Why Your Keurig is So Loud? [Solved!]

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Making a single cup of coffee with a Keurig coffee machine is fast and easy. However, some people have complained that the Keurig’s brewing noise is too distracting. Which is extremely frustrating to experience. Why is your Keurig so loud, and what can you do to fix it?

When making coffee, a Keurig machine will always generate some noise. The Keurig can be making an abnormally loud noise if it sits on a particularly hard surface, the Keurig is clogged with mineral deposits, the machine is an older model or malfunctioning. I’ll discuss all scenarios and offer advice on how to make your Keurig less noisy. So, let’s dive in!

Why Your Keurig Is So Loud? (And How To Fix It?)

Mineral Deposits Have Clogged It Up

If your Keurig is making a lot of noise when brewing and you haven’t descaled it for more than three months, it may be due to mineral deposits. These can build up inside the machine and should be removed by descaling your Keurig machine.

Tap water contains various chemicals, minerals, and germs. Minerals like calcium can deposit and build up inside the machine when using water with minerals in it to make coffee in a Keurig, even though most of these chemicals and minerals are actually beneficial to your health.

Because of the potential for minerals to build up inside the coffee maker, Keurig suggests using filtered or bottled water instead of tap water.

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Keurig machine with rinse pods and water filter cartridges

However, Keurig still suggests performing a “descale” on the brewer every three to six months, even if you use bottled or filtered water. Descaling your brewer is just cleaning it to get rid of the scale that forms and causes problems.

In some cases, descaling will eliminate the loud noises completely. Even if you’ve descaled and set your Keurig on a soft surface, it may still make noises during brewing.

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You Have An Old Keurig

Your Keurig could be overly noisy since it is an older model and lacks the latest in silent brewing technology.

Recent years have seen the development of “quiet brew technology,” included in newer Keurig brewer models.

I’m not familiar with this “quiet brew technology,” but that may explain why your earlier Keurig machine is so loud when brewing. If that’s the case, and if the fixes above haven’t worked, you might want to consider purchasing a newer Keurig.

It’s Vibrating On A Hard Surface

The type of material it is sitting on and how it is sitting on it is the first things I would inspect if your Keurig makes too much noise during brewing.

Your Keurig can be making a lot of noise because it is sitting on a hard, uneven surface like granite or tile, which causes it to bounce and rattle when the coffee is brewed.

You may prevent the Keurig from rattling against the hard surface by placing a piece of styrofoam, a rubber plate, a corkboard, or a mouse pad underneath it while it is brewing.

Alternatively, you may purchase sticky rubber circles and adhere them to the bottom of your brewer to keep it off the counter and muffle any rattling if you don’t like the look of your Keurig sitting on top of some of these things.

Raising your Keurig off a hard surface may not restore its typical silence, but it should at least reduce the volume enough to be bearable.

Your Keurig Is Broken

If you’ve already tried placing your Keurig on a soft surface, descaling it, and using a newer model, and it’s still quite noisy while brewing, it’s possible that a component within your Keurig is faulty.

When a Keurig machine becomes too noisy, the pump is often the culprit. Therefore, the pump may be broken in a newer device or one functioning normally until now.

If this is the case, contact Keurig by phone or email; they will send you a new machine at no cost.

If you’ve had your Keurig for more than a year, the firm might not be able to give you a replacement because the warranty only covers the first year.

It also doesn’t cover the damage you do, so if you call and say you knocked the Keurig off the counter once, and it’s been making strange noises ever since, they might not be able to help.

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Silent Keurig Coffee Makers

New keurig coffee maker in green

Here are the quietest Keurig models currently on the market in case you want to upgrade from your current model:

  • K-Mini
  • K-Classic
  • K-Duo
  • K-Cafe

What To Do If Your Keurig Is Still Noisy?

If you’ve exhausted the solutions presented here and still find your Keurig to be annoyingly noisy, it may be time to switch to a traditional coffee-brewing method.

Ultimately, as consumers, we don’t have a lot of leeway if Keurig doesn’t listen to our feedback and develop quieter machines.

Chemex, French Press, and Moka Pot are quick and easy methods of brewing coffee fast and easily. They all take less than 5 minutes in total.

Making coffee with any of these brewing equipment isn’t quite as quick as with a Keurig, but the quality of your brew might be better.

That is if you are using the right beans and applying the correct brewing technique, which might take some time to master. Until then, you might want to keep on using a Keurig, minus the annoying noises.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know if your Keurig is going bad?

When your coffee maker stops producing coffee, it is the clearest indication that your Keurig is nearing the end of its useful life.

It’s possible that your coffee maker will either completely stop making coffee or take significantly longer than normal to prepare a cup of coffee.

Why is my Keurig buzzing sound?

There will be a humming or buzzing sound coming from the Keurig when you first plug it in or after you have let it sit unplugged for some time and then plug it in.

When the temperature of the heating element that warms the water reaches the correct setting, it will stop gradually after about 10 minutes.

Why is my coffee maker so loud?

There could be a number of reasons why a coffee maker is loud. Check to see how much water is currently contained within the water tank. The absence of water in the tank will result in noise.

There is also the possibility of leakage if the appliance has not been descaled. For optimal performance, it is essential to descale the coffee machine on a regular basis.


There are a few potential causes for your Keurig coffee machine to produce strange noises.

If your Keurig was making an annoying noise, I hope this post helped you fix it so you can get back to enjoying your morning cup of Joe.


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