Starbucks Summer Game 2023 (Play For Free & Win Prizes)

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Get ready for a summer like no other! The Starbucks Summer Game 2023: Adventure Awaits is here, and it’s your passport to the excitement and grand prizes. Immerse yourself in this online game, where every tap and click could bring you closer to fabulous Starbucks rewards. Dreaming of Tokyo or yearning for Bali?

Ten grand prize winners will be whisked away to stunning Starbucks destinations worldwide, not to mention a pocket full of spending money! With no purchases required to play, the new Starbucks Summer Game promises a thrilling 10 million prizes for all. So grab your sense of adventure, brew up some courage, and play Starbucks game 2023. Your ultimate Starbucks summer awaits!

Starbucks Summer Game 2023

  • Starbucks Summer Game: Adventure Awaits is the summer 2023 game for Starbucks Rewards members.
  • Ten grand prize winners will win a 5-night, all-expense paid trip for 2 to a city of the winner’s choice from this list here. The 20 unique Starbucks destinations include London, Dubai, Cape Town, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Bali, and more.
  • The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) is $15,893.00 for each grand prize, but this can vary depending on the destination, departure, and flight schedule.
  • Additionally, there are instant win-game prizes. If you win an Instant Prize, you will immediately see it on the website after playing the game.
  • There are 10,024,752 total possible prizes in this game.
  • Adventure Awaits is open to all legal residents of the US who are at least 18 years old and who sign up for a Starbucks Rewards membership. 
  • Employees of Starbucks and Merkle Inc., any of their parent and affiliate companies, and their immediate family members or their household members are not eligible for this promotion.
  • When is the next Starbucks game 2023? The game begins on 15 May 2023 at 4:00 AM Pacific Time and ends on 18 June 2023 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

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How to Play Starbucks Summer Game?

  • You need to visit (the promotional site) and sign in to your Starbucks Rewards account to play. 
  • The first time you register for the game, you’ll get 1 free gameplay.
  • Each gameplay randomly gives you either an Instant Win Game prize, a sweepstakes entry, a booster pack, or one instant win game play.
  • There’s a limit of a maximum of 2 game plays a day if you make purchase transactions at Starbucks or when you play for free.
  • Adventure Awaits cannot be played on the Starbucks app, only on the promotional website.

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Additional Bonus Game Plays

You can get more than the 2 game plays a day and, therefore, more chances to win the grand prize when you complete the challenges. Once a challenge is completed, sign into your Rewards Account and follow the instructions to claim your bonus play.

Here is how to get even more game plays:

Reload your account

You can get one bonus game play. Add the amount of money shown on the promotional website to your account.

Order on the app

You can get one bonus game play. Make the number of Mobile Order & Pay purchase transactions at Starbucks as shown on the promotional website.

Order your faves or Take a snapshot

You can get one bonus game play. The promotional website will show the specific challenge, either making purchase transactions at Starbucks or playing the game five times.

Redeem Stars

You can get one bonus game play. Visit a Starbucks store and redeem the number of Stars as shown on the promotional website.

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How to Play For Free?

  • You can play Summer Game 2023 without making a purchase. Visit the promotional site and go to the alternate method of the entry form: “To enter without making a purchase, click here”
  • You’ll need to watch a 30-second video and answer questions.
  • You are limited to 2 free game plays per day.
  • Follow the instructions, complete and submit the form. 
  • You’ll receive an email with a link to get a free bonus game play.

How to Play the Skills Game?

  • The Skills Game involves clearing colored bubbles from a board by clicking/tapping on groups of two or more of the same color. When bubbles are cleared, the remaining collapse, and new ones fill in from the top.
  • Each level has a limited number of moves to achieve its goals. If the goal is not met, the level must be started over.
  • Boosters can be earned to trigger special abilities. These include “area clear,” “object clear,” “column clear,” “row clear,” and “skip level.”
  • There are 20 levels in total. Three levels are unlocked at the start of each week, and once a level is completed, it can’t be replayed.
  • Upon completing all three levels in a week, the “Expert Mode” Level is unlocked. This can be unlocked either by making a purchase at a Starbucks store or by completing a form on the Promotion Site, which includes watching a video and answering polling questions.
  • Each player can unlock the Expert Mode Level once per week during the promotion period.
  • You can earn “boosters” for the Skills game as a game play.

What Are the Prizes?

Grand Prize

  • Grand Prize: 5-night, all-expense paid trip for 2 to one of the 20 unique Starbucks destinations of the winner’s choice from a list of 20 destinations.
  • Possible winners: 10
  • Approximate retail value: The Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) is $15,893.00 for each trip, but this can vary depending on the destination, departure, and flight schedule. A trip to Tokyo or Dubai should be more costly than a trip to Seattle or Chicago.

So What Are The Prizes?

Here is Coffee Levels’ summary of all the prizes:

RankStarbucks Summer Game PrizePossible WinnersValue of each Prize ($)
Grand5-night, all-expense worldwide trip1015,893.00 (ARV)
1st$250 Starbucks Gift Card50250.00
2nd1,000 Bonus Stars added to the winner’s Account2,85027.00
3rdCranium 25th Edition Board Game50034.99
4th$25 Starbucks Gift Card20,00025.00
5thStarbucks Reserve Hawaii Tote49820.00
6thStarbucks Reserve Hawaii Tumbler34418.00
7th$10 Starbucks Gift Card100,00010.00
8th$5 Starbucks Gift Card300,0005.00
9th100 Bonus Stars added to the winner’s Account10,0002.72
10th50 Bonus Stars added to the winner’s Account50,500Not specified
11th25 Bonus Stars added to the winner’s Account225,000Not specified
12thTemporary Tattoos100,0000.65
13th10 Bonus Stars added to each winner’s Account1,215,000Not specified
14th5 Bonus Stars added to each winner’s Account8,000,000Not specified
Feel free to share this prize table if you attribute it to us.

How Many Total Prizes in the Starbucks Summer Game?

There are 10,024,752 total prizes.

Let’s calculate the total number of prizes by adding up the number of winners for each prize:

  • Grand Prizes: 10
  • 1st Prizes: 50
  • 2nd Prizes: 2,850
  • 3rd Prizes: 500
  • 4th Prizes: 20,000
  • 5th Prizes: 498
  • 6th Prizes: 344
  • 7th Prizes: 100,000
  • 8th Prizes: 300,000
  • 9th Prizes: 10,000
  • 10th Prizes: 50,500
  • 11th Prizes: 225,000
  • 12th Prizes: 100,000
  • 13th Prizes: 1,215,000
  • 14th Prizes: 8,000,000

Adding all these together, we get 10,024,752 total prizes.

Who Won The Starbucks Summer Game?

For the Starbucks Summer Game 2023 winners list, click here.

The winner list will be only posted after the winner confirmation is complete, so it might take some time until this list is confirmed and the game administrator posts this online.

Starbucks Summer Game: Final Thoughts

There you have it: Adventure Awaits is the summer edition of the Starbucks Games for rewards members. Celebrate summer with this new promotion. Simply play to win or complete additional challenges for even more chances to win.

There are over 10 million prizes up for grabs, and you could be one of the 10 lucky Starbucks Rewards members to win an all-expenses paid roundtrip to your chosen unique Starbucks destination around the world.

Good luck, and may your Starbucks stars align for success!

Starbucks Summer Game 2023 – Official Game Rules:


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