What Is Dunkin On Tap: How Does It Work?

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If you are a Dunkin lover, you might have already heard of Dunkin on tap.

But what is Dunkin on tap, and how does it work? Read on to find out more and if the taste is any good compared to the best Dunkin drinks.

What Is Dunkin On Tap?

The Dunkin’ on Tap system is an easy way to get Dunkin’s signature cold beverages poured through an innovative tap system. Most locations have tap options that include Dunkin Decaf, Dark Roast, Original Blend, Black Tea, Green Tea, Cold Brew and Nitro.

Simply pull the lever from one of the eight taps and fill a cup with a cold drink of your choice: iced coffee, iced tea, cold brew, or nitro cold brew. In a few moments, you’ll have a Dunkin signature cold drink!

On Tap at Dunkin is an innovative technology that provides an endless supply of cold beverages such as nitro cold brews, iced coffees, iced teas, and other similar drinks.

While Dunkin on Tap is only available in certain Dunkin stores, the number of participating stores has been increasing as the company continues to invest in new features and the modernization of stores.

It has been possible for the business to broaden its selection of beverages thanks to the installation of a tap system that gives consumers the ability to order eight distinct cold drinks, including iced coffee, nitro-infused cold brew, and iced tea.

Going up to On Tap at Dunkin is similar to stepping up to a bar. The bartender will pour your drinks directly from the tap rather than from a bottle. The dispensing mechanism for all cold beverages looks like a device typically found at a bar and used to serve beer.

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How Do Dunkin Coffee Taps Work?

Dunkin Donut’s tap system serves Dunkin’s signature cold beverages: Dunkin Decaf, Dark Roast, two Original Blends, Black Tea, Green Tea, Cold Brew, and Nitro.

This eight-tap system is a part of Dunkin’s “next generation” store concept, which enables a new way to serve cold beverages to customers.

You can place orders for beverages using the Tap System without the assistance of the store’s employees. Additionally, with this new order system, you will be able to check the status of your order by referring to an internal digital board.

A drive-thru lane is available outside certain stores so that members of the Dunkin’ Rewards program can place their orders ahead of time using the mobile app and pick up their orders at the pick-up window.

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Is Dunkin Donuts’ Tap System Convenient?

Yes, the tap system at Dunkin’ Donuts is intended to make things more convenient for every customer. You can place orders for colder beverages more quickly and effectively.

You can also place orders using the Dunkin’ Donuts app or the drive-thru, and DD employees will prepare your Dunkin order using their tap machine so it is ready for pick-up.

How Do Dunkin on Tap Drinks Taste?

We enjoyed the taste of Dunkin on Tap drinks, and there were no noticeable differences compared to other Dunkin stores not using the tap.

As a customer noted, the Dunkin on Tap system offers a major benefit for cold drinks: “Especially in the summer where the ambient temperature of the store is high, the tap system keeps the coffee cool so it doesn’t melt all your ice.”

According to another reviewer, “I’ve definitely noticed the iced coffee is colder coming out of the tap vs the old room temperature tanks.”

Having your cold drinks served cold and not watered down with melted ice can help with enjoying the original flavor profile longer. So the best Dunkin cold brew is on tap, especially when the temperature in the store is higher during the summer.

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Is It Easy To Use Dunkin Donuts’ Tap System?

There is no doubt that the tap system at Dunkin’ Donuts is simple to operate. The order is hand pulled with the assistance of a dispensing machine, which provides a selection of eight different cold beverages.

The serving process is more straightforward and more speedy. In the near future, in addition to the tap system, there will also be kiosks available for customers to utilize to place their orders more quickly.

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What Kinds Of Drinks Are Served At The Bar?

You have a choice between eight different beverages that are available from the tap. In addition to the hand-crafted espresso beverages, you can order cold brew, iced coffee, iced tea or the increasingly popular nitro cold brew.

Just so there isn’t any confusion, the only beverages available through a tap system at Dunkin’ Donuts are cold beverages.

However, according to business analysts, Dunkin will soon begin installing in-store kiosks, making it possible for consumers like yourselves to place orders with or without the assistance of store employees.

What Is Dunkin Nitro Cold Brew?

Nitro Coffee is made with Dunkin’s famous Cold Brew Coffee, which has been infused with nitrogen to give it a robust flavor and a smooth and creamy texture.

Nitro Coffee is served almost like a beer, without ice, resulting in a beverage that gives a creamy texture and frothy head for a one-of-a-kind, upgraded coffee experience that must be seen and experienced.

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