Starbucks Coffee in Your Kitchen: Verismo Pods Guide

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Short Answer: Verismo pods are the official pod line for the giant coffee chain Starbucks.

Starbucks introduced Verismo coffee pod machines that are only compatible with the official line of verismo coffee pods. You might be able to find a used verismo pod maker from somewhere, or you might have already owned one at home.

Finding the Verismo coffee pods is a real challenge because they are only compatible with Verismo pod makers. 

The machine is similar to the Keurig maker, but you can’t use K-cups in it. The same goes for Verismo pods, they are not compatible with Keurig. Although Starbucks discontinued their Verismo line, they still make and sell Keurig compatible pods. 

Don’t worry, you can still find Verismo coffee pods and enjoy the Starbucks feel at home. 

Let’s dig deep more about these Verismo pods and where you can buy them.

Benefits of Pod Coffee Makers

The main benefit of buying pod-based coffee makers are ease, convenience, and, most importantly, time saver deal. It takes all human error out of the equation you need to face while brewing coffee manually: the perfect grind size, right temperature of the water, and extraction time. 

If you want to enjoy fresh coffee but can’t deal with all the hazed of roasting, grinding, and brewing the beans, then a pods-based coffee maker is the suitable gadget for you. 

Before we look into Verismo pods, You might ask why you should invest in pods brewing systems in the first place.

With a pod-based coffee maker, all you need to do is pop your favorite pod in the machine and press go. The device will make your perfect cup ready in 10 to 15 seconds- how cool!

Pros and Cons of Verismo Coffee Pods


  • Ease and Convenience: Make fresh coffee with just a push of a button. Experience no struggle with grinding, beans, and water temperature
  • Quickest Coffee: Make coffee with pods in 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Cleaning: The best thing is after you are done making coffee, there is no need to clean afterward. All you have to do is dispose of the pods once you finish. 


  • Limited Choice: You can only use Verismo pods available on the market. You can find reusable pods, but there is a limit of different flavors and types of coffee. 
  • Expensive: Verismo pods are now only available under Mr & Mrs. Mill® and K-fee® brands. They are relatively costly than K-cups and regular bags of coffee beans or coffee grounds. 

What is Verismo? 

a cup under a coffee maker

Starbucks designed Verismo for its loyalists and coffee lovers who want to enjoy tasty and quick Starbucks coffee at home. 

The Verismo coffee maker can make regular brewed coffee, espresso shots, your favorite Starbuck coffee, and almost all milk-based coffee. It uses high pressure to extract the fully pressed coffee from the pod. 

Verismo can make your java ready in 15 seconds, which is a tad bit slower if we compare it with Keurig. 

What are Verismo pods?

Verismo pods are the official pod line for the giant coffee chain Starbucks 

Verismo pod makers only accept Starbucks Verismo pods, but you can produce almost all Starbucks beverages from the comfort of your home with these pods.

Check out this quick video from Starbucks on how to use a Verismo coffee maker:

Even Starbucks does not make them now, but thankfully, you can find Verismo®* compatible premium quality coffee makers and pods under the Mr & Mrs. Mill® and K-fee® brand names. 

K-fee® makes 100% Verismo®* compatible coffee and espresso pods. Just look for the K-fee® logo!

Is Verismo the same as Nespresso?

Verismo is also a pod-based machine like Nespresso, but there is a vast difference between how both work. 

Verismo is a single served pod-based machine that can brew shots of espresso and regular coffee. On the flip side, Nespresso specializes in espresso and espresso-based drinks, cappuccino, latte, and so on. 

Verismo pods are available in a limited range as Starbucks officially discontinued them. However, Nespresso pods are readily available and even Starbucks makes Nespresso pods.

Also, Nespresso has two types of brewing system original (specialized in espresso only) and VertuoLine. The pod’s range is 24 Nespresso Grands capsule.

The machine does not brew under pressure but instead, you can use Nespresso’s unique centrifusion technology that produces coffee by spinning the pods at 7,000 rotations per minute. The Verismo doesn’t come with a built-in frother where some models of Nespresso do. 

The similarity is that both brands are only compatible with their official pods. Verismo is only compatible with Verismo pods, and Nespresso is working with Nespresso-based capsules or pods. 

ProductVerismo Nespresso
Owned by StarbucksNestle
Coffee type10-ounce cups of regular coffee and shots of espressoEspresso and lungo 
Warranties One-year One-to-two years

Which one is better depends upon the personal preference if you like Starbucks coffee then you should opt for Verismo Pod Machine.

Are Verismo pods the same as K-Cups?

a shot of espresso in a glass cup

No, Verismo pods and K-cups are not the same. Verismo pods are compatible with Verismo makers, and K-cups are single-serve brewing capsules of Keurig coffee makers. 

A pod is usually made of filter paper, and K-cups are of the plastic cup, a kind of cartridge. The Verismo does not work in the Keurig machine, and K-cups are incompatible with the Verismo maker. 

Keurig pods are available everywhere as the coffee maker company has a deal with a billion coffee brands and is also available in reusable pods. You can read more about that here in my other article if you’re interested.

While Verismo pods are limited, you can find some under Mr & Mrs. Mill® and K-fee® brands. 

Now, which one is better will depend on personal preference. If you only brew a single cup of coffee most of the day, then single-serve Keurig is best for you. With this machine, you get the option to drink many coffee brands and the ability to use your ground coffee. If you love Starbucks coffee, opt for Verismo or buy the Starbucks brand K-cups. In the end, both machines are a great option to add to your kitchen. 

Can I use Verismo pods on Nespresso?

You can not use Verismo pods on Nespresso. However, you can use Starbucks pods made primarily for Nespresso machines. 

You can’t even use K-cups in Nespresso. There are about 24 different types of pods available for Nespresso VertuoLine, and you also have the option to opt for reusable pods. 

But if you’re craving for a Starbucks taste to use on your Nespresso machine, Starbucks has a line of products made specifically for your Nespresso machine. They feature several different blends and array of roasts for you to choose from.

So even if Verismo is incompatible with Nespresso, you still have the option to buy from Starbucks’ Nespresso Original Line and enjoy your java at home with a touch of Starbucks.  

Bottom Line

a Starbucks cup

If you prefer the flexibility of a brewer designed for espresso and coffee, then Starbucks Verismo is an excellent option to consider. Plus, it is budget-friendly compared to Keurig or Nespresso.

With Verismo’s dual pressure system, you can get the perfect cup of both regular coffee and espresso. The drawback is that Verismo doesn’t have any built-in frothers, so you’ll have to put in a little more work to produce a latte. 

So, if you’re a big fan of Starbucks coffee, then enjoy their best drinks from the comfort of your home with Verismo pods.