The Benefits of Using Oat Milk in Your Coffee

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Coffee has been the most popular hot drink for ages. Different people enjoy coffee in different ways.

While some want it raw, black, and strong, some like it light and enjoy it with milk. Dairy milk and non-dairy creamers are used to make your coffee light and creamy.

An alternative to cow milk, non-dairy creamers are also known as coffee whiteners. They are a substitute for milk or cream for enjoying a light and creamy cup of coffee. Coffee whiteners can be granular substances or liquids.

Oat milk is an example of this kind of non-dairy, lactose-free creamer.

It’s vegan-friendly plant milk derived from whole oat grains that are extracted from the plant material with water. It’s now well known to make great coffee creamer. 

Is Oat Milk in Coffee Healthy?

Oat milk is used for making your coffee lighter and creamier. This vegan-friendly plant milk doesn’t separate from the drink easily and adds a little extra fiber to your drink.

Oat milk is usually safe for people who have gluten sensitivities or celiac disease as oats are naturally gluten-free.

Oats naturally contain nutrients that are good for the human body and health.

It has vitamins and minerals like vitamin B, thiamine, folate, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, and copper. Store-bought oat milk is rich in nutrients like vitamin A and D, iron, calcium, potassium, fiber, and riboflavin.

Your coffee usually contains higher levels of carbohydrates as fiber-rich oat milk has more carbohydrates than other non-dairy milk. The high levels of protein and fibers in the milk help you to feel full for a longer time and also helps to improve your appetite.

It is said that oat milk is so enriched in iron that one cup of oat milk includes 10 percent of your total daily iron intake.

Table content is given below, showing the nutrients found in oat milk coffee: 

Nutrients Amounts
Calories 130
Carbohydrates 15 g 
Fat2.5 g
Saturated fat0 g
Protein 4 g
Fiber2 g
Calcium 25% of daily intake
Oat milk coffee nutrients table

How To Make Oat Milk Latte?

Oat milk is considered great for making the perfect latte as it gives a great froth.

To make an oat milk latte you first have to brew your coffee.

You can use a coffee maker or espresso machine. Then you have to heat one cup of oat milk on the stove and whisk it continuously.

You can add one tablespoon of optional maple syrup. You have to whisk it in medium heat until it thickens.

Then we have to transfer it to a blender and blend it until it forms a nice foam. When the froth is ready, we have to put the coffee or espresso in a cup.

The amount of coffee should be half of the cup. Then you need to add the processed oat milk on the top of the coffee.

Finally, you can enjoy the perfect latte with a spoon. 

Watch this full-length video to learn how you can easily make an oat milk latte from scratch at home.

oat milk latte recipe

Does Oat Milk in Coffee Curdle?

If you ask, does oat milk in coffee curdles or not? The answer is yes. When you try to add oat milk to your coffee, it may curdle.

The difference in acidity generally makes the milk curdle in coffee. Coffee itself is high in acidity.

The acidic nature of a particular substance makes the milk curdle. Although oat milk doesn’t have lactic acid like cow milk, it has a chance of curdling by adding it to coffee.

It is because plant-based milk functions similarly to cow milk. If the oat milk is older, it builds an excellent chance to curdle.

The hot temperature of brewing coffee is another reason to curdle. 

How to Stop Oat Milk from Seperating into Curds in Coffee?

We need to focus on the specific reasons why the oat milk curdles in coffee to prevent it.

Oat milk in a latte usually curdles if the oat milk is out of date or already rotten.

Practical Steps to Stop Oat Milk from Curdling

Here’s how you can stop oat milk from curdling in coffee

Firstly, you should make sure that your oat milk is fresh. 

Secondly, you should buy coffees that have comparatively lower acidity.

Thirdly, you can lower the temperature while brewing the coffee.

Another way to stop the curdling is to pour the milk first into the cup. After that, you have to pour a certain amount of hot coffee slowly.

This technique helps to keep the temperature low and prevent it from unwanted separation.

pouring oat milk into coffee
The first condition here is to use fresh oat milk in your coffee for a better taste in your mouth

How Can I Froth Oat Milk?

There are two general ways to froth oat milk. The first way is to use a frother.

Frothing milk is basically increasing the consistency and the volume of milk with a hand whisk or a pump.

While using a frother, we have to put some warm milk in a glass. Then place the lid onto the glass and pump around 20 times up and down until the volume gets doubled.

This creates much thick froth for two regular cups of coffee. The second way is useful when you don’t have any frothing machine.

To double up the volume, we need to pour one-third of oat milk into a jar and shake it for roughly about 30-60 seconds.

We can also use a blender and blend oat milk in a small amount so that the froth can be thick. We can also use a hand whisk or electric whisk to make the froth.

Is Almond Milk Or Oat Milk Better With Coffee? 

For non-dairy coffee whiteners, both almond milk and oat milk are good. But oat milk is comparatively better than the other. 

Almond milk is a nut-based milk alternative that is used as a popular coffee creamer. 

Almond milk gives the coffee a nutty flavor and it may sometimes overpower the taste of the coffee. 

Almond milk separates when heated. As a result, almond coffee curdles in coffee. Saying about frothing, it creates a slight amount of foam, but underneath it leaves a watery layer.

On the other hand, plant-based oat milk is rich in fiber. It gives you health benefits along with your creamy cup of coffee.

Oat milk gives you a creamy flavor and it doesn’t overpower the taste of your coffee. Oat milk provides you perfect froth compared to almond milk, which has a higher amount of protein.

Oat milk sometimes curdles in coffee, but the amount is less than almond milk. Thus we can say, with coffee, oat milk is better than almond milk.

oats and milk
Oats and milk

Can You Put Oat Milk With Instant Coffee?

When the question arises whether you can use oat milk with instant coffee or not, the answer is yes, you can.

In an oat milk latte, the only thing that matters is the creamer. It can be any kind of milk, cream, or even creamers specially made for coffee.

You can make an oat milk latte with instant coffee. For this, you need to add two tablespoons of instant coffee to hot water and condense it.

After that, you need to create oat milk froth and mix it with the coffee. If you want to make an iced latte, combine the latte with ice and mix it.

This is how you can put oat milk in instant coffee and make a latte.

Is Oat Milk A Good Coffee Creamer?

Yes, oat milk is considered to be a great coffee creamer. 

Those who like to have a light and smooth cup of coffee use milk, cream, or non-dairy coffee whiteners.

Among the non-dairy ones, oat milk is better as it has almost the smooth texture as cow milk.

Being fiber-rich plant-based milk, it is full of protein and gives you a perfect creamy flavor. Besides the richness and creaminess of the coffee, oat milk is very beneficial for your health.

Final Thoughts

Oat milk is a healthy, risk-free, and easy-to-make creamer for your daily latte. Once prepared, you can store the oat milk for a maximum of 5 days. And think of a hassle-free-5-days in a row whenever you’ll go to make some latte for yourself.

Oat milk is plant-based, gluten-free, and fiber-rich non-dairy milk.

When fortified, it is enriched in nutrients that are healthy for health.

Oat milk is rich in carbohydrates and is considered better for the heart and bone. It is a great companion of coffee for making it creamier and tastier. 

This vegan-friendly milk substitute is also known for making great froth and is used in making lattes. In my opinion, oat milk is great non-dairy milk and it is perfect for using in coffee and enjoying a creamy cup of coffee.