.

Hot brewed coffee has a higher caffeine count than cold-brewed coffee. This is because hot water extracts more caffeine from coffee beans than cold water thus altering the taste, aroma, and caffeine level.

Is Koa Coffee Organic?

Yes, the Koa coffee is 100% organic.

The company certifies that they have been cultivating their coffee beans with certain care and processing their coffee beans freshly for every new batch and order.

They have awards regarded by the PCCA coffee of the year, coveted Govelia Cupping Competition, and FORBES for their unique and silky taste. Koa Coffee has been satisfying its genuine customers since its introduction in 1997.

Why Is Koa Coffee Expensive?

different coffee cups
Koa Coffee is expensive due to the hard work it requires to be made

Koa Coffee is expensive because of its limited supply with hardworking laborers in the background. The coffee is considered Kona only if cultivated in the Kona coffee belt in Hawaii, they’re sometimes dangerous to even walk in.

To make it more exclusive, the workers have to harvest the Kona tree three to four times per tree with their hands, they have to pick only the red ripe beans for the qualitative coffee production. The minimum working wage for labor and attention to the coffee beans makes it hefty in price.

It’s all worth it if you only look out for your rich coffee taste and not the tagged price.

Is Koa Coffee Beneficial For Health?

Yes, Koa Coffee can be beneficial for your health, especially if coffee plays an integral part in your lifestyle. It positively affects the brain part certainly and reduces health risk factors with its unique appetite. Some proven health benefits for your convenience are listed below:

  1. Metabolism: as Koa Coffee is high in caffeine, it will quickly transform your food into energy thus increasing metabolism. On the other hand, it will burn the fat quickly and increases your alertness throughout the day
  2. Brain Functions: the highlighted advantage of Koa Coffee is it will greatly impact your brain functions making your memory and cognitive part sharp and making you smarter
  3. Reduce risk factors: it is said that the brain diseases like Parkinson’s; dementia and Alzheimer’s can build up if you don’t have a healthy brain. Well, Koa Coffee can decrease more of these diseases by improving brain function

Here’s a review of Koa coffee’s Private Reserve Medium Roast:

Review of Koa coffee’s Private Reserve Medium Roast

What Kinds Of Coffee Does Koa Company Offer?

Koa coffee offers different types of Kona beans each of which is different in its taste, aroma, smoothness, and sweet and balanced caffeine. Koa Coffee has distinguished products some of which are listed below so you don’t have to wonder about it everywhere.

  1. Grande domain Kona coffee- is notorious for its unique quality and balance
  2. Peaberry Kona coffee- most exquisite, labeled as the “champagne of Kona”
  3. Private reserve Kona coffee- bold, smooth, and has no bitter aftertaste
  4. Estate Kona coffee- large beans full of flavor and elegance
  5. Decaffeinated Kona coffee- is a blessing for the decaf-loving person

The list goes on but the above listed are the chosen ones by the millions of consumers with their full hearts. You can choose according to your preferred taste.


  • Koa Coffee has always provided its customers with 100% delight coffee beans with distinct taste and aroma
  • The packet of Koa Coffee represents the Hawaiian and aloha flavors in your home that can not only freshen up your mood but it can pair up with your evening brunch
  • It may be expensive but keeping in mind the benefits and positive impacts it gives, makes it worth every penny you spend on this koa coffee
  • The love and care that into the production are what make it unique and award winner worldwide. If you haven’t tried the Koa Coffee yet, then treat yourself to this soulful coffee of aloha. This tried and tested Koa Coffee will make you come for more

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