Better Grind, Better Coffee: Lido 3 Grinder Review

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Many home and professional baristas are choosing premium hand grinders over traditional electric grinders. This trend is undoubtedly due to the massive improvement in quality that hand grinders have seen in recent years.

The Lido 3 by Orphan Espresso, based in the United States, is one of those at the forefront of the manual coffee grinder revolution.

In terms of performance, the Orphan Espresso Lido 3 manual coffee grinder is an excellent all-around grinder. The stainless steel burrs on this coffee grinder are stabilized at both the top and bottom of the grinder.

This means that the burrs are almost completely stationary while you grind. Grind consistency is perfect, especially for the price, with burrs as stable as those in the Lido 3.

The Lido 3 is a good choice if you want a travel coffee grinder that works well at home. It will quickly and easily achieve any grind size you require.

In this blog, you will find all you need to know about the specifications, troubleshooting, and pros and cons of the Lido 3 Coffee grinder, so let’s dive right into the details, shall we?


The grinder is seen with a cup of coffee
Grinders are easy to carry around

When it comes to specifications, Lido 3 Coffee Grinders, tinted hopper’s smooth grip makes it easy to hold while grinding, and the handle with an integrated funnel for easy bean loading is a godsend. The catch jar is the perfect size for dispensing coffee into a V60 or a portafilter.

Does that intrigue you to read more about the grinder? If Yes then keep on reading to know what features distinguish it from other coffee grinders:

Neoprene Carry Pouch:

A thoughtfully designed zip-line pouch for a grinder that will protect all of its parts even if you are traveling far from home.

Hopper Capacity:

This coffee grinder has a capacity of 70-gram (10 spoons), which is greater than the capacity of an average manual grinder, allowing home baristas and coffee nerds to prepare large coffee proportions in one go.

Ground Jars:

The product includes a stainless steel grounds jar with a double wall for easy dumping of coffee grounds.


A total height of 13.5″ plus a 3″ diameter grounding catch jar.

Barista grinding coffee in hand grinder
Hand grinding is not an easy task

Burr Set:

The biggest innovation is that Lido 3 grinders, along with Swiss-made 48mm conical steel burrs, can be adjusted to your liking. The three settings are coarse, medium, and fine.

Built-in Funnel:

A unified built-in funnel allows for simple coffee bean loading without making a mess.

Dual Axle Bearings:

They used a bronze dual axle bearing system with a foldable handle for consistent grinds and non-static grinding stability.


They give you a limited 1-year warranty.


Orphan Espresso uses lightweight materials such as BPA-free plastic, cast aluminum, and of course stainless steel to reduce its product weight to only 2lb 05 oz, making it portable on the road, on camping trips, and even in the office.


Lido 3 comprises an instruction booklet, bristle brush for haste cleanup, silicon popper stopper, custom hex assembling tool, and a zip-close neoprene travel bag.


Grinding coffee beans in a manual coffee grinder on a wooden table.
Hand grinders can be easy to use and give your preference for consistency

Now, sometimes these grinders end up troubleshooting, at this time there’s no need to panic and search for the manual since it contains troubleshooting sections or you can search on the internet.

While the appliance market is expanding rapidly, and Orphan Espresso has done meticulous work on their grinders, they have left some room for improvement in their products.

Lose Handle:

With time, the handle becomes loose, which can occur as a result of frequent back and forth adjustment; in this case, a screw holding the handle becomes loose.

Solution: You can fix this issue with a hex screw provided by the OE Company.

Catch Jar Screwing:

The Lido 3 stainless steel catch jar screwing is a common issue that people encounter. As a result, if you screw the jar into the grinder aimlessly, it will not tighten.

Solution: The only solution is to take your time to line up and feel where the catch jar threads start catching the grinder threads.

The Adjustment Ring:

Sometimes you’re not able to loosen the adjustment ring on the Lido 3 grinder by hand.

Solution: Get an inexpensive rubber band wrap and wrap it around the middle ring, put some force, and the ring will loosen up in no time. Another thing you can do is to take two-band wraps, but the first one over a small ring and the second wrap on the large ring, now give an opposite force for losing up of the middle ring. For future problem avoidance: don’t wrench down the middle ring of the grinder.

Grinding Burrs Grating:

The grinding burrs end up grating over each other due to misalignment.

Solution: For this, you can either solve the problem by aligning the burr grinders correctly or get help from someone who knows the know-how of grinders.

No Mark For Adjustments:

The company has not placed a mark on the grinder for adjustments and use.

Solution: To grind according to your liking, first, remove the upper nut, handle and then the locking ring, after the removal, hold the spindle and turn the adjustment ring. For a coarser grinder turn the ring counterclockwise and clockwise for a finer grind.

Here is a video that can teach you the basic adjustments and work of the grinder:

Check out this video to know the adjustments to your lido 3 grinder

Pros And Cons

Different spoons are filled with roasted coffee beans with powder coffee on a slate stone platter background.
Different grinding consistency

There are always pros and cons to something that’s on the market, here are the pros and cons of the Lido 3 grinder:

Larger CapacityWith time, the handle becomes loose
Adjustable Grinding settingsDifficult to use due to no marks on the grinder
Less NoisyRing Alignment is hectic
Stable and Durable BurrsPlastic material starts to wear off in a year
Built-in FunnelOver Priced
Thick Plastic Casing
Less Time-Consuming
Easy Cleaning process
List of pros and cons of lido 3 coffee grinder


The Lido 3 coffee grinder is an excellent choice for those individuals who are looking for a high-quality hand grinder with a large capacity and excellent burr stability.

It’s critical to understand that this is not an entry-level grinder. The price, build quality, and burr set all point to the conclusion that this is a coffee grinder designed for the coffee enthusiast who is concerned with the finer points of coffee brewing.

On top of the large capacity food-safe, the hopper is a foldable aluminum handle with an integrated funnel for easy coffee bean loading.

The Lido 3 grinder has a stainless steel conical grinding burr set on the inside. An aluminum grind adjustment ring controls the grind settings.

The bean hopper can hold up to 70g (ten tablespoons) of coffee beans. This size is ideal for those who want to brew a large quantity of coffee.

So, if you’re just getting started with coffee brewing, this grinder is probably not for you. To truly benefit from the precision in grind size, you must be quite invested in the coffee scene. Not that a newbie won’t get good results from the Lido 3, but it’s a lot of money to spend if you’re still dabbling and not sure if coffee is truly your thing.

Other Options

Lido 3 was undeniably a show stopper when it was first introduced. However, as time passed, more advanced and hassle-free coffee grinders were introduced to the market. Let us see how many products compete with the Lido 3:

For more options, have a look at my other article here.


The Lido 3 coffee grinder offers a lot to its users!

It has a stainless steel grounds jar with a double wall for easy dumping of coffee grounds, swiss-made 48mm conical steel burrs and it has a bronze dual axle bearing system with a foldable handle.

Furthermore, it has a capacity of 70-gram (10 spoons). It’s less noisy and time-consuming and very easy to clean.

However, there is still room for some improvement as consumers have reported several problems like the handle becoming loose over time and the grinding burrs end up grating over each other due to misalignment.

I hope with all the information provided it’s easier for you to decide whether you want to invest in the Lido 3 coffee grinder or not.

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